Guide to Literature of Australia and New Zeal

For general research on Anglophone Poetry from the Nineteenth-century, use the following databases:

MLA International Bibliography

AustLIT: The Resource for Australian Literature

African-American Poetry

English Poetry Database

Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period

Women Writers Online

Historical Abstracts

Nineteenth Century Masterfile

(Note that the library subscribes to these databases and will be a much better place to start than by using a general internet search engine).

For Web sites, try these to get started.  They may provide added information to help you in your searches:

Ozlit--Australian literature web pages.

Association for Scottish Literary Studies

The Victorian Web--Mainly English literature, but a very useful site.

Postcolonial Web--Mainly comtemporary, but also very useful resource.

Literary Resources -- Other National Literatures--Part of a larger web site out of Rutgers University, this page is a standard web site for literary research.

New Zealand Print History

Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History

New Zealand Electronic Text Centre


last updated: 5/14/2010