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Select Internet Resources for Anthropology

Select Internet Resources in Anthropology

The following annotated index identifies major anthropological resources for research or teaching that are currently available on the Internet. Given the fact that it is a preliminary work, this listing is neither comprehensive nor even in its coverage. These limitations will be rectified in the course of succeeding editions.

General Anthropology
Physical Anthropology
Sociocultural Anthropology
Museum Anthropology

General Anthropology:

 Anthropology Resources on the Internet  
     This gargantuan site provides a comprehensive index of internet resources
     pertaining to all subdisciplines of anthropology, as well as links to electronic
     journals, university departments of anthropology, museums, and E-mail discussion

Links to Anthropological Resources 
     This brief list of links to anthropological web sites will be particularly useful to
     students with an interest in biological anthropology, most notably
     paleoanthropology and forensic anthropology.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) Listing for Anthropology
     The DOAJ lists 53 Open Access Anthropological journals that are Open Access, 
     the majority of which do not include actual DOAJ content.

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Anthropology


Abzu: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet
     Prepared by the Oriental Institute (University of Chicago), this site is an
     extraordinary resource for researchers specializing in the Ancient Near East. Links
     relevant to Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia (most notably the Sumerian, Assyrian,
     and Persian civilizations), and Anatolia (Turkey) are particularly numerous.

ArchNet: World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology 
     Topical coverage is worldwide but generalized. Links concerning the
     archaeological record are indexed by region and subject area. This site also
     provides extensive links to academic programs and museums.
Archaeology on the Net 
     This links on this site emphasize classical archaeology and archaeological
     methodology (e.g. dendrochronology, archaeometry, and ethnoarchaeology).
     Regional aspects of the archaeological record (e.g. Anatolia) are give world-wide

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology 
     As its title suggests, this site provides an extensive index of links relevant to
     classicists and Mediterranean archaeologists. Links providing access to course
     materials and teaching resources are also well represented.

Dental Analysis in Archaeology 
     This site gives an overview of the role teeth play in archaeology, and everything that
     they tell archaeologists about prehistoric humans' environment, lifestyle, and diet.
     There is also a list of links at the bottom of the page that direct users to other pages
      offering more specific information.


Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World 
     This site contains an extensive anthology of primary texts translated from Greek,
     Latin, and Egyptian, as well as an exhaustive listing of courses and teaching
     materials related to women and gender issues in the ancient world.

Egyptology Resources – Resources for Ancient Egypt
     This site was the first "web page set up specifically for the benefit of those
     interested in Egyptology, whether laymen or professionals." While students will
     find this site useful, it is more suitable for a lay audience than for serious scholarly


A Guide to Archaeology in Europe
     A finding aid for online Eurpoean Archaeology resources.

Mayan Epigraphic Database Project
     One of the few anthropological databases developed through networked
     scholarship, this project’s goal is to "assemble, display, and distribute a Mayan
     hieroglyphic image collection."

Online Syllabus for Introduction to Archaeology Course, Anthropology 110/310, University of Kansas
     Students with limited exposure to archaeology will find this site useful because of 
     the numerous links to regional chronologies and summaries of basic archaeological
     concepts. Graduate students will find it useful for structuring introductory courses
     in archaeology.

Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean 
     This site is a superb resource for archaeologists as well as classicists. Coverage
     begins with the single Paleolithic site of Franchti Cave (ca. 20,000 BP) and
     concludes with the collapse of the Mycenaean Palatial culture (ca. 1100 BC) and
     the onset of the "Dark Age." The geographical focus encompasses mainland
     Greece, Minoan civilization, and Western Anatolia (Troy). Material is presented in
     the format of a semester-long college course, i.e. 29 lesson plans.


Linguistics Resources on the Internet
     A list of links compiled by the Summer Institute of Linguistics (Dallas, Texas), 
     covering all areas of linguistics.

Native American Languages 
     A comprehensive index of web sites pertaining to Native American languages. A
     lengthy list of sites (ovariable quality and breadth) relevant to specific languages is
     also included. Linguists interested in the preservation of endangered languages will
     find this site particularly useful.

Native Web: Language Links to Native American Resources
     An annotated index for many of the major web sites pertaining to Native 
     American languages.

Physical Anthropology:

Fossil Hominids
     Jim Foley has written this extensive summary of current thinking on human
     evolution and the fossil evidence supporting it. Written to refute creationist
     theories, his pages are part of the archive of, a newsgroup devoted to
     exploring the creationist/evolutionist controversy. Includes links to related sites.

Paleo Ring Home Page 
     A web ring of 240 individual sites from around the world covering paleontology,
     prehistoric archaeology, and evolution. 

Sociocultural Anthropology:

Anthropological Theories: A Guide Prepared by Students for Students
     Students seeking a concise treatment of the fundamental precepts of various
     schools of anthropological theory (e.g. Structuralism, Culture & Personality,
     Cognitive Anthropology) will greatly appreciate this site.

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library 
     Part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library, this site serves as an excellent point
     of departure for persons conducting ethnographic research in Asia. Links are
     arranged by nation and by region.

Bibliography on African Traditional Religion
     Compiled by Chidi Denis Isizoh, this site provides an extensive bibliography of
     publications pertaining to African traditional religion. Citations include items
     published in German, French and English.

eHRAF Collection of Ethnography
     eHRAF is the full-text online equivalent of the Human Relations Area Files.
     Although eHRAF is being gradually expanded, most of the nearly 400 cultures
     included in HRAF are still available only on microfiche. To consult these fiche for
     ethnographic information on cultures not included in eHRAF, visit the HRAF office
     on the 7th floor of the Main Library. See the "Human Relations Area Files 
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet 
     This site will be an invaluable resource to researchers specializing in Native North
     America, particularly art historians and ethnohistorians.

Postmodernism and its Critics 
     This site may or may not make postmodernism palatable to the reader, but it does
     an excellent job of demystifying the fundamental premises of the postmodern
     critique. It also summarizes the perspectives and methodologies of key
     postmodernists and provides a list of related sites pertaining to postmodernism.

Theory in Anthropology 
     This site provides a useful synopsis for many of the major subfields and/or
     paradigmatic approaches that have shaped the development of theory in
     sociocultural anthropology over the last 30 years.


Museum Anthropology:
Most museum web sites provide information oriented toward the casual visitor rather than scholars interested in conducting anthropological research. Nevertheless, URLs for museums containing major anthropological collections in the United States include the following:

WWW Virtual Library: Museums in the USA 
     Although unannotated, this site provides a comprehensive index list of links to
     museums in the United States.  Listings are not limited to anthropology museums.

Native American Resources at the Smithsonian 
     This site provides an excellent synopsis of resources pertaining to American Indian
     ethnology within that network of museums otherwise known as the Smithsonian

American Museum of Natural History 

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

Carnegie Museum of Natural History 

Denver Museum of Natural History 

Field Museum of Natural History 

Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology 

Milwaukee Public Museum 

National Museum of the American Indian 

National Museum of Natural History 

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (Harvard) 

Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale) 

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

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