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Film: Iberia

Regions: Latin America (general)Caribbean, Central America, South America, Hispanics in the U.S., Iberia
Special Topics: Authors & Artists, Environment, Indigenous Peoples, Music & Dance, Political Leaders, Women
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Portugal. VHS, 18 min. B-ALF GC1607
Provides an overview of the Portuguese people and their countryside. Discusses the country's history, highlighting 15th century explorations and old architecture.

Without the past. VHS, 24 min. DS135.P8 B585 1998
Isaac Bitton describes the history of the Jewish community in Algarve and Faro, Portugal.

The world: a television history, no.18: The West and the wider world. VHS, 26 min. CC4058
Talks about the colonial empires of Spain and Portugal and the gradual increase of Dutch trade and power.


Antonio Machado. DVD-R, 51 min. PQ6623.A2 Z5173 2004
Literary retrospective of one of the leading Spanish poets of the Generation of '98, Antonio Machado, with commentary on the poet's life and works.

Castillos en España. VHS, 10 min. B-ALF IC0208
Shows famous Spanish castles which gave Castile its name and ancient monasteries which recall Spain's religious history. Uses a second-year Spanish narration with closely controlled vocabulary.

Corazon de Castilla. VHS, 11 min. B-ALF IC0209
Emphasizes the evidences of many civilizations in Spain. Uses a second-year Spanish narration with closely controlled vocabulary.

Cortez and the legend. 2 VHS, 43 min. B-ALF CC1847 pt.1-2
Dramatizes Cortez's conquest of Mexico. Shows the importance of the religions of both the Aztecs and Cortez.

Crònica d'una mirada: história del cinema independent 1960-1974. 6 DVD PAL, 620 min. PN1993.5.S7 C76 2004
This six-part documentary series focuses on a generation of independent filmmakers whose innate unwillingness to conform forced them to produce, distribute, and exhibit radical films in Spain.

Desertification: life on the frontier. DVD, 24 min. QC929.28.S7 D47 2003
Shot on location in Spain, this programme examines the processes that contribute to desertification as well as its physical and human consequences. (Grades 7-12)

The discreet charm of Francisco Ayala. DVD-R, 12 min. PQ6601 .Y3 Z5863 2007
Rarely viewed archival photos and footage are combined with insightful commentary from literary scholars to produce a look at the writer’s life and work.

Europlex. VHS, 20 min. HD8588.5.M67 E945 2003
Tracks the daily, sometimes illicit, border crossings between Morocco and Spain- a rare intersection of the first and third worlds.

Federico García Lorca. DVD-R, 63 min. PQ6613.A763 Z6295 2004
Biography of García Lorca, containing all the family memorabilia, his drawings and paintings, and the only remaining footage of the poet himself.

Federico García Lorca. DVD-R, 53 min. PQ6613.A763 Z63235 2002
Weaves archival footage with dozens of photos and manuscripts to examine García Lorca’s work, influences, and friendships with other luminaries

Federico García Lorca.VHS, 55 min. B-ALF KC0620
Focuses on Garcia Lorca's life and work. Contains interviews with family members who share memories, photographs, memorabilia, and the poet's drawing

Fernando Savater. DVD-R, 26 min. PQ6669.A934 Z529 2007
Documents Savater's views on the social and intellectual wellsprings of terrorism and militant fundamentalism, as well as the eternal conflict between science and religion.

Fuenteovejuna—De Lope de Vega. 2 VHS, 142 min. B-ALF KC0624
Presents the classic Spanish work of the Siglo de Oroa, and recreates the medieval world of Lope's play.

El Greco (1541-1614). VHS, 60 min. B-ALF UC0395
Examines the range and importance of the work of El Greco--the man who used his Byzantine Greek heritage to become the symbol of Spanish thought and art.

El Greco, spirit of Toldeo. VHS, 30 min. ND813.T4 E447 1986
Traces the life of El Greco and examines the evolution of his painting.

Into the fire: American women in the Spanish Civil War. DVD, 58 min. DP269.8.W7 I57 2007
Profiles sixteen women who volunteered, in defiance of the United States government, to help the Spanish fight the Fascists' attempt to overthrow their newly elected democratic government in 1936.

Juan Goytisolo. DVD-R, 25 min. PQ6613.O79 Z684 2007
An overview of Goytisolo's outlook on past and present social dilemmas and their connection with his self-exile from his home country of Spain.

Land without bread. VHS, 27 min. DP302. C12 L3 1980z
Luis Buñuel's documentary about the mental deficiency, starvation and inbreeding among Spanish peasants in the poorest district of northern Spain, Las Hurdes.

Lorca: El Balcon Abierto. VHS, 90 min. B-ALF KC0627
Profiles Federico Garcia Lorca--his works, his life, his death, and above all his role and influence in the Spain of today. Spanish narration.

Miró: constellations. VHS, 52 min. ND813.M6 M576 1994
A retrospective of the 65-year career of the Spanish artist, Joan Miró.

Nombres del ’98. 3 VHS, 170 min. PQ6073.N6 N65 1997
[1] Miguel de Unamuno: el rector (54 min) -- [2] Valle-Inclán: el fulgor de la palabra (56 min) -- [3] Antonio Machado: a lomos de la quimera (60 min).

A propósito de Buñuel = Regarding Buñuel. VHS, 100 min. PQ6603.U56 Z511 2000
Using archival photographs, footage, and clips from Buñuel films this is a complex portrait of one of the century's most notable filmmakers.

Shadows and light: Joaquín Rodrigo at 90. VHS, 70 min. ML410.R632 S533 1993
Documentary of pianist and composer Joaquín Rodrigo at the age of 90, which explores his life with intercut performances of his music.

Spain. DVD-R, 30 min. DP43.2 .S625 2005
An overview of the diversity of Spain's history emerges by visiting its most important regions and cities.

The Spanish Civil War. DVD, 54 min. DP269 .S698 2001
The story of the war that altered Spanish history-- the struggle between the supporters and opponents of the Spanish Second Republic, which raged between 1936 and 1939.

The Spanish earth. VHS, 60 min. DP269 .S629 1996
Dramatizes the effects of the fascist uprising and invasion on the ordinary citizen, using actual scenes of the fighting.

The world: a television history, no.18: The West and the wider world. VHS, 26 min. CC4058
Talks about the colonial empires of Spain and Portugal and the gradual increase of Dutch trade and power.

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