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Film: Authors & Artists

Regions: Latin America (general)Caribbean, Central America, South America, Hispanics in the U.S., Iberia
Special Topics: Authors & Artists, Environment, Indigenous Peoples, Music & Dance, Political Leaders, Women
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Angélica Gorodischer. VHS, 34 min. PQ7798.17.O73 A5 1990z
Gerardo Guthmann interviews Argentinean writer Angélica Gorodischer about her literary work. [Argentina]

Antonio Machado. DVD-R, 51 min. PQ6623.A2 Z5173 2004
Literary retrospective of one of the leading Spanish poets of the Generation of '98, Antonio Machado, with commentary on the poet's life and works. [Spain]

Art and revolution in Mexico. VHS, 60 min. N6555 .A765 1990 | B-ALF CC5640
Shows how history and art have been brought together in Mexico by such painters as Rivera and Siqueiros.

Arturo Madrid. VHS, 29 min. E184.S75 M337 1988
Educator Arturo Madrid discusses the role of Hispanic Americans in American public life focusing on cultural and educational barriers created by the dominate, white American society. [U.S.]

Birthwrite: growing up Hispanic. VHS, 57 min.
A look at the work of several Hispanic-American writers and how their poems, short stories, and novels reflect what it means and what it is like to grow up Hispanic in America.

Carlos Fuentes [Mexico]

                Carlos Fuentes: at home in the Americas. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ7297.F78 Z534 2000
Fuentes is a Mexican novelist and playwright who combines a deep awareness of history and national identity with experimental narrative techniques to develop his themes.

                Carlos Fuentes. VHS, 28 min. F1418 .F946 1988 | B-ALF EC2378 (PBS)
Mexican author Carlos Fuentes and Bill Moyers discuss the relationship of the United States with Mexico and with Latin America generally.

                Crossing borders: the journey of Carlos Fuentes. VHS, 58 min. PQ7297.F793 Z623 1989
Presents Carlos Fuentes discussing his views on art, sex, and politics. Includes readings by Mr. Fuentes.

                Estos fueron los palacios. VHS, 45 min. PQ7297 .F78 Z468 1983
In this interview with his wife, Silvia, Carlos Fuentes talks about originality and the function of time in literature.

                The many worlds of Carlos Fuentes. VHS, 120 min. PQ7297 .F78 Z47 1988
In an interview with Bill Moyers, Mexican author and diplomat Carlos Fuentes discusses his life and writings, Latin American culture and politics, philosophy, and world politics.

Carlos Monsivais. DVD-R, 27 min. PQ7298.23.O686 Z55 2007
Monsivais' views on the disconnect between urban and rural life, the destructive impact of technology on language, and the increasingly precarious conditions faced by migrants to the U.S. [Mexico]

Carmelita Tropicana, Your kunst is your waffen. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF CC5225
Spends a day with Carmelita Tropicana, a Latina performance artist living in New York City.

Derek Walcott [St. Lucia]

Derek Walcott. VHS, 29 min. B-ALF EC2403
Bill Moyers interviews Caribbean poet and teacher Derek Walcott who discusses the language of poetry, the language of politics, and the story of Robinson Crusoe as metaphor.

Derek Walcott: the poetry of place. DVD-R, 54 min. PR9272.9.W3 Z643 2001
The host of the South bank show (television, UK) interviews and speaks about Derek Walcott, concerning his poetry and his life.

Dreamers: the painters of Haiti. VHS, 58 min. B-ALF CC6301
Explores the naive painting of elderly Haitians such as Andre Pierre, Philome Obin, Prospere Pierre Louis, Louisiane Saint-Fleurant, and Salnave Philippe-Auguste.

Ella es frontera = Border she is: a video. VHS, 25 min. B-LILLY PS591 ,M49 E67 2001
Based on writings of Pilar Rodríguez Aranda and the following Chicana poets: Lucha Corpi, Sandra Cisneros, Ana Castillo, Miriam de Uriarte, Liliana Valenzuela, and Yolanda Luera. [U.S.]

Ernesto Cardenal: Cantico Cosmico. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF KC0839
Presents interviews with the poet himself and listens as he explains the origins of his works, incorporating political, scientific, and religious notions. [Nicaragua]

Federico García Lorca [Spain]

Federico García Lorca. DVD-R, 63 min. PQ6613.A763 Z6295 2004
Biography of García Lorca, containing all the family memorabilia, his drawings and paintings, and the only remaining footage of the poet himself.

Federico García Lorca. DVD-R, 53 min. PQ6613.A763 Z63235 2002
Weaves archival footage with dozens of photos and manuscripts to examine García Lorca’s work, influences, and friendships with other luminaries

Federico García Lorca.VHS, 55 min. B-ALF KC0620
Focuses on Garcia Lorca's life and work. Contains interviews with family members who share memories, photographs, memorabilia, and the poet's drawing

                Lorca: El Balcon Abierto. VHS, 90 min. B-ALF KC0627
Profiles Federico Garcia Lorca--his works, his life, his death, and above all his role and influence in the Spain of today. Spanish narration.

[Fernando Birri] Turning dreams into reality. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF PN1998 .A3 B49388 1988
Profile of Latin America filmmaker Fernando Birri, known as the father of the New Latin American Cinema. [Latin America]

Fernando Botero, the rebel. DVD-R, 54 min. N6679.B6 F47 2006  
Combines commentary by Botero himself with abundant examples of his paintings and sculptures to examine the remarkable life and work of a world-renowned visionary. [Colombia]

Fernando Savater. DVD-R, 26 min. PQ6669.A934 Z529 2007
Documents Savater's views on the social and intellectual wellsprings of terrorism and militant fundamentalism, as well as the eternal conflict between science and religion. [Spain]

 [Fernando Vallejo] La desazon suprema: retrato incesante de Fernando Vallejo. VHS, 90 min. PQ8180.32.A4277 Z464 2004  
Feature-length documentary about the controversial Colombian writer exiled in Mexico. [Colombia]

[Francisco Ayala] The discreet charm of Francisco Ayala. DVD-R, 12 min. PQ6601 .Y3 Z5863 2007
Rarely viewed archival photos and footage are combined with insightful commentary from literary scholars to produce a look at the writer’s life and work. [Spain]

Frida Kahlo [Mexico]

Frida: naturaleza vida. VHS, 108 min. Video Browsing
Biographical film about Frida Kahlo, a painter, political activist and woman of the world.

The life and times of Frida Kahlo. VHS, 90 min. ND259.K33 L54 2005
This film combines Kahlo's artwork with photos, archival films and interviews.

Gabriel García Márquez [Colombia]

Gabriel García Márquez. VHS, 43 min. PQ8179.G24 Z67345 1998
In this interview with Silvia Lemus, Gabriel García Márquez discusses his life and work from a highly personal plane.

Gabriel García Márquez. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF KC0619
Uses rare archival footage and film shot on location in Colombia to chronicle the life of the author.

Gabriel García Márquez: magical realism. DVD-R, 60 min. PQ8179.G24 Z6517 2005
A literary biography of Gabriel García Márquez, the Columbian novelist and Nobel prize winner, through conversations with the author, his friends, and his critics.

Gabriel García Márquez: the witch writing. VHS, 53 min. PQ8179.G24 Z525 1999
Assisted by readings and dramatizations of his works, the master of "magic realism" focuses on the supernatural aspects of his narrative style, in an effort to convey his particular vision of the world

García Márquez: un viaje al corazón de la memoria. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ8179.G24 Z652 2004
Gabriel García Márquez's life story --recollections of his childhood years, his work as a journalist and press correspondent, and his career as a writer and storyteller-- recounted in his own voice.

                Tales beyond solitude. VHS, 55 min. PQ8180.17.A73 Z47 1989
García Márquez speaks about his novels, his role in the Latin-American cinema and his recent foray into melodramatic soap opera.

Gabriela Mistral: focused on love. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ8097 .G6 Z633 2004
An in-depth portrait of Gabriela Mistral, one of Latin America's most gifted poets. [Chile]

El Greco [Spain]

El Greco (1541-1614). VHS, 60 min. B-ALF UC0395
Examines the range and importance of the work of El Greco--the man who used his Byzantine Greek heritage to become the symbol of Spanish thought and art.

El Greco, spirit of Toldeo. VHS, 30 min. ND813.T4 E447 1986
Traces the life of El Greco and examines the evolution of his painting.

Guillermo Gomez-Pena. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF RC1758
The work of Mexican performance artist, poet, journalist, and activist Guillermo Gomez-Pena calls attention to relations between the U.S. and Mexico. [U.S.]

Isabel Allende [Chile]

Isabel Allende. VHS, 55 min. PQ8098.1.L54 Z468 1986
Magdalena Garcia Pinto interviews Chilean novelist Isabel Allende.

Isabel Allende. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ8098.1.L54 Z4680 2000
Isabel Allende discusses her years in Chile, Venezuela, and the United States, and the importance of spiritualism in her creative process.

Isabel Allende: a documentary. DVD-R, 58 min. PQ8098.1.L54 Z713 2007
Allende discusses how various familial relationships influenced her life and literary career.

Isabel Allende: possessed by her art. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF KC0869
Focuses on the life and work of the Chilean writer Isabel Allende, a self-proclaimed feminist, agnostic, and socialist,

[Joan Miró] Miró: constellations. VHS, 52 min. ND813.M6 M576 1994
A retrospective of the 65-year career of the Spanish artist, Joan Miró. [Spain]

Jorge Luis Borges [Argentina]

Borges and I. VHS, 76 min. PQ779.B635 Z4619 1983
Weaves together dramatized sequences from Borges' stories with an interview of the author at his home in Buenos Aires

The inner world of Jorge Luis Borges. VHS, 28 min. PQ7797.B635 Z735 1991
Explores the private world of Latin American writer, Jorge Luis Borges. Discusses the violence and surrealism found in his work.

Jorge Luis Borges: the mirror man. VHS 47 min. PQ7797.B635 J674 2000
Examines the life and literary career of the charismatic Argentine writer, as well as the thematic, symbolic, and mythological underpinnings of his works.

José Martí: Cuba’s herald. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ7389.M2 Z649 2004
Biographical film of the life of José Martí, 19th century Cuban author and political activist. [Cuba]

Juan Carlos Onetti: un escritor. VHS, 55 min. PQ8519.O59 Z468 1984
Writer Onetti talks about his life and work with Jorge Ruffinelli and Julio Jaime. [Uruguay]

Juan Goytisolo. DVD-R, 25 min. PQ6613.O79 Z684 2007
An overview of Goytisolo's outlook on past and present social dilemmas and their connection with his self-exile from his home country of Spain. [Spain]

[Juan Rulfo] Inframundo: entrevista con Juan Rulfo. VHS, 59 min. PQ7297.R92 Z468 1983
Mexican author Juan Rulfo is interviewed by Silvia Fuentes and reads excerpts from some of his works. [Mexico]

Judy Baca. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF RC1764
Judy Baca is known for her mile-long mural in Los Angeles depicting Chicano history. In this program she concentrates on completing a mural on the UCLA campus.[U.S.]

Julio Cortázar [Argentina]

Cortázar. VHS, 85 min. PQ7797.C715 Z534 1990z
Cortázar talks about life, literary work and ideology in this film which reconstructs his life using archival footage and sound recordings.

Julio Cortázar, Argentina’s iconoclast. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ7797.C715 Z464 2004
Cortázar's preoccupation with 20th century life and his rejection of its values is placed in historical context and examined as a theme in his works.

Julio Cortázar: entrevista. VHS, 40 min. B-ALF KC0621
Profiles the Argentine exile-writer who discusses his sources, inspirations and forms.

                Modelos para desamar. VHS, 55 min. PQ7797.C715 Z468 1983
In a candid interview with Saúl Sosnowski, writer Julio Cortázar talks about his life and work.

Latido Latino: senãs de identidad. VHS, 120 min. E184.S75 L346 2000  
Discusses the influence of Latin American culture in the United States through interviews with more than 50 Latin American immigrants living in New York, including musicians, dancers, artists, and writers. [U.S.]

Latin American women artists: 1915-1995. DVD-R, 26 min. N6502.5 .L425 2005  
Features the work of important artists of the recent past, like Brazil's Tarsila do Amaral and Mexico's María Izquierdo and Frida Kahlo.  [Latin America]

Literatura exilio y democracia en América Latina: jornadas Latinoamericanas, Palma de Mallorca del 27 de febrero al 10 de marzo 1984. 4 VHS, 385 min. PQ7081.A1 L525 1984
vol. 1) Homenaje a Julio Cortázar; vol. 2) Producción cultural en América Latina: Cuba y Nicaragua; vol. 3) Producción cultural en América Latina: el exilio; vol. 4) Entrevistas y recital de canciones y poemas de America Latina [Latin America]

[Lope de Vega] Fuenteovejuna—De Lope de Vega. 2 VHS, 142 min. B-ALF KC0624
Presents the classic Spanish work of the Siglo de Oro, and recreates the medieval world of Lope's play. [Spain]

[Luis Buñuel] A propósito de Buñuel = Regarding Buñuel. VHS, 100 min. PQ6603.U56 Z511 2000
Using archival photographs, footage, and clips from Buñuel films this is a complex portrait of one of the century's most notable filmmakers. [Spain]

Luisa Valenzuela: desenmascaramientos. VHS, 50 min. PQ7798.32.A48 Z468 1986
Sharon Magnarelli interviews Argentine writer Luisa Valenzuela.[Argentina]

Manuel Puig [Argentina]

Del “kitsch” a Lacan. VHS, 50 min. PQ7798.26.U4 Z468 1984
Manuel Puig in an interview with Reina Roffé discusses each of his novels, giving clues to the understanding of his characters.

                Manuel Puig. VHS, 41 min. PQ7798.26.U4 Z775 1980z
An interview with Argentine author, Manuel Puig.

Marcela Serrano: a new voice. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ8098.29.E726 Z75 2000b
Serrano assesses the diverse concerns that have influenced her life and work, including the elimination of apartheid and the importance of creating genuine and loving relationships. [Chile]

Marcos Aguinis: perfiles transparencias y espacios. VHS, 55 min. PQ7798.1.G814 M373 1995
Writer Marcos Aguinis recounts his life and work. [Argentina]

Mario Benedetti: writing and revolution. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ8519.B292 Z737 2000
One of Uruguay's most perceptive writers, Mario Benedetti was also deeply involved in Latin American politics during the 1960s and 70s. [Uruguay]

Mario Vargas Llosa [Peru]

Maestro de las voces. VHS, 55 min. PQ8498.32.A68 Z464 1984
Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa reads from his works 'La guerra del fin del mundo' and 'La casa verde' and is interviewed by José Miguel Oviedo.

Mario Vargas Llosa: in love with Peru. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ8498.32.A68 Z698 2000
Author Vargas Llosa offers insights into his beloved homeland, his life abroad, his unsuccessful bid for the presidency, and other topics.

Mario Vargas Llosa: the story of the novelist who would be president. VHS, 60 min. F3448.4.V3 M375 1990
Highlights Vargas Llosa's childhood, Peruvian society and his campaign for the presidency. Vargas Llosa also reads passages from some of his works.

[Nilita Vientós Gaston ] Las huellas de Nilita. VHS, 80 min. PQ7439.V5 H845 2002  
Documents the life and works of noted journalist and writer, Nilita Vientós Gaston. [Puerto Rico]

Nombres del ’98. 3 VHS, 170 min. PQ6073.N6 N65 1997
[pt.1] Miguel de Unamuno: el rector (54 min); [pt. 2] Valle-Inclán: el fulgor de la palabra (56 min); [pt. 3] Antonio Machado: a lomos de la quimera (60 min). [Spain]

Octavio Paz [Mexico]

                Conversar es humano: entrevista con Octavio Paz. VHS, 56 min. PQ7297 .P285 Z47
Mexican author Octavio Paz is interviewed by Enrico Mario Santí and reads from some of his books.

                Octavio Paz: Mexico’s muse. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ7297 .P285 Z476 2004
Examines the influences of Marxism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, along with existentialism and surrealism, throughout Octavio Paz's work.

                An uncommon poet—Octavio Paz. VHS, 28 min. B-ALF KC0622
Discusses Paz’s thoughts on poets, poetry, and language and describes his career as a political observer and activist.

Pablo Neruda [Chile]

Pablo Neruda: Chile’s master poet. DVD-R, 28 min. PQ8097.N4 Z965 2004
The life and work of Pablo Neruda -- Nobel Laureate, statesman, renowned poet -- both reflect and embody the events that shaped the 20th century.

Pablo Neruda: fulgor y muerte de Joaquim Murrieta. VHS, 45 min. B-ALF KC0854
Presents a musical dramatization of the famous legend of Joaquin Murieta by the Chilean Nobel Prize laureate, Pablo Neruda.

Pablo Neruda: poet. VHS, 30 min. B-ALF KC0834
Examines the life and work of the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet, including an interview conducted shortly before his death in 1973.

Yo soy Pablo Neruda. VHS, 29 min. PQ8097.N4 Z97 1993
Examines the career and literary output of Pablo Neruda, who made his home at Isla Negra on the coast of Chile.

Palabra: a sampling of contemporary Latino writers. VHS + guide, 52 min. PS591.H58 P357 1993
Presents Latino writers reading their own works.[U.S.]

[Pilar Pobil] Dreaming in color. VHS, 25 min. B-ALF RC1841
Documents the life and painting of Pilar Pobil, a Spanish-born woman who migrated to Utah in 1943.

[Richard Rodriguez] An American story with Richard Rodriguez, parts I and II. VHS, 60 min. B-ALF EC2488
Rodriguez discusses his experiences growing up in America as the son of immigrants, the loss of his "Mexican Soul," and his first exposure to the enchantments of American culture.

 [Samuel Lind] El mundo costero de Samuel Lind. DVD, 24 min. N6614.L56 A35 2006  
Captures the colors, music and culture that inspire the art of Samuel Lind, an Afro-Puerto Rican painter, graphic artist, sculptor, and activist. [Puerto Rico]

[Sebastiao Salgado] Spectre of hope. VHS, 52 min. B-ALF RC1883
Presents a meeting between British writer John Berger and Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado in which they closely examine Salgado's photographic collection "Migrations." [Brazil]

The walls of Mexico: art and architecture. VHS, 56 min. NA2159.B37 W45 1996 | B-ALF RC1755
Studies the murals of Diego Rivera, Juan O'Gorman, and Jose Clemente Orozco as well as the architecture of Luis Barragan, Ricardo Legoretta, and Andre Casillas.

Women of hope: Latinas abriendo camino. VHS, 29 min. B-ALF CC5481
Examines the lives of Latina women in the U.S. through interviews with twelve influential figures in both politics and the arts.

Xavier Viramontes: printmaker : a life in print. DVD, 57 min. N6538.H58 X38 2008  
A profile of Xavier Viramontes, one of the most influential Hispanic artists of our time. [U.S.]


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