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MLA Bibliography Project

MLA at IU Volunteer Classification

The MLA at IU

The MLA International Bibliography  is one of the premier research tools of the humanities. It is divided into five volumes, one of which is folklore.  Due to the size and strength of Indiana University's Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology and Folklore Collection, MLA sought us out in an effort to improve its coverage of work being done in our field.

Since 1989, much of the indexing for the Folklore Volume has been done under the auspices of the IU-MLA Cooperative Folklore Bibliography Project. Each year the Project Coordinator, Assistant and volunteers from the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology index articles from numerous journals and edited volumes which otherwise would not be covered.  Our efforts are supported by the Modern Language Association, Indiana University's Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, the Indiana University Libraries, and the American Folklore Society.

Project Coordinator: Kaitlin Justin

Main Library E760 • Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: 812-855-2894 • Fax: 812-855-8068

Project Assistant: Pablo Martin Dominguez
Main Library E760 • Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: 812-855-2894 • Fax: 812-855-8068


The IU Bloomington office of the MLA is looking for interested volunteers to contribute to the MLA Bibliography's Folklore volume. As a volunteer you would:

  • Improve your chances at a $500 MLA fellowship.
  • Learn the premier folklore/ethnomusicology index from the inside.
  • Earn free review copies.
  • Practice reading other languages.
  • Keep up with the latest research.
  • Work only 1-2 hours per week!
If interested, please contact us at, or stop by room E760 on the 7th floor, Herman B Wells Library.

Folklore Classifications Used in the MLA International Bibliography

The Folklore Volume covers articles on a range of subjects.  It is divided into seven main categories that can be further narrowed into more specific subdivisions.  The basic classification scheme as well as explanations are provided below.

           •  This category is not subdivided.  
           •  History of folklore
           •  Archives
                °  Archive management
           •  Museums
                °  Museum management
Research methods (folklore)
                °  Fieldwork

           •  Folk speech play
                °  Graffiti
                °  Names
                °  Proverbs
                °  Riddles 
           •  Folk narrative
                °  Folk histories
                °  Folk tale
                °  Jokes
                °  Legends
                °  Memorate
                °  Myth
                °  Tall Tale
Folk poetry
                °  Ballad
                °  Epic poetry
                °  Folk song
                °  Verse

           •  Folk dance
           •  Folk music (see also Folk song)
           •  Musical instruments 

           •  Folk medicine
                °  Ethnobotany
                °  Faith healing
                °  Witchcraft
                °  Shamanism
                °  Specific religions
           •  Festivals
           •  Folk drama
           •  Games
           •  Rites

           •  Folk art
           •  Folk craft
           •  Technology

For more information please contact the Project Coordinator via email or phone
(812) 855-2894.
last updated: 5/10/2012