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Print Resources on Theatre Production

Print Resources on Theatre Production

The following is a brief listing of books on Theatre Production and other technical aspects of theatre.  This is not a comprehensive selection; use IUCAT to find more materials.

Subject Headings:

Set Designers
Scene painting
Stage fright
Stage lighting
Stage machinery
Stage management
Stage photography
Stage props--Design and construction
Theater--Production and direction
Theaters--Stage-setting and scenery
Theatrical makeup

Selected Titles (Listed by Author):
  • Aronson, A. (1985). American Set Design. New York: Theatre Communications Group.
    The careers of eleven leading American theater designers are presented. Illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Includes designers chronologies.
    MAIN: PN2096.A1 A76 1985
  • Bellman, W. F. (1983). Scene Design, Stage Lighting, Sound, Costumes & Makeup: a Scenographic Approach. New York: Harper & Row.
    MAIN: PN2085 .B43
  • Carnaby, A.J. (1997). A Guidebook for Creating Three-dimensional theatre art.  Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. 
    MAIN: PN2091.S8 C29 1997
  • Carter, P. (1988). Backstage Handbook: an Illustrated Almanac of Technical Information. New York: Broadway Press.
    A book of facts and figures from all aspects of technical theater, including tools, hardware, materials, electrics and architecture. Includes a conversion table, bibliography, and index.
    MAIN: PN2091 .S8 C32 1988b
  • Carter, P. (1990). Backstage Forms. New York: Broadway Press.
    An extensive collection of forms, form work schedules and cue sheets to costume fitting and performance logs, essential tools for a smooth-running production. Forms are full-page and easy to copy
    MAIN: PN2086 .C37 1990
  • Dilker, B. (1982). Stage Management Forms & Formats. New York: Drama Book Publishers.
    More forms for recording and organizing theatrical productions, with explanations on why and how to use each type of form.
    MAIN: PN2086 .D5 1982
  • Gillette, J.M. (2000). Theatrical Design and Production: An Introduction to Scene Design and Construction, Lighting, Sound, Costume, and Makeup.  Mountain View, CA: Mayfield Pub.
  • Grovier, J. (1996). Create Your Own Stage Costumes. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
    MAIN: TT507 .G68 1996
  • Hollaway, J. (2002). Illustrated theatre production guide. Amsterdam ; New York: Focal Press.
    MAIN: PN2085 .H64 2002
  • Howard, J. T. (1982). Bibliography of Theatre Technology. New York: Greenwood.
    Intended for "researchers in theatre history and theatre technology," because it lists many books that would be of interest primarily to the theatre historian. Still, this book might be useful to the practicioner, for it also lists articles and books on lighting, sound, props, and scenery.
    MAIN: Z5784.S8 H68
  • Howard, P. (2002). What is scenography? London ; New York: Routledge.
    MAIN: PN2091.S8 H69 2001
  • Lord, W. H. (1978). Stagecraft 1: Your Introduction to Backstage Work. Indianapolis: Lord.
    A book on the basics of the arts and crafts of theatre, covering all aspects of backstage production work.
    MAIN: PN2091.S8 L6
  • Lounsbury, W. (1999). Theater Backstage from A to Z (4th ed., rev. and expanded ed.). Seattle: University of Washington Press.
    An encyclopedia of theater technology.
    MAIN: PN2035 .M3 L68 1999
  • Parker, W. O. (1996). Scene Design and Stage Lighting (7th ed.). Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt Brace College Publishers.
    A textbook covering all aspects of scenography from design and drafting through construction, set dressing, lighting and sound. Includes glossary, bibliography and index.
    MAIN: PN2091.S8 P3 1996
  • Reid, F. (2001). The stage lighting handbook. New York: Routledge.
    PN2091.E4 R4 2001
  • Sammler, B. J., & Harvey, D. (Eds.). (2002). Technical design solutions for theatre : the technical brief collection. Boston: Focal Press.
    PN2091.M3 T43 2002
  • Stoddard, R. (1978). Theatre and Cinema Architecture: A Guide to Information. Detroit: Gale.
    FINE ARTS: Z5784.S8 S82
  • Wells, J. C. (1982). In a Manner of Speaking [sound recording]. London: BBC.
    MAIN: PE1711 .W43 1982
last updated: 6/9/2010