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  • The titles listed below are part of the film studies collection on Microfilm.
  • All Microfilm can be found on the 2nd floor.
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American Film Institute Seminars. Glen Rock, N.Y.: Microfilming Corp. of America, 1977.

MFMFLM -- PN1993.5.U6 A873

This series consists of Seminars on dozens of individuals, a list of which can be found by searching by call number at IUCat.

A group of various seminars offered by the American Film Institute on the work of various actors, directors and individuals involved in the world of film.


The Billboard. Cincinnati, Ohio: Billboard Advertising Co., 1894.

MFMFLM -- PN2000 .B49

Holdings: 1928-1932

While Billboard is now known as a publication which keeps music and video retailers, radio programmers, and music fans up to date on what the public is buying, in the past it was known for it’s coverage of a wider variety of materials, including the world of cinema and the entertainment industry at large.


Bioscope. London: Bioscope Publishing Co., 1908-1932

MFMFLM -- PN1993 .B58

Holdings: 1908-1932


Cinema. Los Angeles, 1935.

MFMFLM – AN62 .L27 L67 

Holdings: 1935


Cinema Nuovo. Italy: Bari, Edizione Dedalo, 1972.

MFMFLM – PN196   

Holdings: 1972

Italian film journal.


Cinema Pressbooks from the Original Studio Collections
MFMFLM -- PN1995 .9 .P79 C55 2001
Holdings: 1919-1949


Cinematographe. Paris: Jose Corti Library, 1937.

MFMFICHE – PN1993 .R488

Holdings: 1937

French film journal.


Exhibitors Herald. Chicago: Exhibitors Herald Co. 1915-1918; 1919-1927.

MFMFLM -- 211

Holdings: 1915-1918/1919-1927


Also known as:

Exhibitors Film Exchange, 1915

Exhibitors Herald and Motography, 1918-1919

Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World, 1928

Exhibitors Herald World, 1929-1930


Film Comment. New York: Lorien Productions, 1962-1972.


Holdings: 1962-1972

“Offers film criticism and history and elegant, personal writing about film as an art, as a medium, and as an element of modern life.”


Film Culture. New York: Film Culture, 1972-1973.


Holdings: 1972-1973

“Focuses on independent, foreign language, classic, and art films.”


Film Heritage. Dayton, Ohio: College of Liberal Arts, Wright State University, 1971-1974.


Holdings: 1971-1974


Films. New York: Kamin, 1940.


Holdings: 1940


Focus on Film. London: Tantivy Press, 1970-1976.


Holdings: 1970-1976

British film journal which ran from 1970-1981. Printed quarterly.


Hollywood Reporter. Hollywood, Calif.: Wilkerson Daily Corp., 1935-1941.


Holdings: 1934-1941

“Covers entertainment industry including film, television, cable, music, interactive, and home video. Delivers breaking news and solid in-depth stories plus box office grosses, TV ratings, video and music charts, and film and TV production charts.”


Iskusstvo Kino. Moscow, 1977.

MFMFLM – PN1993 .I82

Holdings: 1977, no. 7; 1977, no. 11

Soviet film journal.


The George P. Johnson Negro Film Collection.
Los Angeles: UCLA Library, 1974.



Jump Cut. Berkeley, Calif.: Jump Cut Associates, 1974-.

MFMFLM – PN1993 .J9

Holdings: 1974-1976, 1982, 1995


Kosmorama. Copenhagen: Danish Film Museum, 1954-1978.

MFMFLM – PN1993 .K6

Holdings: 1954-1978

Danish film journal.


“Little Magazines” Series. London: World Microfilms Publications, 1889-1972.


Holdings: 1889-1972


Motion picture catalogs by American producers and distributors, 1894-1908. Frederick, MD.: University Publications of America, 1984.

MFMFLM – PN1993.5.U6 M66 1984 Reel 1-6


The Magazine of the Oxford University Film Society. Oxford, England: Oxford University, 1946.


Holdings: 1946

British film magazine.


Millenium Film Journal. New York: Millenium Film Workshop, 1977.

MFMFLM – PN1993 .M56

Holdings: 1977/1978-1983/1984


Motion Picture. Greenwich, Conn.: Fawcett, 1954.

MFMFLM – PN1993 .M783

Holdings: 1972-1973


Motion Picture Herald. New York: Quigley Pub. Co., 1931-1972.


Holdings: 1931-1954


Monthly Film Bulletin. London: British Film Institute, 1934-.

MFMFLM – PN1993 .M78

Holdings: 1934-1978


The Moving Picture World. New York: Chalmers Pub. Co., 1907-


Holdings: 1907-1927

Merged into Exhibitors Herald, which continued as Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World (later Exhibitors Herald World). A continuation of Moving Picture World.


Sequence. Oxford, England: Oxford University Film Society, 1947-.

MFMFICHE – 1993 .M3

Holdings: 1947-1952


Sight and Sound. London: British Film Institute, 1932-1975.


Holdings: 1932-1975

“Contains authoritative and entertaining articles on contemporary and classic cinema from Hong Kong to Hollywood. Reviews every feature film given major distribution and lists the full credits for each one.”


The Silent Picture. New York: First Media Press, 1969-1973.


Holdings: 1968-1973


Take One. Montreal: Unicorn Pub., 1970-1974.


Holdings: 1970-1974

Canadian film journal.


Variety. New York: Variety Pub. Co., 1905-1939.


Holdings: 1905-1939

“Covers all of the entertainment business: film, TV, cable, home video, legitimate theater, music and personal appearance.”


The Velvet Light Trap. Madison, Wis.: Arizona Jim Co-op, 1971-.


Holdings: 1971-1975

“Features critical essays exploring alternative methodological approaches to the analysis of American film and television. Studies debate about critical theoretical and historical issues.”


Warner Brothers Screenplay Series.
Woodbridge, CT.: Research Publications, 1988.

MFMFLM – PN1997.A1 W58 1988

Screenplays from a wide variety of films that were published by Warner Brothers.

The Will Hays Papers. Frederick, MD: University Publications of America, 1988.
MFMFLM -- PN1995 .62 .H29
Collection of personal and business papers belonging to Will Hays, head of the Motion Picture Producers & Distributors of America (MPPDA): 1922-1945.

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