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Guide to Sources for Purchasing DVDs & Videos

Recommended vendors for feature films on tape and disc

Facets Multimedia - the online catalog is an excellent source for world cinema and historically important American films on VHS (some PAL), DVD, and Laserdisc
The New York Film Annex - foreign, cult, avant-garde, and silent films
List of Distributors for Films at Film Forum in New York City

DVDs and Laserdiscs only - online website for the world�s largest retail DVD store
Criterion Collection � �The Criterion Collection, a continuing series of important classic and contemporary films, is dedicated to gathering the greatest films from around the world and publishing them in editions that offer the highest technical quality and award-winning, original supplements.�
Laser's Edge � �a leading independent dealer in high-end entertainment software in business since 1987 and online since 1992.�
The Cinema Laser � Lists of worldwide DVD retailers

Out-of-print, hard-to-find, and used material

DV&A (Distribution Video & Audio) � Video distribution company that specializes in selling to libraries.
5 Minutes to Live � �5 Minutes to Live operates as a conversion service for fans of hard-to-find movies. 5MTL does not sell factory release DVDs. All DVD-Rs are reproductions/conversions from public domain sources.�
Movies Unlimited � Movies Unlimited is the world's oldest, most reliable video mail-order company. Established in 1978, the Philadelphia-based company has sold millions of videotapes all over the world since its inception. In addition to operating an on-line interactive movie store, Movies Unlimited publishes a world renown catalog devoted exclusively to video movies.�
Ingram Entertainment
Amoeba � gigantic California record and movie store
Big Emma's
Hollywood North Entertainment Services
Starship Industries

Additional Resources

Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley:  Distributors List
Yahoo: Video Retailers
First Run/ Icarus Films � �A leading distributor of documentary film and video�875 titles, mostly independent productions, provide innovative and informative views of a rapidly changing world.�
PBS Television
California Newsreel � For over 35 years, California Newsreel has been �distributing cutting edge social interest documentaries to universities, high schools and public libraries. Newsreel is the oldest non-profit film and video production and distribution center in the country.
Vision Maker Video - specializing in Native American material
Cinema Guild � �The Cinema Guild is one of America's leading distributors of films and videos. For thirty years, The Cinema Guild has distributed both documentary and fiction films (narrative features and shorts), offering producers full service distribution in all markets, including educational, non-theatrical, theatrical, television, cable, satellite, and home video.�
African American Videos
A&E Television Network
Latin American Video Archives � �The Latin American Video Archives (LAVA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the distribution and dissemination of Latin American and Latino video to educational institutions in the United States and Canada. Created over fifteen years ago, LAVA's objective is to facilitate the flow of information from South to North by making available Latin American and Latino films that might not otherwise receive exposure in traditional venues.�
Right "Stuf" International - specializing in Japanese animation
National Asian American Telecommunications Association � �The NAATA Distribution Catalog of nearly 200 titles constitutes the world's largest collection of Asian Pacific American films and videos for educational distribution.�
Frameline � �Frameline�s mission is to support, develop, and promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer visibility through media arts. Through a variety of programs and activities, Frameline provides access to films and videos dealing with a wide variety of issues related to sexuality and gender.�
Filmmakers Library � �For the past thirty-five years we have have been developing a collection of award-winning documentary films and videos primarily for educational use. Throughout our site you will see the many subjects we cover, such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, women's studies and multicultural issues. Titles from our collection are available for rental or sale to universities, schools, museums, businesses and community groups.�
Women Make Movies

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last updated: 5/14/2010