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  • Librarian for Slavic and East European Studies: Wookjin Cheun
  • Location: Herman B Wells Library E560
  • Phone: (812) 855-9413
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Guide for SWSEEL students

Library guide | Research/Study guide | Useful resources

Library guide

IUB libraries homepage

Slavic and East European Collection homepage

IUB Reference Department homepage

Map of IUB libraries


Libraries at IUB

16 libraries in total including:
Wells Library (the central library on IUB campus)

Lilly Library (rare books and manuscripts)
Law Library
Fine Arts Library
Music Library
Education Library

Business/SPEA Information Commons

ALF (Auxiliary Library Facility)
(for a complete list visit:

Finding materials at IUB
IUCAT: materials owned by the Indiana Universtiy Libraries

WorldCat: beyond IUL materials, particularly monographs

LexisNexis Academic: Newspaper articles

Academic Search Prermier: Journal articles

Dissertations and Theses: North American PhD dissertations and MA theses

Online full-text journals and newspapers

Book Review Index Online: book reviews published after 1965

Book Review Digest Retrospective: book reviews published between 1905 and 1982. For more details consult "Finding book reviews"

Important library services
Interlibrary Loan (ILL): delivers materials not owned by IUB
Electronic delivery of journal articles: delivers articles that are not available online (after logging on select "Request Article Delivery)
Electronic delivery of book chapters: delivers book chapters that are not available online (after logging in select "Request a Photocopy")
Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF): delivers books and journals from ALF within 24 hrs
(click on "Request this item" button provided by the item)
Placing a recall: recalls books for you within ca. 10 days that have been checked out by other users
Rush cataloging: processes brand new publications fast for borrowing (ca. 10 days)
Renew: renews electronically borrowed materials

Loan period & library hours:

Faculty: 1 year

Graduate students: 4 months
Undergraduate students: 1 month

Library hours

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Research/Study guide

Language learning materials 

Online resources: A primer 

Significant titles and at collections at IUB 

Subject bibliographies 

Selected English-language reference publications



Useful resources

ACTR (American council of teachers of Russian)

SEELANGS (Slavic and East European languages and literature list)

AATSEEL (American association of teachers of Slavic and East European languages)

Intensive language programs

Portals (REESWeb | Duke University's Webliographies | Slavic Research Center of Hokkaido UniversityREENIC of University of      Texas

Language fonts & keyboard drivers

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Last updated: June 2012

last updated: 6/26/2012