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last updated: 9/21/2011

Medieval Studies Web Portals


Some of these portals are more up-to-date than others, but they all provide selective links to numerous internet resources relating to medieval studies. Most of searchable by keyword or browsable by subject area.

Though the site is in French, it includes links to websites, libraries, and bibliographies in all languages (including English and Spanish). It is a collaborative enterprise maintained by scholars from Universities and centers across France, and is updated regularly.

WESS Medieval and Renaissance Web
WESS Medieval and Renaissance Web (part of the ACRL’s Western European Studies Section) includes subject guides, e-texts and journals, and links to relevant organizations. This wiki-style page is regularly updated, and edited by Thomas Izbicki (Johns Hopkins University) and Paul Victor Jr. (Eastern Washington University).

The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
Online resources are organized by subject matter, and fully searchable by topic, sub topic, and material type (for example, videos, course materials, or primary texts). Created in 1994 by Deborah Everhart and Martin Irvine of Georgetown University, and last updated in 2007.

The ORB: On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies
Contains external links as well as peer-reviewed articles and teaching guides. Last updated in 2003 by Kathryn Talarico of the College of Staten Island.

The Medieval Internet
Also maintained by Kathryn Talarico (College of Staten Island), this in an annotated list of links for manuscripts and digital texts, art and architecture, and specialized topics such as calendars and the plague. Unclear when it was updated, but most of the links are still functional.

Google Books
Google Books includes both full-text access to books in the public domain and partial access to books under copyright. Many are searchable by keyword.

NetSERF: the Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
Maintained by Dr. Andrea R. Harbin (State University of New York, Cortland) and last updated in 2009, this site organizes its vast number of links by subject, and also includes a feed of news items related to medieval studies. Searchable by keyword via a Google interface.

Cornucopia: Medieval Studies at Cornell
The Medieval Studies department at Cornell University maintains a list of relevant websites, including other web portals, electronic text collections, and reference resources.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
A collection of full text sources, saint’s lives, and selected resources organized by region and time period. Produced by the Fordham University Center for Medieval Studies and last updated in 2006.
last updated: 9/21/2011