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  • Social Sciences Librarian: Nicholas Wyant
  • Location: Herman B Wells Library E860
  • Phone: (812) 855-1665
Libraries & Subjects
last updated: 9/4/2012

Location Codes for Social Work Journals

The location codes given on the list of journals for Social work are quite simple. The first letter indicated the campus, the letters after the hyphen are shorthand for the specific library in which the resource can be found. Below is a breakdown of the codes and their meanings.


I- Indianapolis  (IUPUI)

 I-Stacks  Main Library
 I-Med  Medical Library
 I-REF  MainLibrary, Reference Area


B- Bloomington (IUB)

B-RSCH Main Library (Wells)
B-Bus/SP Business/SPEA
B-ALF Auxiliary Library Facility
B-HPER Health, Physical Education & Recreation
B-KINSEY Kinsey Institute
B-BCC Black Culture Center
B-EDUC Education

last updated: 9/4/2012