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Guide to Web Resources in Film Studies

Indexes and Research Links 

Film Scouts – Includes movie clips, interviews, film reviews, film festival reviews and much more. Primarily a source for some recent releases and information about the cast and crew for the respective films.


Cinema Sites – As its’ name suggests, it is a listing of various cinema websites, broken down by various categories. Whether it’s scripts, film news or someone selling videos, Cinema Sites most likely has a link to it.


The Time Machine: TVLINK - A film and television index of enormous size. Hundreds of links for all sorts of TV and film related interests.


American Communication Association Center for Communication Studies - Contains a list of links broken down into four categories: Film Scholarship (journals, scholarly organizations, etc.), General Film Studies, Film Business and Screenwriting.


Yahoo: movies and films - Breaks down film into various categories for browsing, including: Titles, Actors and Actresses, Box Office Reports, Filmmaking, Genres, Theaters, Reviews, By Region, and many more.


American Film Institute - Site for the premier Institution of Film in the United States, includes interviews, press releases, information on various films and more. In addition, it incorporates various Top 100 lists the AFI has created in the past few years.


Senses of Cinema: Links - Australian-based website with links page that lists a plethora of international journals and archives. Notes when new issue goes up or when a new link is added.


Electronic Journals in Film Studies 

Animation Journal - “Founded in 1991, Animation Journal is the only peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to animation history and theory. Its content reflects the diversity of animation's production techniques and national origins.”


The MacGuffin - A journal for Hitchcock Scholars with information on the director, each of his films, various articles, essays and more.


Canadian Journal of Film Studies Online - “The aim of the Film Studies Association of Canada has been to foster and advance scholarship in the history and art of film and related fields as well as to aid those teaching film and video production at Canadian colleges and universities.”


Hollywood Reporter - The “Hollywood” daily newspaper, it covers all the entertainment news and its’ online site does the same. Interviews, reviews, columns, etc., of the latest in film, television, music and more.


Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture - “Images publishes articles about movies, television, videos, and other popular visual arts. Images is a quarterly journal, but it adds new articles and reviews every week; so check back often.”


Kinema: A Journal for Film and Audiovisual Media - Online journal that comes out twice a year. Covers film all over the world with essays, interviews, reviews and film festival reviews.


Laser Scans - Site that sells DVDs, but more importantly, lists upcoming releases.


ScreenSite: Journals - Excellent list of European film journals and databases, feminist film and American film journals


Screening the Past - Australian web-journal of visual media and history. Includes articles, book reviews and much more.


Electronic Journals in Film Studies 

The Internet Movie Database - The mother of all movie databases, includes many obscure feature films and short films. Nine times out of ten, your answer can be found here.


All-Movie Guide - Run by the same people who operate the All-Music Guide, the All-Movie Guide is an extensive guide to films, directors, actors and much more.


Movie Database at TV Guide - Includes a wide variety of information about new releases in both the theater and on DVD. Q&A, movie reviews, coming soon section and much more.


CineFiles: World Cinema Archive - “CineFiles is a database of reviews, press kits, festival and showcase program notes, newspaper articles, and other documents from the Pacific Film Archive Library's collection.”


Hollywood Online - Information on movies, movie times, reviews, celebrities, upcoming releases and more.


Moviefinder from E! Online - Movie reviews based on a grade scale and movie news are included at this site.


Reviews of Films Made in Recent Decades 

Movie Review Query Engine - More than 42,000 films available for review at this search engine.


Ebert & Roeper - Two of the most famous critics currently out there leave a number of reviews on movies from the past five or so years. Includes sound and video clips.


Chicago Sun Times Online --Roger Ebert - “One of the oldest and certainly the liveliest film and movie review destination on the Web! Founded in 1995 as The Movie Emporium, hosts more than 5,000 movie reviews and feature stories contributed by some 20 critics located throughout the country.”


Rotten Tomatoes - Film and media sources and directories


Reel - an excellent source for hard-to-find films on VHS (some PAL), Laserdisc, or DVD


Facets Multimedia - The online catalog is an excellent source for world cinema and historically important American films on VHS (some PAL), DVD, and Laserdisc


Special Topics: Web-Streamed and Downloadable Videos or Short Films 

Film Scouts - Includes movie clips, interviews, film reviews, film festival reviews and much more. Primarily a source for some recent releases and information about the cast and crew for the respective films.



Director's Guild of America

Woody Allen

Mel Brooks

Sergio Leone

Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Caro

Spike Lee

Robert Altman

Akira Kurosawa

John Cassavetes

David Lynch

Satyajit Ray

Alfred Hitchcock

John Woo

Ridley Scott



Writers Guild of America

Charlie Kaufman

Melissa Mathison

Truman Capote

Billy Wilder

The Coen Brothers



Film History 

American Memory @ the Library of Congress - Motion Picture Collection 1894-present


The Film 100 - The 100 most influential people in the history of film


Film History Index: Journals


African-Americans and Film 

Black Film Center / Archive - At Indiana University, resources page


Yahoo: Movies and Film: African-American - Links for those interested in understanding the relationship between African-Americans and film.


Women and Film 

Women's Studies: Film Reviews - At the University of Maryland. Contains film reviews taken from a women’s studies’ perspective.


Women and Film in Europe - “The objective of the Working Group is to research the history of women and film in Europe and to make this findings available to others.”


Women in the Director's Chair - “Women in the Director's Chair (WIDC) is a Chicago-based, international media arts /activist organization which exhibits, promotes, and educates about media made by women, girls and transgendered people that express a diversity of cultures, experiences, and issues.”


New York Women in Film and Television - “NYWIFT was founded in 1977 by a handful of women who felt New York needed a networking and education forum for women in the entertainment industry. It is the preeminent entertainment industry association for women in New York City.” Film festivals, awards, and "best of" lists


Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – Here you can view the Oscar winners, both past and present


National Film Preservation Board - maintains the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress


25 best films selected annually for inclusion in the National Film Registry


American Film Institute


AFI's 100 greatest movies


The BFI 100 - A selection of the favorite British films of the 20th Century from British Film International


IMDB's top 250 movies - as nominated by Internet Movie Database's "regular voters"


Film Festivals on the WWW - by Mark Litwak


The Great Movies - Selected by Roger Ebert


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last updated: 10/8/2012