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Collections Description

Collections Description

Latin American Collection

The Latin American collection at Indiana University supports the advanced research and curriculum needs of several academic units in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that offer both undergraduate and graduate programs in this field of study. Primarily housed in the Herman B Wells Library, the Latin American collection consists of both primary and secondary source materials with a humanities and social science orientation. The collection is estimated at over 350,000 volumes of monographs, serials, microforms, maps, and videos on Latin America and the Caribbean. Including resources in other branch libraries and repositories on the Bloomington campus, the collection holdings exceed 500,000 pieces of materials for the teaching and research of Latin American topics. The Latin American Collection is a key component of the IU Libraries, a collection exceeding 6.3 million bound volumes, which has been ranked thirteenth among American university research libraries by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL).

The strength of the graduate-level research materials in the Latin American collection relates to Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru, with history, language and literature, folklore, and anthropology as the subjects best represented in the collection. According to the 1997 North American Title Count, the Latin American collection ranks among the top research collections in the country in the following fields: South American history, Mexican history, colonial Brazilian literature, and South American literature. The collection's holdings in Central American and Caribbean history, modern Brazilian literature, and Mexican literature are of national importance. The collection is also strong in Latin American native language materials, which includes Haitian Creole. Latin America figures prominently in the anthropology, archaeology, economics, folklore, government publications, music, political science, religion, and women's studies library research collections.

Several campus libraries have important collections that provide a specialized view of Latin America: large map collections in the Geography-Map Library and the Geosciences Library; materials on economics, business, and sustainable development in the Business/SPEA Library; arts and exhibition catalogs in the Fine Arts Library among others. The William & Gayle Cook Music Library and its Latin American Music Center contain books, scores, and sound recordings covering the colonial period to the present. The LAMC fosters the research and performance of Latin American art music. The Archives of Traditional Music contains 3,000 sound recordings in their Latin American Record Collection. The Lilly Library of rare books, manuscripts, and special collections holds more than 400,000 books, 100,000 pieces of sheet music, and 6.5 million manuscripts. It has substantial holdings in the history of Latin America from discovery through the early Independence period. The Lilly's Latin American collections include more than 60,000 printed items and 30,000 manuscripts. There are nearly 500,000 pieces in these diverse campus-wide holdings of Latin American and Caribbean materials that support teaching, study, and research.

The Herman B Wells Library maintains a Latin American Studies Office that is readily accessible to students, faculty, and staff seeking help with the identification and use of library resources connected with their teaching or research. It is staffed by a full-time librarian who is responsible for the Latin American collections in the Herman B Wells Library and for collaborating with other units of the Libraries on matters of Latin America and the Caribbean. There also are librarians and staff with notable Latin American expertise in the Lilly and Music libraries, as well as in other campus libraries and Library departments.

Spanish and Portuguese Collection

The IU Latin American and Iberian languages and literatures collection ranks among the top research collections in the country in Iberian Medieval and Golden Age literatures, colonial Brazilian literature, and South American literature. The Catalan literature collection is arguably the best in the country. The collection's holdings in modern Brazilian literature and Mexican literature are of national importance. Although Spanish and Portuguese language materials predominate, the collection also includes American native language materials, including Haitian Creole. Few other libraries collect this Caribbean language and IU's collection stands out as one of the best.
Formats collected include monographs, serials, microforms, and videos.

Chicano-Riqueno and Latino Studies Collection

Language, literature, and culture are the core strengths of the Chicano-Riqueño collection at IU. The holdings focus primarily on Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans (Cubans to a lesser extent), the three Latino groups that have had deeper historical connections with North America. In recent years, the collection's scope has diversified and expanded to cover the broader historical, cultural, and social experience of the Latinos in the United States. Formats collected included monographs, serials, videos and microforms.

Created in 1973, Chicano-Riqueño Studies is a language and culture program affiliated with the Spanish and Portuguese Department. Since its inception, the program has sought to foster the culture and heritage of Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans living in the United States. The program encourages a U.S. Latino focus within the Latin American Studies minor or certificate. Its courses are joint-listed with other academic units, including Afro-American Studies, Education, Fine Arts, Folklore, History, Latin American Studies, and Law.

In 2000, IU created the Latino Studies Program, a new interdisciplinary program that focuses on the historical and social experience of the Spanish-speaking peoples of the United States. At present, the program has offered undergraduate-level courses, but plans are underway to create an undergraduate minor and a doctoral minor.

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