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March 27, 2009 Notes - Title VI Librarians

Title VI: March 27, 2009 Notes
Africana Librarians Council, Title VI Librarians Meeting Notes
Perkins Library, Duke University, Durham, NC

Present: Judy Alspach (CRL), Peter Malanchuk (University of Florida), Peter Limb (Michigan State University), Ruby Bell-Gam (UCLA), Patricia Ogedengbe (Northwestern University), Karen Fung (Stanford University), Charles Riley (Yale University), Shiferaw Assefa (Kansas University), David Westley (Boston University), Edward Miner (University of Iowa), Atoma Batoma (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Al Kagan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Emilie Ngo-Nguidjol (University of Wisconsin), Jason Shultz (UC Berkeley), Peter Lor (visitor; University of Wisconsin), Esmeralda Kale (Northwestern University), Regina Lee Roberts (Stanford University), David Easterbrook (Northwestern University), Araba Dawson-Andoh (Ohio University), Loumona Petroff (Boston University), Deborah LaFond (SUNY Albany), Marion Frank-Wilson (Indiana University, coordinator of Title Vi Librarians)

Title VI matters

  • Common Language

  • The group finalized the common language to be included in the up-coming round of Title VI proposals which was initially drafted at the previous fall meeting. The draft was adopted with only one minor change to read as follows:

    The Title VI librarians sponsor collaborative projects within the following areas: Collection Development; Access, including cataloging, bibliography and indexes, and document delivery; Preservation; Advocacy and capacity building for Africa. Along with other African NRCs, we are committed to cooperating in making difficult-to-obtain materials from Africa available to U.S. researchers. We collaborate with African libraries and archives in the preservation of material and the creation of digital resources; acquisition of African dissertations; and continue work on an electronic union list of African newspaper holdings in U.S. libraries.

    Annual amount requested: $2000

    Since the common language describes our projects and activities in general terms, Frank-Wilson, when forwarding the common language to the area directors, will include a more concrete and detailed description of our activities during the past year in her message.

    Project reports and proposals

  • Liberia

    On behalf of Verlon Stone who did not attend the meeting, Frank-Wilson reported on the status of the President Tubman microfilming project as well as other related projects.

  • Rescuing Liberian History – Preserving the Personal Papers of William V.S. Tubman, Liberia’s Longest Serving President: the microfilming has been completed, and copies of the microfilm set have been shipped to CRL and the four ALC institutions who ordered them. The formal presentation of the microfilm set to the Tubman family, the Center for National Documents and Records Agency, University of Liberia and Cuttington University is planned during the Liberian Studies Association meeting in Monrovia in May 2009. Final invoices for the microfilming services have been sent to CRL.
  • Rescuing Liberian History – Preserving the Photographs of William V.S. Tubman, Liberia’s Longest Serving President: the conservation work is done and digitizing is about 1/3 done. Invoices for some of the cost have been sent to CRL.
  • Shipment of the Romeo Horton and Father Kandakai papers: the shipment, originally planned for November 2008, was delayed and has not yet occurred. Verlon Stone is collaborating with the Center for National Documents and Records Agency to collect the papers and pack them and, hopefully, ship them and the Horton papers during his visit for the Liberian Studies Association.

  • New Alma project

  • The ALMA (African Language Materials Archive) project is launching a new website via MSU H-NetMatrix. John Hutchison, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at Boston University, approached Yuusuf Caruso to see if he could compile bibliographies on African languages for the new website. Caruso summarized the idea at the meeting and asked for volunteers from the Title VI Africana Librarians who would be interested in participating, under his coordination. A discussion ensued which focused on several points: how is this information different from what is already in WorldCat? Or, eventually, in Google Books? Wouldn’t it be more useful to digitize full text materials, such as, for example, pamphlets? Such full text materials would ideally include metadata so they could be easily retrieved via a searchbox.

    After some discussion, Caruso agreed to share our thoughts with Prof. Hutchison and report back to us.

  • CAMP proposal by Arquivo Historico Mocambique (AHM)

  • Due to a lack of time, this agenda item was deferred to the CAMP meeting.


  • Status of West African projects based in Senegal – brief up-date: deferred to CAMP meeting, since the CAMP subcommittee on grant writing is in the process of developing a grant proposal and would report at the CAMP meeting;

  • Other new projects – no time for discussion.

  • No other business.
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