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Gagarin archive materials collected by Peter Czap

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Brief description


Name of the collection: Gagarin archive materials collected by Peter Czap

Donor: Prof. Peter Czap (1931- . The History Department of Amherst College, MA)

Donation date: July 2008

Cataloging date: January 2009

Size: 34 microfilm reels (35 mm)

Contents: "19th-century Russian revisions, estate records and parish registers" in the donor's words.

          It also includes some documents relating to agrarian reform and counterreform of late imperial Russia and

          several reels from the "Alaskan Russian Church archives : records 1733-1938."

Countries of origin: Russia and the United States

Archives and libraries of origin:
          Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress, USA
          Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Kalininskoi Oblasti, Russia
          Gosudarstvennaia Biblioteka SSSR im. V. I. Lenina, Russia
          Tsentral'nyi Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Drevnikh Aktov, Russia
          Tsentral'nyi Gosudarstvennyi Istoricheskii Arkhiv SSSR v Leningrade, Russia
          Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Riazanskoi Oblasti, Russia

Geographical areas covered by the collection:
          Alaska (USA)
          Riazan oblast' (Russia)
          Tver oblast' (Russia)
          Kalinin oblast' (Russia, currently Tver oblast')

Current location of the collection: Government Information, Maps and Microform Services, 2nd floor of the

          Wells Library

Conditions of the collection: Good in general, although some hand-written documents are damaged and          

          some microfilm rolls are glued together.

Access: Open to public while the Wells library is open.

Equipment: Readable on microform reading machines provided on the 2nd floor of the

          Wells Library. Copying and scanning are available.

Call numbers: 8 different call numbers have been assigned to the collection, all

          within the LC subject heading, "Demography. Population. Vital events"
          HB2405.A4 A44 1962
          HB2488.2.A3 H376 1800a
          HB2488.2.A3 H377 1800a
          HB2488.2.A3 H378 1800a
          HB2488.2.R53 H375 1800a
          HB2488.2.R53 H378 1800a
          HB2488.2.T8 H57 1816a
          HB3608.2.T84 D46 1963


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Contents of the collection


The collection consists of various types of materials related to the peasant life of

imperial Russia. The largest group are parish registers of birth, marriage, and death

that were called "metricheskaia kniga" in Russian until it was abolished in the second

half of the 19th century. Government officials' reports on the conditions of their

administrative units are also present. Chronologically, the collection starts from the

late 18th century, but the largest portion of it is accounted for by the 19th century.

Unique is the parish registers of the Russian Orthodox Church of Alaska, all covering

the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. Below the collection is divided into eight

groups as they are cataloged in the IUL collection.


1. Demographic data from Kalinin oblast:
Call number: HB3608.2.T84 D46 1963
Number of reels: 2
Period: 2nd half of the 19th century
Document types: reports on the conditions of local peasant communities by local 
          government officials including Peace arbitrators (mirovye posredniki),       

          Gubernia special agency for peasant affairs (gubernskoe po krest'ianskim delam     

          prisutstvie), Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministerstvo vnutrennikh del), volost

          board (volostnoe pravlenie), volost court (volostnyi sud). For more detail click here.
Goegraphical locations covered:
          Uezdy: Novotorzhskii, Staritskii, Tverskii, Korchevskii, Kaliazinskii, Rzhevskii,
          Volosti: Kimrskii
          Gubernii: Tverskaia, Permskaia, Ekaterinoslavskaia
Size: about 1,900 lists
Fondy: 484, 604, 417,423. Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Kalininskoi Oblasti, currently,

          Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Tverskoi Oblasti; 109, 730, 586. TsGAOR i SS (Tsentral’nyi Gosudarstvennyi 

          Arkhiv Oktiabr’skoi Revoliutsii i Sotsialisticheskogo Stroitel’stva), currently
          GARF (Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Rossiiskoi Federatsii during 1941-1961)


2. Demographic data from Riazan oblast:
Call number: HB2488.2.R53 H375 1800a
Number of reels: 12
Period: late 18th and 19th centuries
Document types: Registers of vital statistics (metricheskie knigi) compiled by the parish
          priests of the Voznesensk Church of Mishino (Voznesenskaia tserkv', selo

          Mishino). For more detail click here.
Goegraphical locations covered: Mikhailovskii okrug, Mikhailovskii uezd, selo Mishino,
          Riazanskia guberniia.
Size: about 10,000 lists (each reel about 800 lists)
Fondy: 129, 246, 627. The archive name remains unknown at the moment.


3. Historical demography of Tver oblast:

Call number: HB2488.2.T8 H57 1816a
Number of reels: 1
Period: 1816, 1834, 1850, 1856
Document types: all revizskie (also spelled "revizhskie") skazki of various villages

          of the Zubtsovskii uezd. For more detail click here.
Geographical location covered: Zubtsovkii uezd, Tverskaia guberniia
Size: about 200 lists
Fondy: 123. Gosudarstvennaia Ordena Lenina Biblioteka SSSR imeni V. I. Lenina,

           currently Rossiiskaia Gosudarstvennaia Biblioteka in Moscow


4. Historical demography of Russia archive from the the Central State Archive of Old

Call number: HB2488.2.A3 H377 1800a
Number of reels: 3
Period: 1812-1850
Document types: "Podvornaia vedomost'" (household by household information) of various

          villages of Tverskaia guberniia; inventories (opisi) of village
          peasants and their properties (imushchestva); reports by the village administration 

          to the estate owner (i.e., prince Nikolai Sergeevich); monthly expenditure and revenue of 
          Mishino (only for scattered months); some "revizskaia (also spelled

          "revizhskaia") skazka (population census records). For more detail click here.
Geographical names covered: Mishino (also spelled "Mysheno" or "Misheno"), Slobodka,

          Krasnova, Pokrovska.
Size: about 1000 lists
Fondy: 1262. TsGADA (Tsentral'nyi Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Drevnikh Aktov), currently

          RGADA (Rossiiskii Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Drevnikh Aktov)


5. Agrarian reform and counterreform documents from the Central State Historical Archive

of the USSR:
Call number: HB2488.2.A3 H378 1800a
Number of reels: 3
Period: 1860s-1880s
Document types: reports of various Divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or   

          Ministry of Finance; reports and journals of special government commissions,     

          mostly relating to agrarian reform; correspondence between government officials. 

          For more detail click here.
Geographical names covered: Viatskaia guberniia, Tverskaia guberniia, Kievskaia       

          guberniia, Volynskaia guberniia, Vologodskaia guberniia, Moskovskaia guberniia
Size: about 2,000 lists
Fondy: 1162, 1181, 1282, 1291, 1317. TsGIA (Tsentral'nyi Gosudarstvennyi
          Istoricheskii Arkhiv), currently RGIA (Rossiiskii Gosudarstvennyi Istoricheskii  



6. Historical demography of Russia archive : [registers from the Manuscripts Division
of the Lenin State Library of the USSR]
Call number: HB2488.2.A3 H376 1800a
Number of reels: 1
Period: around 1800
Document types: podvornaia opis' (household by household register). For more detail

          click here.
Geographical names: unidentifiable
Size: about 250 lists
Fondy: 64. Gosudarstvennaia Biblioteka SSSR imeni V. I. Lenina, currently Rossiiskaia 

          Gosudarstvennaia Biblioteka


7. Historical demography of Riazan oblast
Call number: HB2488.2.R53 H378 1800a 
Number of reels: 1
Period: mostly late 18th century, but also some mid-19th century
Document types: metricheskaia kniga, or revizskaia skazka. For more detail click here.
Geographical names: Riazanskaia oblast' (?)
Size: about 160 lists
Fondy: 129, 627. Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Riazanskoi Oblasti


8. The Alaska Russian Church archives : vital statistics
Call number: HB2405.A4 A44 1962
Number of reels: 11
Period: mid-19th century to early 20th century
Document types: metricheskaia kniga. For more detail click here.
Geographical names: Kod'iak, St. Paul Island, Nushagak, Nuchek, St. George Island,    

Size: about 11,000 lists
Fondy: The Library of Congress


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