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last updated: 9/4/2012

Google Selects IU for First Collection of Distinction

During the summer of 2009, IU's Folklore and Ethnomusicology Collection was digitaized as the first "Collection of Distinction" to be digitized as part of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) agreement with Google. The result is an online discovery tool that respects the intellectual integrity of the collection and opens new opportunities for research.


Q: When will the folklore collection appear online?

Books from the collection will be added to Google Books gradually over time. Some are already available, others will take longer, but the exact timetable is unknown.

  1. Google Books now:

    All the books will be fully searchable, but only some books will be fully readable online. There are three varieties for viewing books in Google:
    • Full text online (books in the public domain--generally, those published before 1923).
    • Limited preview (if the author or publisher has given permission).
    • Snippets (shows your search terms in context only) See Google Books for more information.
  2. The future of Google Books:

    Google has recently reached an agreement with a consortium of book publishers that will permit you to read the entire text of books that are in copyright but out of print. Once the agreement is finalized (probably in about two years), you will be able to get full online access to these books with print on demand via a library subscription. See for more information.

  3. The Hathi Trust:

    Google Books will also send us digital copies of our books when they are scanned. These digital files will be archived in the Hathi Trust, the CIC's shared digital repository The Hathi trust will ensure that the folklore collection will be permanently preserved online while retaining its unique identity as a separate collection.

Q: If most of the books will not be readable online in full text for two years or more, what's the point?

You can search the full text of all books in Google Books. This is a useful research and discovery tool; having identified books with the information you want, you will be able to borrow them in print from the Folklore Collection.

Q: What will happen to the original books?

The Libraries will retain at least one copy of every print book in the collection, and they will continue to circulate to patrons as they always have.

last updated: 9/4/2012