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  • Librarian for Slavic and East European Studies: Wookjin Cheun
  • Location: Herman B Wells Library E560
  • Phone: (812) 855-9413
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1956: born as Grigorii Shalvovich Chkhartishvili (future Akunin) to the family of a military officer in Zestafoni, an industrial city of the former Socialist Republic of Georgia


1958: moved to Moscow due to his father’s new assignment (his mother was a school teacher)


1973: graduated from high school No.36, one of Moscow’s foreign language schools, where the language of instruction was English


1979: graduated from the Institute of the Countries of Asia and Africa of the Moscow State University (Institut stran Azii i Afriki pri MGU)


1979-1986: worked at the publisher “Russkii iazyk,” which specialized in publishing Russian language learning materials for foreigners. Renamed “Russkii iazyk. Kursy” since 1993


1986-2000: worked at the prestigious monthly Inostrannaia literatura and was promoted to assistant editor-in-chief in 1996


1990: received an award of the journal Literaturnoe obozrenie for his literary criticism


1996: received an award from Znamia, one of the oldest literary journals of the Soviet Union, for his essay “Obraz iapontsa v russkoi literature”  


1998: first novel Azazel’ published by Zakharov under the name “B. Akunin,” which started the first series “Novyi detektiv” (1998-2009). Also appointed chairperson of the board of “Pushkinskaia biblioteka,” a national project of library collection development sponsored by the Open Society


1999: non-fiction Pisatel’ i samoubiistvo published by “Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie”


2000: won the Anti-Booker (“Brat’ia Karamazov) Prize; named by the Moscow International Book Fair (Moskovskaia mezhdunarodnaia knizhnaia vystavka-iarmarka) “writer of 2000”; Altyn-tolobas          published by OLMA-Press marking the end of the Fandorin series, and the beginning of the “Provincial detective series,” also called “Pelagiia series,” with Pelagiia i belyi bul’dog.


2002: won "TEFI" Award (Russian TV Academy) for his scenario "Azazel'"


2000-2003: three titles under the new series “Provintsial’nyi detektiv” published


2000-2006: four titles under another series “Prikliucheniia magistra” published


2009: awarded the Order of the “Rising Sun” of Japan


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last updated: 6/22/2010