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Web Portals

Ethics Updates
Ethics Updates was founded in 1994 by Lawrence M. Hinman, a professor of philosophy at the University of San Diego. It is a comprehensive list of ethics resources intended both for teachers and students. He includes subject guides, links to online texts and articles, and videos of ethics conferences.

Founded in 2006, Intute is comprised of affiliates from seven British universities who select and review online resources for a broad range of disciplines. This site covers all areas of religious studies, and is browseable by subject. Each resource listing is accompanied by an informative description.

The Pluralism Project
The Pluralism Project: World Religions in America is an ongoing project based out of Harvard University, and devoted to researching religious diversity in the United States. Their links page has excellent lists of resources for related Centers and Institutes, Interfaith Sites, and social, environmental, and political issues (though they have not yet updated the "Web Links by Tradition" section).

Portals to the World
Part of the Library of Congress Research and Reference Services, Portals to the World allows you to search for information on the nations and geographic regions of the world. Many (though not all) of the entries include a special section on Religion and Philosophy that provides links to relevant web sites.

Religious Worlds
Religious Worlds is complied and maintained by Gene Thursby, Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida. It includes portals for specific religious traditions, as well as sections on New Religious Movements, Academic Resources and Associations, Religion and Cyberspace, and topics such as ecology, film, and philosophy.

Virtual Religion Index

Virtual Religion Index indexes websites for all areas of religious studies. It is maintained by Mahlon H. Smith, Professor Emeritus of Religion at Rutgers University. It was last updated in 2008.

VoS: Voice of the Shuttle

The Voice of the Shuttle was started in 1994 by Alan Liu, professor of English at UC Santa Barbara, as a web portal for humanities research. It includes both the web sites of religious organizations, and academic websites, grouped by subject.

Wabash Center: Internet Guide to Religion

The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion offers a range of resources primarily intended for theology and religious studies educators, including course syllabi, journal articles, bibliographies, and web sites. Though strongest in Christianity, it includes resources for other religious traditions and broader themes in religious studies.


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