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Online English language serials

Most of the databases listed under the following journals are also accessible through the Wells Library website with your IU user id. Go to “Resource Gateway” and select “Find Online Full-Text Journals.”

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Acta Ethnographica Hungarica (Budapest, Hungary)
[Publisher's website (accessible through IUCAT): 2000-present; 2004, 2006 full text; other years abstracts only]

Anthropology and Archeology of Eurasia (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

Arctic Anthropology (Madison, WI)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1993-present (12 month delay)]

Aspasia: international yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European women's and gender history (New York, NY)

[IngentaConnect: 2007-present]

Belarus: magazine for you (Minsk, Belarus)

[Publisher's website: 2005-present]

Baltic Journal of Economics (Riga, Latvia)
[Publisher's website: 2002-present]

Central Asian Survey (Oxford, England)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1999-one year ago, IngentaConnect: 1999-one year ago]

Central European History (Boston, MA)
[Cambridge Journals Online: 1997-present]

Communist and Post Communist Studies (Oxford & New York)
[Science Direct Journals: 1993-present

Connections: The Quarterly Journal (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany)
[Publisher's website: 2002-present]

Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press (Minneapolis, MN)
[Universal Database (UDB): 2001-present]

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Demokratizatsiya (Washington, D.C.)

[ProQuest: 2000-present]


Dialogism (Sheffield, United Kingdom)
[Academic Search Premier: 1998-2002]

Dostoevsky studies: journal of the International Dostoevsky Society (Klagenfurt, Austria)
[Publisher's website: 2008-present]


East Central Europe (Leiden, the Netherlands)

[IngentaConnect: 1975-present]

East European Politics and Societies (Thousand Oaks, CA)
[Politics and International Relations (SAGE): 1986-present]

East European Quarterly (Boulder, University of Colorado)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1996-present, Periodicals Archive Online: 1967-1995]

Eastern European Economics (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1964-six months ago, JSTOR: 1962-2002]

Ethnologia Balkanica (Sofia, Bulgaria)
[CEEOL: 1997-2005]

Emerging Markets, Finance and Trade (Armonk, NY)
[ABI/INFORM Global: 1990-present, Business Source Premier: 1965-present]

Eurasian Geography and Economics (Palm Beach, FL)
[Publisher's website: 2002-present]

European Union Politics (London, England and Thousand Oaks, CA)
[Politics and International Relations (SAGE): 2000-present]

Europe-Asia Studies (London, England)

[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1993-present, JSTOR: 1993-2003, IngentaConnect: 1999-one year ago]

Euxeinos: Governance and Culture in the Black Sea Region (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

[Open-access online, 2011-present]

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Far Eastern Affairs (Moskva, Russia)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2002-present, UDB-Social Sciences and Humanities: 2000-present]

Glossos (Durham, NC)
[Publisher's website, 2001-present]

Holocaust and Genocide Studies (Oxford, England)
[Periodicals Archive Online: 1986-1995, Publisher's website (accessible through IUCAT): 1986-present, ProjectMuse: 2003-present]

International Journal of Baltic Law (Jacksonville, Florida)
[Publisher's website (accessible through IUCAT): 2002-2007, CEEOL: 2002-2005]

Iran and the Caucasus (Yerevan, Armenia and Tehran, Iran)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-one year ago]

ITAR-TASS (Moskva, Russia)
[UDB-Central newspapers: 1997-present]

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Journal of Baltic Studies (Brooklyn, NY)
[Informaworld: 1970-present]

Journal of Cold War Studies (Cambridge, MA)
[Publisher's website (accessible through IUCAT): 1999-present, ProjectMuse: 1999-present, Academic Search (EBSCO): 1999-present]

Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics (London, England)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2000-present]

Journal of Eurasian Studies (Oxford, UK)

[Science Direct: 2010-present]

Journal of European Integration (Montreal, Quebec)
[IngentaConnect: 2002-present, Academic Search (EBSCO): 2002-present]

Journal of Russian and East European Psychology (Boston, MA)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

Journal of Slavic Military Studies, The (London, England)
[MetaPress: 2004-present]

Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans (London, England)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1999-present, IngentaConnect: 2000-present, Publisher's website (accessible through IUCAT): 2000-present]

Kritika (Bloomington, IN)
[ProjectMuse: 2002-present]

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Moscow News (Moskva, Russia)
[UDB-Central newspapers: 1998-present]

Moscow Times, The (Boston, MA)
[UDB-Central newspapers: 1997-present]

Nabokov Studies
[Project Muse Premium: 2004-present]


Nashe nasledie (Moskva, Russia)

[Open Access: 1988-present]


National Security and the Future (Zagreb, Croatia)

[Open Access: 2003-present]

Nationalities Papers (London, England)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1999-present, IngentaConnect: 1999-present]

New Presence: The Prague Journal of Central European Affairs (Praha, Czech Republic)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present, CEEOL: 2003-present]

New Times (Moskva, Russia)
[UDB-Central newspapers: 1997-present]

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Perspectives: Review of Central European Affairs (Praha, Czech Republic)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present, CEEOL: 2003-present]

Polish Journal of Environmental Studies (Olsztyn, Poland)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

Post-Communist Economies (Abingdon, England)
[ABI/Inform Global Suite: 1998-present, IngentaConnect: 1999-present, Business Source Premier: 1999-present]

Post-Soviet Affairs (Silver Spring, MD)
[IngentaConnect: 2003-present]

Problems of Economic Transition (Armonk, NY)
[Business Source Premier: 1965-present]

Problems of Post-Communism (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1994-present]

Pushkin Review (Bloomington, IN)
[Literature Resource Center: 2004]

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Religion in Eastern Europe (Princeton, NJ)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2003-present]

Religion, State and Society (Abingdon, England)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1999- present, IngentaConnect: 1999-one year ago]


Report on the Foreign Policy of the Czech Republic (Prague, Czech Republic)

[Freely Accessible Social Science Journals: 1998-present](also available in Czech)

Review of Central and East European Law (Boston, MA)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2002-present]

Revolutionary Russia (London, England)
[Informaworld: 2004-present]

Romani Studies (Cheverly, MD)

[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2000-present, Project Muse 2009-present]


Romanian Journal of Political Science (Bucuresti, Romania)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2003-present, CEEOL: 2002-present, Columbia International Affairs Online: 2002-2006 and January 2008]


Romanian Journal of Population Studies (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)


Russia in Global Affairs (Moskva, Russia)
[Publisher's website (accessible through IUCAT): 2002-present, UDB-Social Sciences and Humanities: 2003-present] (as of 6/25/2009 publisher's website is not active)

Russian Analytica (Moskva, Russia)
[UDB-Social Sciences and Humanities: 2005-present]

Russian Education and Society (Boston, MA)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present, Education Full Text: 1992-2006]


Russian History (Pittsburg, PA)

[IngentaConnect: 1974-present]


Russian Language Journal (Washington, DC)

[Freely Accessible Journals: 2001-present]

Russian Life (Washington, DC)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1996-present, Ethnic NewsWatch: 1995-present]

Russian Linguistics (Dordrecht, Netherlands and Boston, MA)
[Springer Contemporary: 1974-present)


Russian Literature (Oxford, U.K.)

[ScienceDirect: 1971-present]

Russian Politics and Law (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

Russian Review (New York, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1990-present, JSTOR: 1941-2001, Blackwell Synergy: 1998-present]

Russian Social Science Review (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1992-present, ABI/INFORM Global Suite: 1994-2001]

Russian Studies in History (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

Russian Studies in Literature (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

Russian Studies in Philosophy (Boston, MA)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2001-present]

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Sarmatian Review, The (Houston, TX)
[CEEOL: 1998-present]

Scando-Slavica (Copenhagen, Denmark)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2002-one year ago]

Science in Russia (Moskva, Russia)
[UDB-Social Sciences and Humanities: 2000-present]

Sign Systems Studies (Tartu, Estonia)
[Academic Search EBSCO: 2001-present]

Slavic and East European Journal (Tucson, AZ)
[JSTOR: 1957-2005]

Slavic Review (Seattle, WA)
[JSTOR: 1961-2007, JSTOR (continues American Slavic and East European Review): 1945-1961]

Slavonic and East European Review (Menasha, WI)
[IngentaConnect: 2001-present, JSTOR: 1928-2004, Periodicals Archive Online: 1922-1995]

Slavonica (Staffordshire, Scotland)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1996-nine months ago, IngentaConnect: 2005-present]

Slovo (Moscow, Russia)
[UDB - Russian Central Newspapers: 1999-present ]

Slovo (London, England)
[ Academic Search (EBSCO): 2003-ten months ago]

Social Sciences (Moskva, Russia)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2002-present, UDB-Social Sciences and Humanities: 1998-present]

South-east Europe Review for Labour and Social Affairs (Düsseldorf, Germany)
[CEEOL: 1998-present]


Southeastern Europe (Leiden, the Netherlands)

[IngentaConnect: 1974-present]


Soviet and Post-Soviet Review (Leiden, the Netherlands)

[IngentaConnect: 1974-present]

Statutes and Decisions: the Laws of the USSR and its Successor States (Armonk, NY)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 2000-present]

Studies in East European Thought (Dordrecht, Netherlands)
[Academic Search (EBSCO): 1997-one year ago, SpringerLink: 1994-present ]

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