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Film: Central America

Regions: Latin America (general)Caribbean, Central America, South America, Hispanics in the U.S., Iberia
Special Topics: Authors & Artists, Environment, Indigenous Peoples, Music & Dance, Political Leaders, Women
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Countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama




The Garifuna journey. VHS, 47 min. F1505.2.C3 G375 1998 | B-ALF CC5559 
Presents the history, the language, food, music, dance and spirituality of the Garifuna culture.


Costa Rica


Coffee: a sackful of power. DVD-R. 52 min. HD9199.B82 C644 2003  
Explains the difference between the Brazilian and Costa Rican systems of coffee production and why the Brazilian system has led to such poverty.


Jungleburger. VHS, 52 min. B-ALF CC4168
Criticizes the growing cattle industry in Costa Rica; discusses the extensive involvement of U.S. corporations.


A naturalist in the rainforest. VHS + guide, 54 min. QL31 .S53 N388 1995
Presents the story of naturalist Alexander Skutch and his work studying birds in the tropical rainforests of Central America.


The promised ship. VHS, 51 min. E185.97.G3 P766 2000
Tells of Marcus Garvey, his Black Star shipping line, and his plans for a mass migration back to Africa, focusing especially on his importance to the Black citizens of the city of Limón, Costa Rica.


Rosita: a documentary. DVD-R, 57 min. HQ767.5.N47 R675 2005  
When a nine-year-old Nicaraguan girl becomes pregnant as a result of a rape, her parents--illiterate campesinos working in Costa Rica--seek a legal therapeutic abortion to save their only child's life.


El Salvador


18 with a bullet. DVD-R. 58 min. HV6439.S2 A15 2006  
Presents the reality of gang life in El Salvador, where deported gang members from the United States easily recruit teenagers into two warring gangs.


1932: cicatriz de la memoria. VHS, 53 min. F1487.5 .A145 2002  | B-ALF CC6348
In 1932 the army and "citizen militias" in El Salvador brutally crushed an uprising of peasants in western El Salvador, killing 10,000 people.


Carta de Morazán: la campana militar Comandante Gonzalo. VHS, 58 min. F1488.5 .C368 2003  
Chronicles part of the Salvadoran rebels' Commander Gonzalo Campaign.


Classroom television: instrument for educational change. VHS, 44 min. B-ALF CA1617
Explains the use of educational television in developing countries by examining two different approaches, one in Niger and one in El Salvador.


Crisis in Central America, No.4: Battle for El Salvador. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF CC3312
Traces the evolution of the civil war in El Salvador and examines U.S. policy toward this Central American country.


El Salvador: portraits in a revolution. VHS, 56 min. B-ALF CC4779
Narrates the story of a group of people who came together in a refugee camp after fleeing the civil war in El Salvador, and who returned to El Salvador as a community before the war was over.


If the mango tree could speak: a video. VHS, 58 min + study guide. HQ784.W3 I343 1993  
A documentary about children, ages 12 to 15, and war in Guatemala and El Salvador.


In the name of the people: VHS, 74 min. B-ALF CC6511
Documents El Salvador's civil war from the perspective of four filmmakers who secretly filmed training, fighting, and living conditions.


Justice and the generals . VHS, 86 min. HV6322.3.S2 J87 2002  
Investigation into the December 2, 1980 abduction, rape and murder of three nuns and one lay worker by El Salvadoran National Guardsmen.


Killer's paradise. DVD-R, 83 min. HV6250.4.W65 K555 2007  

Since 1999, more than two thousand women have been murdered in Guatemala, with the numbers escalating every year, yet lawmakers and government officials turn a blind eye.


Making the news fit. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF CC3867
Examines American press coverage of the war in El Salvador, in which the U. S. government was deeply involved at the time.


Maria's story. VHS, 53 min. F1488.42.S47 M375 1990
Documentary based on life and work of Maria Serrano, leader in the guerrilla movement in El Salvador.


Media war in El Salvador. VHS, 23 min. PN1992.6 .M438 1989 | B-ALF CC4170
Examines the use of high cost, glossy media campaigns in the Salvadoran presidential election.


Las mejores pupusas del mundo. DVD, 20 min. TX770.T65 M456 2003  
A mini-documentary which looks at the history and culture surrounding the pupusa, a filled corn tortilla.


Our forgotten war. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF F1488.3 .O97 1988 | B-ALF CC3862
Examines the struggle in El Salvador today and raises serious questions about the effectiveness of U.S. efforts in that country.


A question of conscience: the murder of Jesuit priests in El Salvador. VHS, 47 min. B-ALF CC4305
The story behind the massacre of six priests, their cook, and her daughter at El Salvador's Central American University on November 16, 1989, by members of a U.S. trained military battalion.


The search for peace. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF CC3914
Interview with Bishop Medardo Gomez, president of the Lutheran Synod of El Salvador, discussing ecumenical efforts in Central America to achieve both peace and justice in the region.


Stories from Cuscatlan. VHS, 56 min. B-ALF CC4175
Relates through interviews the stories of several peasant families, including refugees in the slums of San Salvador, Indians in Morazan province, and refugees in a Honduran refugee camp.




Cakchiquel Maya of San Antonio Palopo. VHS, 52 min. B-ALF CC4688
As civilization encroaches, the Maya must decide whether the loss of their culture is too high a price to pay for incorporation into the world beyond their lakeside village.


Camino triste. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF CC3550
Tells the story of Guatemalan refugees who fled their homeland for a difficult life in southern Mexico.


Daughters of Ixchel: Maya thread of change. VHS, 29 min. F1435.3.A7 D285 1993  
Looks at Maya women today and their ancient process of weaving while also examining the forces at work which are profoundly affecting both the women and the weaving.


The Devil’s dream. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC4604
Portrays the socio-political realities of contemporary Guatemala, a society split between native and ladino, poor and rich, civil and military.


Dirty secrets. VHS, 56 min. HV6322.3.G9 D578 1998  
Follows the efforts of Jennifer Harbury, an American woman, to find the truth about her husband Everardo, a Guatemalan revolutionary who "disappeared" after capture by government forces.


Five centuries later. VHS, 54 min. HD1265.L29 F584 1992 | B-ALF CC4887
Examines the lives of the native peoples of South America today, focusing on their struggles in Guatemala and Bolivia for civil and land rights.


Haunted land = Le pays hanté : la palabra desenterrada. VHS, 90 min. HV6433.G8 H38 2001  
Follows Mateo Pablo's return to Petanac, Guatemala, the site of the July 14, 1982 massacre.


Hidden Scars. VHS, 50 min. B-ALF CC5774
Examines the epidemic of torture in Latin America by focusing on the story of Miguel, a Quiche Maya Indian who was falsely accused of collaborating with Guatemalan guerrillas.


The Highland Maya: a case study in economic anthropology (episode 10). VHS, 28 min. B-ALF CC4951
Examines the complex interweaving of economics and religion known as the "cargo" system, which is found among the Highland Maya of Mexico and Guatemala.


Jesus Tecu Osorio in Guatemala. VHS, 26 min. B-ALF CC6020
Reviews Guatemalan history and politics, showing how the government has always looked after the interests of the elite at the expense of the Mayan Indians.


The man we called Juan Carlos. VHS, 52 min. B-ALF CC6019
Profiles Wenceslao Armira, a Guatemalan social activist, tracing his life since the 1940s in conjunction with 20th century Guatemalan history.


Popol Vuh: sacred book of the Quiché Maya. DVD, 59 min. F1465 .P813 1989
Portrays the creation myth of the Quiché Maya of ancient Guatemala through animation.


The Power of Place: world regional geography, no. 14: Migration and conquest. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF GC1754
Migration patterns both within and outside Mexico. Also the cycles of conquest borne by Maya peoples in Guatemala.


The quest for truth. VHS, 49 min. B-ALF CC5957
Traces truth-seeking missions of people in the aftermath of human rights abuses in South Africa, Argentina, and Guatemala.


Recycled life. DVD, 38 min. HD4485.G9 R438 2006  
From the toxic depths of the largest landfill in Central America comes an inspiring story of the human spirit.


Todos Santos Cuchumatan. VHS, 41 min. F1465.1.T63 T63 1982b | B-ALF CC3549
Illustrates the social changes in the lives of Guatemalan Indians that led to the political upheaval of the 1980's.


Todos Santos: the survivors. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC4177
Compares life in the rural Guatemalan Indian village of Todos Santos both before and after the guerrilla war of 1981-1982.


Under the gun: democracy in Guatemala. VHS, 39 min. B-ALF CC4014
Examines the history of the pursuit of democracy in Guatemala.


When the mountains tremble. VHS, 90 min. F1466.5 .W545 1999 |B-ALF CC5304
The struggles of the Indian peasantry in Guatemala against state and foreign oppression, centering on the experiences of a 23-year-old Indian woman, Rigoberta Menchu, now living in exile.


Winds of memory. VHS, 52 min. F1465.3.G6 W563 1992 | B-ALF CC4741
Testimony of the daily life of the thousands of Indians persecuted by the Guatemalan army, of their social and economic struggle for dignity and the right to live.




Coffee break! VHS, 27 min. HD8039.C6382 N537 1997  
A documentary film during the coffee harvest on a farm near the border between Nicaragua and Honduras.


Lost king of the Maya. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF CC6103
Follows a team of archaeologists and historians in Honduras as they investigate the dynasty of Blood Lords who presided over the Mayan city of Copan from 200 to 900 C.E.


Sweating for a T-shirt. DVD, 22 min. HD2339.H8 S943 1999b  
Examines work conditions in sweatshops in Honduras, and includes interviews with some of the workers.


Teatro! VHS, 58 min. B-ALF RC1364
Celebrates the Teatro La Fragua, a grassroots theater founded in Honduras to promote self-expression, faith, and cultural identity among the Honduran poor.




1968: la conexión americana. DVD, 67 min. F1235 .A17 2008  
Looks at the role of the American Central Intelligence Agency in the violent official reaction to the 1968 protests in the Tlatelolco section of Mexico City.


Adiós a la izquierda? DVD, 90 min. F1236 .A34 2008
A documentary look at defining moments for the political left in Mexico during the 20th century.


Álamos: un tesoro viviente . DVD-R, 31 min. F1391.A4 A745 2006
Explores the most popular, past and present events in the history of Alamos, located in the southern part of Sonora's mountain range.


Ancient Aztec empire. DVD + guide, 19 min. B-EDUC F1219.73 .A55 2004
Through colorful historical recreations and vivid graphic illustrations, depicts the Aztec island-city of Tenochtitlan and everyday life of the Aztec people. (Grades 3-7)


Ancient Aztec: the fall of the empire. DVD+ guide, 19 min. B-EDUC F1219.73 .A53 2004
Learn about the fall of the Aztec Empire and explore the culture clashes that ensued when two very different societies merged.


Ancient Aztec Indians of North America. VHS, 7 min. B-ALF GC1471
Traces, with illustrations and narration, the rise of the Aztec Empire from 1100 A.D. to the conquest of Central Mexico by the Spanish.


Appeals to Santiago. VHS, 27 min. B-ALF CC3561
Ethnographic documentary of an eight-day Maya Indian festival in Chiapas, in southern Mexico, where the town's patron saints are honored in celebrations that are the responsibility of individuals.


Art and revolution in Mexico. VHS, 60 min. N6555 .A765 1990 | B-ALF CC5640
Shows how history and art have been brought together in Mexico by such painters as Rivera and Siqueiros.


The Aztec. DVD, 30 min. B-EDUC Videos F1219.73 .A954 2007  
Examines the history, changing fortunes, and current situation of the Aztec Indians. (Grades 5 & up)


La batalla de las cruces = Of battles and crosses. DVD, 82 min. HV6535.M43 B37 2005
Testimonios de las madres de las víctimas, entrevistas a las dirigentes de las ONG que claman justicia y a los responsables de impartirla; reflexiones de periodistas e investigadores en torno a los orígenes y consecuencias de esta violencia fronteriza.


Beyond the border = más allá de la frontera. VHS, 57 min. F460.M5 B49 2001  
Follows the immigrant experience with Marcelo Ayala, who leaves his family on a risky journey to the United States.


Blossoms of fire. DVD, 74 min. GN479.5 .B556 2006
The beauty and strength of the women of the Juchitán have inspired legends and songs for centuries, as well as recent tabloid stories of male harems and free love.


Borderline cases: environmental matters at the United States-Mexico border. VHS, 65 min. TD897 .8.M675 1996 | B-ALF NC2274
Describes problems caused by factories along the U.S. and Mexico border which do not need to comply with environmental regulations.


Carlos Fuentes: at home in the Americas. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ7297.F78 Z534 2000
Fuentes is a Mexican novelist and playwright who combines a deep awareness of history and national identity with experimental narrative techniques to develop his themes.


Carlos Fuentes. VHS, 28 min. F1418 .F946 1988 | B-ALF EC2378 (PBS)
Mexican author Carlos Fuentes and Bill Moyers discuss the relationship of the United States with Mexico and with Latin America generally.


Carlos Monsivais. DVD-R, 27 min. PQ7298.23.O686 Z55 2007
Monsivais' views on the disconnect between urban and rural life, the destructive impact of technology on language, and the increasingly precarious conditions faced by migrants to the U.S.


Children of Mexico. VHS, 26 min. B-ALF GC1598
Presents Mexico as seen through the eyes of 12-year-old Gloria Garcia, who describes her lifestyle in the nation's capital to an American pen pal.


The Chinampas. VHS, 31 min. B-ALF CC4248
Examines an ecologically sustainable system of agriculture and a way of life that has flourished in Mexico for 2,000 years.


Chul stes bil lum qui, nal = The sacred land. VHS, 19 min. F1256 .C575 2000  
Until the Zapatista uprising in 1994, most indigenous people in Chiapas existed by working on large plantations for rich landowners; describes what life was like on these plantations.


City of dreams. VHS, 45 min. HV6535.M43 C435 2001  
In the last decade over 200 young women have been murdered, many who have come to work in the factories of the Mexican border city of Juárez.


Ciudades del México antiguo = The cities of ancient Mexico. 3 VHS, approx. 30 min/each.
[1] Teotihuacan: El caracol alado = The winged sea-snail. F1219.1.T27 T4684 1998
[2] Palenque: the walls of Mayan history. F1435.1.P2 P275 1998
[3] Chichen-Itzá: the fall of the Mayan empire. F1435.1.C5 C475 1998


Las compañeras tienen grado = Zapatista woman. VHS, 28 min. F1256 .C685 1998  
Women insurgents of the Zapatista National Liberation Army speak of how they came to be in the army, how their lives are within the army, and what they are fighting for.


Continent on the move: migration and urbanization. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF CC4583
Looks mostly at Mexico, where migration has moved people across borders and from rural villages to congested cities.


Conversar es humano: entrevista con Octavio Paz. VHS, 56 min. PQ7297 .P285 Z47
Mexican author Octavio Paz is interviewed by Enrico Mario Santí and reads from some of his books.


Cortez and the legend. 2 VHS, 43 min. B-ALF CC1847 pt.1-2
Dramatizes Cortez's conquest of Mexico. Shows the importance of the religions of both the Aztecs and Cortez.


Crossing Arizona . DVD-R, 77 min. E184.M5 C756 2006  
Examines the border crisis as seen through the eyes of Arizona ranchers, border patrol agents, politicians, farmers, humanitarians, and Mexican migrants.


Crossing borders: the journey of Carlos Fuentes. VHS, 58 min. PQ7297.F793 Z623 1989
Presents Carlos Fuentes discussing his views on art, sex, and politics. Includes readings by Mr. Fuentes.


De l'autre côté. VHS, 99 min. HD8081.M6 D443 2002  
Examines the plight of poor Mexicans who try to emigrate to the United States illegally with the hope of a better life.


De dolor y esperanza: el asilo un pasado presente. VHS, 60 min. HV640.4.M6 D425 2002  
Citizens of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay who sought asylum in Mexico during the military takeovers of those countries in the 1970s.


Democracia para imbéciles: 16 años de imágenes sin censura. DVD, 64 min. F1236 .D4475 2006  
A satirical and irreverent look at 18 years of Mexican politics up to and including the election of 2000.


El desafío indígena: la marcha zapatista. VHS, 52 min. F1256 .D475 2001  
Follow the Zapatista dissidents of Chiapas on their 2001 caravan to bring their grievances to the populace and the government of Mexico.


Emerging powers: Mexico. VHS, 57 min. B-ALF CC5331
Reforma, a leading Mexican daily, goes behind the scenes of the country that produces more oil than the United Arab Emirates, more beer than Australia and more billionaires than Germany.


Estos fueron los palacios. VHS, 45 min. PQ7297 .F78 Z468 1983
In this interview with his wife, Silvia, Carlos Fuentes talks about originality and the function of time in literature.


El eterno retorno: testimonios de los indios kikapú. DVD-R, 92 min. E99.K4 E847 2000
Looks at the way of life of the Kikapoo Indians living in Mexico.


Excavation at la Venta. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF GC1224
Views the archaeological excavation at La Venta, Tabasco, Mexico, and exhibits the familiar Mesoamerican pattern of pyramids, stone sculpture, and carved jade.


The five suns: a sacred history of Mexico. VHS, 55 min. F1219.3.R38 F584 1996 | B-ALF CC5329
Depicts an ancient creation story from Mexico, illustrated with colorful animation in the style of pre-Columbian painting.


The forgotten village. VHS, 68 min. B-ALF CB5691
Depicts the ancient way of life in Mexico, in the little pueblo of Santiago in the mountains.


Fraude: México, 2006. DVD region 4 + booklet, 102 min. JL1297 .F728 2007  
Documentary on the suspected fraud of the 2006 Presidential election in Mexico.


Frida: naturaleza vida. VHS, 108 min. Video Browsing
Biographical film about Frida Kahlo, a painter, political activist and woman of the world.


Global assembly line. VHS. Long version, 58 min. ISS CC5118 | Short version, 32 min. ISS CC4897
Shows the effects of American corporations' transfer of manufacturing production to underdeveloped nations to reduce labor costs and circumvent unionization.


El grito: México 1968. DVD + booklet, 102 min. F1235 .G75 2007  
A documentary of the conflicts that arose in Mexico in 1968, just before the Olympic Games, between students protesting against the corrupt government, and the police and armed forces.


Hacia la montaña = "Towards the mountain": Chiapas : prayer for the weavers. VHS, 36 min. F1256 .H336 1999


The Highland Maya: a case study in economic anthropology (episode 10). VHS, 28 min. B-ALF CC4951
Examines the complex interweaving of economics and religion known as the "cargo" system, which is found among the Highland Maya of Mexico and Guatemala.


Human contraband: selling the American dream. VHS, 23 min. B-ALF CC6137
Investigates the illegal smuggling of humans from across the globe through Mexico and into the United States.


Imagining new worlds. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF CC5210
Cancun, Mexico through the eyes of international tourists, Mayan descendants who farm their fathers' land, Mexicans resort employees, and of global corporations.


In the pit = En el hoyo. DVD, 84 min. HD8039.B892 M645 2007
Documents the personal struggles and human cost behind the construction of Mexico City's Periferico Beltway.


Incidents of travel in Chichén Itzá.DVD-R, 90 min. F1435.1.C5 I52 2006 | VHS F1435.1.C5 I52 1997
New Agers, the Mexican state, tourists and archaeologists all contend to produce their own idealized and unobstructed visions of "Maya" while the local Maya occupy the site as vendors and artisans.


Inframundo: entrevista con Juan Rulfo. VHS, 59 min. PQ7297.R92 Z468 1983
Mexican author Juan Rulfo is interviewed by Silvia Fuentes and reads excerpts from some of his works.


Inventing reality. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF CC4657
Observes a Mexican doctor and a tribal shaman battling an epidemic of a rare strain of deadly measles in Huichol Indian villages of Central Mexico.


Jicuri Neirra: la danza del peyote. DVD-R, 32 min. F1221.H9 J52 2006  
Each year, during the dry season, the Huichol meet and invoke the forces of nature to insure the approaching harvest.


Juan Quezada. VHS, 15 min. NK4032.C372 J82 1992 | B-ALF RC1623
Films Juan Quezada, a pottery maker in northern Mexico, as he creates a pot in the ancient Casa Grandes tradition.


Juchitán: queer paradise: a documentary. VHS, 64 min. HQ76.3.M62 J834 2002  
Presents a portrait of Juchitan, a small Mexican city near the Guatemalan border, where homosexuality is fully accepted; gays are simply a third gender.


Kings of the stone age. DVD-R, 50 min. F1219.8.O56 K566 2007  
Explores the achievements of the Olmec people in Mexico.


The Lacandon Maya. DVD-R, 47 min. F1221.L2 L23 2007
In 1960 Canadian explorer Collin Hanney discovered a group of Mayan Indians living in the jungle near Chiapas who had escaped the Spanish conquest and preserved a way of life for 400 years.


Last Zapatista. VHS, 31 min. B-ALF CC5620
Presents the story and memories of the filmmaker’s grandfather, Emeterio Pantaleon, who fought alongside the revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata.


The life and times of Frida Kahlo. VHS, 90 min. ND259.K33 L54 2005
This film combines Kahlo's artwork with photos, archival films and interviews.


The living Maya. 4 DVD, 232 min. F1435.3.S7 L585 2005 pt.1  
Everyday life of a present-day Mayan family trying to cope with modern society.


The lost reels of Pancho Villa. VHS, 49 min. B-ALF CC6405
Follows filmmaker Gregorio Rocha on his quest for the seven legendary reels of a silent film about Pancho Villa's battles.


Man alive: children of Zapata. VHS, 25 min. B-ALF CC5178
Investigates the activities of the Zapatista National Liberation Army in Chiapas, Mexico.


Man on the Rim: The peopling of the Pacific, no.10: The feathered serpent. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF CC4328
The Olmec, Toltec, Maya, and Aztec cultures built huge pyramids and great cities on the dusty plains of Mexico and in the steaming jungles of the isthmus.


The many worlds of Carlos Fuentes. VHS, 120 min. PQ7297 .F78 Z47 1988
In an interview with Bill Moyers, Mexican author and diplomat Carlos Fuentes discusses his life and writings, Latin American culture and politics, philosophy, and world politics.


Maquila: a tale of two Mexicos. VHS, 55 min. B-ALF CC6142
Investigates the impact of foreign-owned export factories (maquilas) in the Mexican city of Juarez and the exploitation of poor workers who have few labor rights.


Maquilapolis = City of factories. DVD, 68 min. HD6101.Z6 T54 2006  
Explores the environmental devastation and urban chaos of Tijuana's assembly factories and the female laborers who have organized themselves for social action.


A massacre foretold. DVD-R, 58 min. F1256 .M385 2008 
Chronicles the December 22, 1997massacre of 45 indigenous residents of Acteal, in Chiapas, Mexico by Mexican paramilitary troops.


Maya lords of the jungle. VHS, 58 min. F1435 .M348 1999 | B-ALF CC3703
Visits ancient sites on the Yucatan Peninsula where new findings are forcing a reappraisal of the past of the Mayans.


Mayordomia: ritual, gender, and cultural identity in a Zapotec community. VHS, 21 min. F1221 .Z3 M39 1991 | B-ALF CC4270
Uses the Mayordomia, an annual religious festival, to study the life styles and culture in a southern

Mexican Zapotec town.


Memorias de un Mexicano. VHS, 45 min. F1233.5 .T6713 1985  
Key events and figures of the Mexican Revolution from 1904 to 1924 as described and captured on film by the pioneer Mexican film maker, Salvador Toscano.


Mercado Mexicano. VHS, 10 min. B-ALF UC0326
Portrays daily activities in a typical market place in Mexico, with a simple Spanish narration.


The Mesoamerican cultural code. 3 VHS, 133 min. F1434 .M47 1996
[1] Sexuality in Mesoamerica: machismo and marianismo (33 min) – [2]Autocracy and rebellion in Mesoamerica (45 min) – [3] Religion in Mesoamerica (55 min).


Mexican popular customs. VHS, 25 min. B-ALF CC4815
Includes a variety of Spanish and Indian traditions.


The Mexican way of life. VHS, 23 min. B-ALF CC3575
Talks with people of all ages, regions, and lifestyles as they discuss the strong sense of heritage and tradition even as the country is undergoing industrial and technological changes.


México bárbaro. DVD, 78 min. F1233.5 .M469 2004  
Documents the life and work of John Kenneth Turner, a journalist, and a native of Oregon, who is widely known in Mexico for his efforts prior to the Mexican Revolution of 1910.


Mexico, a changing land (revised). VHS, 22 min. B-ALF CC2998
Examines how the people of Mexico are modernizing their land and emphasizing the importance of a good education for everyone.


Mexico: rebellion of the Llorona. VHS, 60 min. HQ1462 .M479 1997  
Examines life in Mexico through the eyes of its women.


Mexico series. 3 VHS, 60 min/each.
1) Revolution (1910-1940). B-ALF CC3976
2) From boom to bust (1940-1982). B-ALF CC3977
3) End of an era (1982-1988). B-ALF CC3978


Mexico: a story of courage and conquest. 4 VHS, 181 min (approx. 45min each). F1226 .M494 1999
[1] Mexico: God, gold and glory – [2] Mexico: from independence to the Alamo – [3]Mexico: battle for North America – [4] Mexico : revolution and rebirth.


Mexico Vivo series. 5 VHS, 26 min/each.
Gives students an extended idea of the Spanish language along with both the Mexicans who speak it and their country.


Mojados: through the night. DVD, 70 min. JV6465 .M656 2005  
Follows four men into the world of illegal border-crossing from Mexico to the United States.


Mother’s day in Cuetzalan: Panchita the weaver. VHS, 59 min. B-ALF CC6267
Follows without narration Panchita, an Aztec woman, as she weaves, cooks, and sells her wares at a market.


Mujeres unidas = Women united. VHS, 16 min. HD3424.M6 M854 2000  
A look at indigenous women's collective work in the autonomous municipality of 17 de Noviembre, Chiapas, Mexico.


The new Tijuana. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC5775
Luis Valdez narrates this profile of booming Tijuana, Mexico, the West Coast's second largest city after Los Angeles.


Nowhere else to live. VHS, 24 min. B-ALF CC5781
Uses narration and interviews to examine the lives of homeless individuals and families in Mexico City.


Octavio Paz: Mexico’s muse. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ7297 .P285 Z476 2004
Examines the influences of Marxism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, along with existentialism and surrealism, throughout Octavio Paz's work.


La ofrenda: the days of the dead. VHS, 50 min. GT4994.A4 O337 | B-ALF CC5557
Documents Mexican and Mexican American observances of Los Dias de Muertos.


Pancho Villa and other stories. VHS, 40 min. B-ALF CC5772
Provides personal accounts of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) through the reminiscences of men and women who were witnesses to and participants in the Revolution.


Pancho Villa: la revolución no ha terminado. DVD, 95 min. F1234.V63 P363 2005
By those who knew him, Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa is remembered as a champion of Mexico's peasants and a national hero.


La pasión de María Elena = The passion of María Elena. VHS, 76 min. HE5614.5.M54 P377 2003  
When María Elena's son is killed in a hit-and-run accident in Chihuahua, she begins a quest for justice that brings her face to face with racism, corruption, and the attitudes of her community.


Performing the border. DVD-R, 42 min. HN120.C48 P474 1999  
Investigates the growing impact of the global economy on Mexican women who live and work in Ciudad Juarez.


A place called Chiapas.VHS, 92 min. F1256 .P533 2000 | B-ALF CC5850
Documentary on the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, Mexico filmed over an eight month period.


Population: six billion. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC5883
Discusses examples of population control programs in Vietnam, Uganda and Mexico.


The power of place: world regional geography, no. 14: Migration and conquest. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF GC1754
Migration patterns both within and outside Mexico. Also the cycles of conquest borne by Maya peoples in Guatemala.


La Quinceañera. DVD-R, 41 min. GT2490 .Q558 2007  
Exploring issues of family, faith, and coming of age, La Quinceañera is a touching portrait of a Mexican family's love and devotion to each other.


The ragged revolution: the romance and the reality of the Mexican revolution, 1910 to 1920. VHS, 38 min. F1234 .R157 1998
Discusses the history of Mexico between 1910 to 1920 during the revolution and United States involvement.


Ruins: A Fake Documentary. VHS, 78 min. B-ALF CC6179
Reviews early colonial misconceptions of the Mexican populace, and shows how these misconceptions are used to recontextualize archaeological objects as art.


Scenes of resistance. VHS, 26 min. F1256 .S24 2001  
Daily life of Zapatista villagers in Chiapas, Mexico.


Señorita extraviada. VHS, 76 min. B-WELLS Reserve HV6535.M43 S46 2001
250 young women were kidnapped, raped and murdered in Juárez, Mexico. The perpetuators of these crimes have not been apprehended, though the crimes have been occurring regularly since 1993.


A sheepherder’s homecoming. VHS, 40 min. B-ALF CC5773
Explores the experience of a migrant worker returning to Mexico from the US.


The Spanish conquest of Mexico. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF CC6146
Investigates the religious and political structure of Aztec culture and discusses other Meso-American cultures that came under Aztec rule.


Standoff in Mexico. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC3763
Focuses on the tense political struggle taking place in the northern part of Mexico where supporters of the right-wing party, PAN, are trying to break the monopoly of Mexico's ruling party, PRI.


Super amigos. DVD-R, 75 min. HN120.S6 S874 2007  
Super Barrio, Super Gay, Ecologista Universal, Fray Tormenta and Super Animal are real life masked Super Heroes who fight against corruption, homophobia, pollution, animal abusers, and poverty.


The Tarahumara. VHS, 26 min. B-ALF CC3494
Profiles a little known Indian nation who live in the Sierra Madre mountains of southwestern Chihuahua, Mexico.


The Tarahumara Festival of the Easter Moon. DVD-R, 28 min. F1221.T25 T373 2007 | F1221.T25 T373 2005 
Shot in 1976, this film is a rare visual document of the Tarahumara- one of the most remote and isolated tribes of the North American continent.


Teotihuacan: the birthplace of the sun. VHS, 27 min. B-ALF CC6391
Provides an overview of the ancient Mexican city Teotihuacan, which was established around 200 B.C.E. and fell into ruin around 700 C.E.


They shine: on being gay in Mazatepec, Mexico. PAL, 13 min. HQ76.2.M62 M393 2002  
A documentary on gay life in a small Mexican town, focusing on the Mojiganga, the one day of the year when gay men are given free license by the town to be who they are.


Tierra sí! Aviones no! = Land yes! Airplanes, no! : the struggle for survival in Atenco, Mexico. VHS, 25 min. HD330.A84 T547 2002  
Chronicles the resistance of the people of Atenco to the airport that the Mexican government is planning, which will destroy enormous tracts of communal farmland.


La tradición Teuchitlán: descubriendo el Antiguo Occidente de México. DVD. F1219.1.J3 T734 2000
Archaeological research discovered a prehispanic civilization based in west Mexico, the discovery of which contradicted the traditional archaeological knowledge about this region.


The tree of life: three films on Indian Mexico. DVD-R. F1221.T6 T744 1999
The tree of life: Recounts the ritual of "Los Voladores" a 2000-year old Totonac Indian ritual (29 min) -- The tree of knowledge: Contrasts two systems of education (25 min) -- Democracia Indigena: Examines the liberating role of Indian Theology, as it covers municipal elections in Huehuetla, Puebla, Mexico(37 min).


Touching the timeless. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF CC4655
Focuses on different ways Western societies and tribal cultures search for meaning in their lives, to elevate their lives from the ordinary world into the extraordinary.


Tour '99. VHS, 32 min. F1256 .T687 1999
Illustrates the production of sugar in the region of El Trabajo using hand-made tools. A second film documents New Year's Eve festivities in the region of San Andrés Sakamchén de Los Pobres.


Tremors in Guzman. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF CC3865
Exposes the increase in popular dissent in Mexico by focusing on the people of Ciudad Guzman, an agricultural city near Guadalajara.


Ultimas memorias vivas = Last living memories. DVD-R, Region 5; 27 min. F1306 .U485 2005  
The 1943 eruption of the Paricutín Volcano in Michoacan, Mexico was a catastrophe for the indigenous Purépecha people of the region.


Los últimos zapatistas: héroes olvidados. DVD,70 min. F1234 .U458 2005  
The last surviving soldiers who fought with General Emiliano Zapata during the 1910 Mexican Revolution talk about the failure of the revolution and today’s government.


An uncommon poet—Octavio Paz. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF KC0622
Discusses Paz’s thoughts on poets, poetry, and language and describes his career as a political observer and activist.

The urban explosion. VHS, 57 min. B-ALF NC2332

Examines four cities in different parts of the world: Mexico City, New York City, Istanbul, and Shanghai.


The U.S. Mexican War series. 4 VHS, 60 min/each.
1) Neighbors and strangers. B-ALF CC5586
2) The war for the borderlands. B-ALF CC5587
3) The hour of sacrifice. B-ALF CC5588
4) The fate of nations. B-ALF CC5598


Voices of the Sierra Tarahumara. VHS, 52 min. HN120.T36 V64 2001
In the face of grave political and environmental danger, the Tarahumara Indians of northern Mexico are surviving the worst of human rights violations.


Walking the line. DVD-R, 58 min. E184.M5 W345 2006  
Explores the chaos of the border crisis along the Southern Arizona region as experienced by Mexican migrants, private citizens, vigilantes, and humanitarians.


The walls of Mexico: art and architecture. VHS, 56 min. NA2159.B37 W45 1996 | B-ALF RC1755
Studies the murals of Diego Rivera, Juan O'Gorman, and Jose Clemente Orozco as well as the architecture of Luis Barragan, Ricardo Legoretta, and Andre Casillas.


The walls of Taniperla. VHS, 53 min. B-ALF CC5906
Documents the experiences of three human rights watchers in Taniperla, Mexico.


A week in the life of a Mexican student. VHS, 24 min. B-ALF CC3578
Profiles 14-year-old high school student Xavier Sierra and shows him in English, history, and chemistry classes, at work in a tortilla factory, and visiting with his friends and family.


Ya basta!: le cri des sans-visage = the battle cry of the faceless. VHS, 50 min. F1256 .Y3 1997
The Zapatista movement's cause echoes world-wide but the lives of the Indians today in the mountains and the jungles of Chiapas are no less precarious than before.


The Yucatan, Belize & Guatemala: La Ruta Maya. VHS, 50 min. F1376 .Y838 2002   1) On reserve at: B-BUSSPEA
Visit Mayan ruins, swim with dolphins, scale an active volcano and join the Easter celebrations in Antigua.


The Yucatec Maya: a case study in marriage and the family. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF CC4954
Follows a traditional extended-family group as its members companionably share the daily chores, teaching the youngsters in a never-ending cycle.


Zapatista. VHS, 54 min. B-ALF CC5777
Travels with three students from the U.S. and Europe to Chiapas, Mexico, to document the rebellion of the Mayan inhabitants in the Zapatista National Liberation Army.


Zapatistas: crónica de una rebelión. 2 VHS + supplement. 120 min. F1256 .Z287 2003
Chronicles 10 years of the history of the Zapatista movement, between 1994 and 2003.




10 days, 10 years: the Nicaraguan elections of 1990. VHS, 54 min. JL1618 .A21 1990  
Chronicles a ten-day period in late February, 1990 during which presidential elections were held and the Sandinista government of Daniel Ortega was defeated by Violet Chamorro and the UNO party.


Anatomy of an embargo. VHS, 29 min. B-ALF BC0324
Demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages of imposing restrictions on imports by analyzing the 1985 U.S. embargo of banana shipments from Nicaragua.


Así fue = So it went: election time, Nicaragua. VHS, 60 min. JL1618 .A852 1986b | B-ALF CC3365
Examines the key political and social issues and the diverse views of the people of Nicaragua during the period surrounding the elections of 1984.


Café Nica: portraits from Nicaragua. VHS, 43 min. B-ALF CC3707
Examines the Nicaraguan economy and its people by focusing on their annual coffee harvest.


Coffee break! VHS, 27 min. HD8039.C6382 N537 1997  
A documentary film during the coffee harvest on a farm near the border between Nicaragua and Honduras.


Crisis in Central America, No.3: Revolution in Nicaragua. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF CC3314
Traces the evolution of U.S. involvement in Nicaragua.


Deadly embrace: Nicaragua, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (revised). VHS, 30 min. ISS CC6289
Discusses the role of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in the destruction of the Nicaraguan economy.


Ernesto Cardenal: Cantico Cosmico. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF KC0839
Presents interviews with the poet himself and listens as he explains the origins of his works, incorporating political, scientific, and religious notions.


The Filibusters War. VHS, 29 min. B-ALF CC3073
Documents mercenary William Walker's three attempts in the 1850s to overthrow the Nicaraguan government in the name of Manifest Destiny.


Fire from the mountain. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC4009
Based on Omar Cabezas' autobiographical memoir of the Nicaraguan revolution, traces his involvement as a student activist, guerrilla fighter, and government leader.


Guns, drugs, and the CIA. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF CC4246 | B-ALF JK468.I6 G867 1988
Focuses on two of the CIA's largest covert operations, the Contra war in Nicaragua and the secret war in Laos during the Vietnam conflict.


Halvan kahvin uhrit = The victims of cheap coffee. DVD-R, 50 min. HD9199.N52 H358 2003  
Filmed in Nicaragua and Vietnam, the film describes the human consequences that the collapse of coffee prices has caused in producer countries.


A house divided. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC3706
Focuses on the Chamorros, a powerful Nicaraguan publishing family whose members' diametrically opposing views of the Sandinista regime mirror the division in that Central American country.


Macho. VHS, 26 min. HQ1090.7.N5 M33 2000  
A report about the 'Men Against Violence' group of Nicaragua, who create new ways to confront male violence and machismo.


Miracles are not enough: continuity and change in religion. VHS, 60min. B-ALF CC4586
Travels to Brazil and Nicaragua to document the explosion of theological debate, social activism and spiritual revival that is changing a region where religion has long played an important role.


Nicaragua: a dangerous example. VHS, 55 min. B-ALF CC3281
Examines life in Nicaragua before and after the revolution of 1979.


Nicaragua: our own country. VHS, 19 min. B-ALF CC3379
Examines the history, the people, and the culture of Nicaragua from a Nicaraguan point of view.


Nicaragua, report from the front. VHS, 32 min. B-ALF F1528 N51755 1983  
Illuminates the controversy of American aid to the Somoza rebels. Visits a Samoza-linked camp and follows a Sandinista brigade on maneuvers.


Pictures from a revolution. VHS, 93 min. F1528 .P52 1992 | B-ALF CC6014
New York Times photojournalist Susan Meiselas revisits Nicaragua ten years after the Sandinista victory to see how things have changed.


Rosita: a documentary. DVD-R, 57 min. HQ767.5.N47 R675 2005  
When a nine-year-old Nicaraguan girl becomes pregnant as a result of a rape, her parents--illiterate campesinos working in Costa Rica--seek a legal therapeutic abortion to save their only child's life.


War on Nicaragua. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF CC3768
Reconstructs the development of U.S. policy toward Nicaragua, pointing to parallels between the Iran-Contra scandal and the Johnson years in the Vietnam war.


Who's running this war? VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC3765
How the Reagan Administration circumvented Congress' restriction on military aid to rebel groups in Nicaragua by encouraging private citizens to contribute money to anti-communist organizations.


The world is watching. VHS, 59 min. PN4888.F69 W675 1988 | B-ALF CC4016
Explores the ways that print and broadcast media coverage of the conflict in Nicaragua affects the public's perceptions and policy development in the United States and other countries.


The world stopped watching. VHS, 58 min. PN4888.F69 W676 2003  
This sequel to The World Is Watching returns to Nicaragua to discover what became of the first revolution to be conducted in the glare of the world media.




A man, a plan, a canal, Panama. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC3632
Provides a current and historical tour of the Panama Canal, one of the wonders of modern engineering technology.


Rainforest: the puzzle of biodiversity. VHS, 25 min. B-ALF NC2358
Presents the scientific problem, "How can such a huge and diverse number of species co-exist in one place?" and relates this question to research on a rainforest in Barro Colorado Island in Panama.


The spirit of Kuna Yala. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF GC1693
Portrays in their own words the Kuna Indians of Panama's San Blas Islands and their deep spiritual, economic and cultural ties to their rainforest homeland, Kuna Yala.

last updated: 12/3/2013