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Cultural Studies Bibliography

Introduction to Cultural Studies: A Bibliography.

The evolution of the field of cultural studies in recent years has demanded that definitions for the subject be examined more carefully, with particular attention to scope.  This bibliography acts as a tool to direct those looking for an introductory theoretical foundation within the field.  While the application of particular theories on race, class and gender are an integral part of cultural studies overall, we do not attempt with this list to focus on specific theoretical works, but rather provide general texts that will direct the reader to further, more in-depth reading.  The bibliography also includes works that locate or situate the place of cultural studies in modern literary and social criticism, and texts that help to renegotiate the importance of cultural studies in contemporary theory.

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Compiled by:
Sara Franks, Indiana University
Angela Courtney, Indiana University
Rob Melton, University of California, San Diego


last updated: 5/14/2010