Microfilm Guides

Playbills from the Harvard Theatre Collection (PN2594 .H378 1982)

The Diaries of Joseph Holloway, 1895-1944 from the National Library of Ireland

(Manuscripts of the Irish Literary Renaissance) (PN2601 .H644 1985)

Claude A. Barnett Papers (PN4841 .A73 A7 1984)

Edward R. Murrow Papers (PN4874 .M89 A2 1982)

European Women's Periodicals (PN5110 .E975)

Women Advising Women (PN5124 .W6 W65 1992)

Renaissance Commonplace Books from the British Library, London (PN6245 .R453 2002)

Fin-de-Siecle Symbolists and Avante-Garde Periodicals (PQ3810 .R48)

Spanish Drama of the Golden Age (PQ6217 .S6)

Spanish Plays Collection (PQ6226 .S673 1830a)

Gothic Fiction (PR468 .G68 G685 2002)

English Poetry 1750 - 1855 (PR678 .C4 L375 1995)

A Women's View of Drama, 1790 - 1830:  The Diaries of Anna Margaretta Largent in the Huntington Library (PR678 .C4 L375 1995)

British Literary Manuscripts from Cambridge University Library

Series 1: The Medieval Age, c. 1150-1500 (PR1120 .B75 1981)

Series 2: The English Renaissance, c. 1500-1700 (PR1121 .B758 1988)

Popular Literature in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Britain (PR1134 .P668 1985)

Part 1: The Robert White Collection of Chapbooks from the University Library, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Pat 2: The Sabine Baring-Gould and Thomas Crampton Collections from the British Library, London

Madden Ballads from the Cambridge University Library (PR1181 .C263)

Nineteenth-Century Literary Manuscripts (PR1301 .N56 1997)

The Poetic Commonplace Books and Manuscripts of Thomas Gray (PR3500 .A2 1991)

Women, Morality and Advice Literature - Hanna More, 1745 - 1833 (PR3604 .M6 Z47 2004)

Bronte Manuscripts (PR4168 .B755 1990)

Coleridge and Literary Society, 1790-1834 (PR4486 .C64 2001)

‘Michael Field’ and Fin-de-Siécle Culture and Society (PR4699 .F5 Z465 2003)

Gaskell and the Brontes (PR4710 .A1 2003)

Women, Emancipation and Literature: The Papers of Harriet Martineau
(PR4984.5 .M5 Z477 1991)

Sensation Fiction (PR4989 .M4 2003)

William Morris Literary Manuscripts (PR5085 .M677 1985)

Norton: The Collected Writings of Caroline Norton (1808-1877) (PR5112 .N5 A6 1999)

Oliphant: The Collected Writings of Margaret Oliphant (1828-1897), Parts 1-4 (PR5113 .A1 1995)

Ruskin and Victorian Intellectual Life (PR5263 .R883 2004)
Part 1: Diaries, 1835-1888
Part 2: Correspondence with Joan Severn, 1864-1899

The J.M. Synge Manuscripts from the Library of Trinity College, Dublin (PR5533 .A2 1987)

(Manuscripts of the Irish Literary Renaissance)

The Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson Manuscripts, Letters and Diaries
(PR6037. A17 Z494 1988)
(PR6037 .A35 1988)

The Virginia Woolf Manuscripts (PR6045 .O7 A6 1985/1993) 

Colonial Discourses, Series Three: Colonial Fiction, 1650-1914

Part 1: General Works and Fiction from India from the British Library (PR9497.3 C64 2002)

American Fiction: 1774-1910 (PS643 .A4)

Dime Novels (PS648 .D6 D5)

The Papers of Countee Cullen, 1921-1969 (PS3505 .U4 Z459 1975)

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