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Film: Music and Dance

Regions: Latin America (general)Caribbean, Central America, South America, Hispanics in the U.S., Iberia
Special Topics: Authors & Artists, Environment, Indigenous Peoples, Music & Dance, Political Leaders, Women
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El Alacrán = The Scorpion: un homenaje a Santos Ramírez, fundador de la comparsa “El Alacrán”. VHS, 20 min. GV1632.C9 A43 1999
Homage to Santos Ramírez, author of the 'comparsa' El Alacrán in 1938. [Cuba]

Bachata: música del pueblo. VHS, 61 min. ML3486.D65 B334 2002  
Features performances and interviews with Bachata artists and ethnomusicologists in New York City and Santo Domingo. [Dominican Republic]

Buena Vista Social Club. DVD, 105 min. M1681.C9 B846 1999
A group of legendary Cuban musicians perform and talk about their lives in Cuba and how they got started in music.

Candombe. VHS, 56 min. B-MUSIC 5859752   1) Reserve Desk
Documentary about Candombe, the music created by African slaves brought to Uruguay.

Carmen Miranda: bananas is my business. DVD, 90 min. 5666878   1) Reserve Desk
Goes behind-the-scenes to convey the true life story of the "Brazilian Bombshell," Carmen Miranda.

Celia Cruz: an extraordinary woman--azúcar! DVD, 145 min. B-MUSIC 5810656
Traces the career of Celia Cruz, the "Queen of Salsa", from her beginnings with Cuba's Sonora Matancera to her international superstardom with The Fania All-Stars.

Chico Buarque (Volume 1). DVD, 109 min. B-MUSIC DVDs 6354496
Meu caro amigo

Chico Buarque (Volume 2). DVD, 96 min. B-MUSIC DVDs 6355028
[Vol.2] A flor da pele

Chico Buarque (Volume 3). DVD, 100 min. B-MUSIC DVDs 6355024
[Vol.3] Vai passar  

Chico Buarque 2 (Volumes 4-6). 3 DVD, 236 min. B-MUSIC DVDs 7466606 v.4-6
[Vol. 4] Anos dourados – [v. 5] Estação derradeira –[ v.6] Bastidores

Chico Buarque 3 (Volumes 7-9). 3 DVD (no time). B-MUSIC DVDs DVD .B9169 D.3 v.7-9
[Vol. 7] Romance – [v. 8] O futebol –[ v. 9] Uma palavra

Chico Buarque 4(Volumes 10-12). 3 DVD (no time). B-MUSIC DVDs DVD .B9169 D.3 v.10-12
[Vol. 10] Cinema – [v.11] Saltimbancos –[ v. 12] Roda viva

Corpus: a home movie for Selena. VHS, 47 min. ML3930.S43 C676 1998  
Corpus focuses on the singer's fans -- the people on both sides of the border who saw in Selena a symbol of hope and cultural pride, and the chance to emerge from a background of poverty and despair.

Cuba feliz. DVD 93 min. B-MUSIC Reserve 5883263
Follows Miguel del Morales, a 76 year-old troubadour known as El Gallo (The Rooster), as he wanders the countryside of Cuba.

Discovering the music of Latin America. VHS, 20 min. B-MUSIC 3518063 | B-ALF RC0971
Illustrates the many traditions from which Latin Americans have built their music through song, dance, and by the playing of classical and folk instruments.

Fiestas de palos: el ritmo de la resistencia. DVD-R, 75 min. ML207.D6 F547 2006  
Los palos, or atabales, are a form of music and dance that originally came from Africa and have become part of the popular religious life of Dominicans. [Dominican Republic]

Javier Echecopar entre París y el Perú: de lo Barroco a lo Andino. DVD, 30 min. M1037.4.G8 E33 2008  
Showcases the result of years of musicological research, conducted by the Peruvian guitar virtuoso.

The JVC/Smithsonian Folkways video anthology of music and dance of the Americas, vol.4: The Caribbean; vols. 5-6: Central and South America. VHS + guides, approx. 60 min/each. M1627 .J832 1995
Looks at many of the folk music traditions in Central and South America, and the Caribbean Islands.

Leo Brouwer: Homoludens. DVD-PAL 90 min. B-MUSIC 7750076 DVDs
About Cuban composer Leo Brouwer and his 2005 recording "Homoludens".

Mountain music of Peru. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF RC1263
A documentary portrait of the centuries old musical culture of the Andes, and its importance in the daily lives of its people.

New audiences for Mexican music. VHS, 30 min. B-MUSIC CAU2367
Part 1) Banda, a popular dance music that originated in Mexico over a century ago;  Part 2) Texas-based mariachi band, Campanas de América; Part 3) Tejano music.

A night in Havana: Dizzy Gillespie in Cuba. DVD, 84 min. ML419.G5 N547 2005
Captures notable musical moments from Gillespie’s trip to Cuba, as well as quiet reflections on the importance of Afro-Cuban music to his art and sense of self.

Roots of rhythm. DVD, 150 min. B-MUSIC Reserve 5883264
[1] Traces the origins of Latin music from Spain and Africa to the New World -- [2] Focuses on pop music developed in Cuba – [3] Shows how Spanish-African music has become the basic part of popular musical culture of the U.S.

Samba: on your feet. DVD-R, 52 min. ML3465 .S285 2005  
Explains how African slaves' beliefs, gods and music mixed with Spanish Catholic and Indian influences centuries ago to create samba. [Brazil]

Shadows and light: Joaquín Rodrigo at 90. VHS, 70 min. ML410.R632 S533 1993
Documentary of pianist and composer Joaquín Rodrigo at the age of 90, which explores his life with intercut performances of his music. [Spain]

Songs of the homeland. VHS, 57 min. B-ALF RC1838
Describes the history of Tejano music in South Texas. [U.S.]

Tocar y luchar: only those who dream achieve the impossible. DVD, 70 min. B-MUSIC 6799282 DVDs  
Presents the captivating story of the Venezuelan Youth Orchestra System - an incredible network of hundreds of orchestras formed within most of Venezuela's towns and villages.

Victor Jara: the right to live in peace. VHS, 60 min. ML410.J376 V538 2001  
Focuses on the life and work of folk singer Victor Jara, who was murdered in the aftermath of the 1973 coup. [Chile]



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