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last updated: 6/7/2011

Sustainability Research Guide

By Nels Gunderson


Research Databases covering the field of environmental sustainability available from the Indiana University Libraries:


Environment & Energy Daily

Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management


The Green File


LexisNexis Academic


Leading periodicals and journals:

International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education


Electronic Green Journal

Environmental Education Research

Resources, Conservation & Recycling

Resource Recycling


Sustainability: Science, Practice & Policy




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Consultant, Organization, and Association Reports:

"Profiting Through Campus Sustainability: Financial Tools and Strategies." Environmental Health & Engineering (EH&E) Inc.


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- Campus Green Builder (website)

The Campus Green Builder (CGB) online portal to green building information for academic institutions provides a one-stop online resource on campus green building that is free and accessible to all higher education institutions. Though the information provided is relevant to all higher education institutions, the CGB is particularly geared towards under-resourced colleges and universities. It aims to level the playing field for all institutions of higher education to gain access to funding and technical resources for green building.


- National Wildlife Federation. Campus Ecology. (website)

Since its founding in 1989, Campus Ecology has become a leading conservation program in higher education. The program is helping to:

·         Transform the nation's college campuses into living models of an ecologically sustainable society.

·         Train a new generation of environmental leaders.

·         Ensure a strong future for America's environmental movement.

·         Support and promote positive and practical conservation projects on campus and beyond.


- The Indiana Sustainable Student.  Bloomington: Indiana University


-Sustainable Scholars. Bloomington: Indiana University Libraries


last updated: 6/7/2011