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    • Librarian: Wookjin Cheun
    • Location: Herman B Wells Library E560
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Libraries & Subjects
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Jewish and Israeli Film

Jewish and Israeli Film:

  • Jerusalem Cinematheque
    Israel Film Archive is a local, national and international resource dedicated to promoting the art of cinema and the preservation and study of film.

  • National Center for Jewish Film
    The National Center for Jewish Film (NCJF) is a unique nonprofit motion picture archive, distributor and resource center housing the largest, most comprehensive collection of Jewish-themed film and video in the world.

  • Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
    The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive was founded in the late 1960s by Professor Moshe Davis and other historians of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Archive engages in many types of activities. Among these are lectures, film research, preservation of films in danger of decay, distribution, and digitization and accessibility. The Archive serves a wide audience: film producers and directors, researchers, educational purposes - students, lecturers at the university, schools, cultural centers, old age homes, and the general public interested in Zionism.


Main film makers:

  • American:
    - Allen, Woody
    - Altman, Robert
    - Ardolino, Emile
    - Beresford, Bruce
    - Brooks, Mel
    - Chaplin, Charlie
    - Schroeder, Barbet
    - DeMille, Cecil B.
    - Dmytryk, Edward
    - Fosse, Bob
    - Holland, Agnieszka
    - Jewison, Norman
    - Kazan, Elia
    - Lanzmann, Claude
    - LeRoy, Marvin
    - Levinson, Barry
    - Lumet, Sydney
    - Malle, Louis
    - Mamet, David
    - Mann, Daniel
    - Mazursky, Paul
    - Pollack, Sydney
    - Preminger, Otto
    - Schlesinger, John
    - Silver Micklin, Joan
    - Spielberg, Steven
    - Stevens, George
    - Streisand, Barbra
    - Wilder, Billy
    - Wyler, William
    - Zinneman, Fred


Main Subjects:

last updated: 6/21/2010