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Selected Internet Resources for Sociology

The following annotated index identifies sociological resources that are currently available on the Internet.  This listing was extracted from Sociology: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources by Stephen H. Aby, James Nalen, and Lori Fielding (2005).

General Sources
Data, Methods, and Statistics
Criminology, Law, Deviance
Gerontology and Aging
Marriage and Family
Population and Demography
Race and Ethnic Relations
Rural Sociology
Social Psychology

General Sources


American Sociological Association (ASA)
Provides links to datasets from the government and other statistical resources.  Online newsletters and discussion groups, employment and career bulletins and resources are also available.

Additional resources from ASA:
                   Collective Behavior and Social Movements 
                   Organizations, Occupations, and Work
                   Medical Sociology Section Homepage
                   Racial and Ethnic Minorities
                   Sociology of Education 
                   Sociological Practice

A Sociological Tour through Cyberspace
This site is maintained by Professor Michael C. Kearl, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Trinity University, and provides various collections of sociology links and information.  Updated daily, topics include general sociological resources, sociological theory, data resources, and methods and statistics.

This Dutch site provides broad categories and information regarding a variety of social sciences topics.  SocioSite is associated with the International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication

Relevant topics within this site:
                   Ethnicity, Migration, and Racism
                   Feminism and Women's Issues 
                   Rural Sociology
                   Sexual Harassment, Rape, Domestic Violence, Abuse
                   Social Inequality and Classes
                   Social Science Data Archives
                   Sociology of Organization              


Data, Methods, and Statistics

Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research, Internet Data Sources for Social Scientists
Includes federal, state and local government sources, access to select databases, and coverage on topics such as war data from Pennsylvania State University, the Study of American Families from the University of Wisconsin- Madison, and the New Immigration Survey from Princeton University.

Council for European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA)
CESSDA provides listings of European data sources, as well as a Integrated Data Catalogue for multiple data source searching.

Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS)
This service allows access to data sets from UK Data Archive (UKDA), Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), Manchester Information and Survey Research (CCSR), and the Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research (CCSR). QUALIDATA is also a service of ESDS.

Fed Stats
Fed Stats is a leading source for statistical information for researchers and government agencies.

General Social Survey Data and Information Retrieval System (GSS-DIRS)
General Social Survey is an ongoing research program and dataset which collects demographic, behavioral, and additional data that span the social sciences.  System provides data retrieval of the General Social Survey from 1972-2000 (see NORC below). 

How to Do Ethnographic Research: A Simplified Guide
This guide assists the researcher of ethnography to better understand the task of ethnographic research.

International Institute for Qualitative Methodology
Provides a collection of information on qualitative research in the social sciences, hosted by University of Alberta, and among other information provides access to journals such as Qualitative Health Research, and International Journal of Qualitative Methods.

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
A major resource in the field of political and social research, this site provides information and search capabilities on data available through ICPSR.

National Opinion Research Center (NORC)
'A national organization for research at the University of Chicago,' (website) the center conducts studies in the social sciences, education, and health services.  Included is the General Social Survey which compiles demographic, as well as other topics of research interest.

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
Researches polls on social and public policy issues, and maintains datasets from the United States and foreign countries.  Also, provides access to historical datasets.  Some membership guidelines apply.

Social Science Information Gateway: Research Methods
Provides links to Web sites regarding research methods. 

UK Data Archive
Counterpart to the Inter-university for Political and Social Research, this archive maintains and accumulates datasets on a variety of social science aspects.

The Web Center for Social Research Methods
Provides a variety of tools for the social researcher and guides the researcher through various questions regarding methodology.  The Selecting Statistics is particularly unique and useful for methodology research.

Criminology, Law, and Deviance


Bureau of Justice Statistics
Provides information on topic areas such as crime and victims, law enforcement, prosecution, the federal justice system, criminal offenders, courts and sentencing, corrections, and criminal record systems.  Includes statistics, facts, agency information, summary information, and an overview of criminology trends.



The Centre for Educational Sociology
Based in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh, the center has many past and present projects, publications, and conference proceedings available on the web. 

National Center for Education Statistics
Gives access to the Digest of Education Statistics, The Condition of Education, and Projections of Education, as well as data such as the Nation's Report Card, and enrollment statistics.  Also supports School District Demographics, which provides demographic and Census data by school district.


Gerontology and Aging

Gerontological Society of America
Non-profit organization which explores the fields of aging.  Information is available for members, researchers, practitioners, educators, and policy makers regarding aspects and research in aging. 

National Institute on Aging (NIA)
Funded by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), this center supports research in gerontology such as social gerontology, health care, retirement, nursing care, and public policy. 



National Coalition for the Homeless
With a mission of ending homelessness, this organization provides information regarding the social and political aspects of the homeless in the United States.

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
This advocacy group works to eliminate homelessness.  Provides information about housing, income, education, and civil rights as well as links to laws.


Marriage and Family 
Supported by the Federal Inter-agency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, this site increases the ability to disseminate and collect data regarding children both in the United States and abroad.  Statistics and information are available for topics such as health, education, economic security, and family characteristics.

Sociology of Family and Children
Provides a collection of links to international sites regarding families and children.

Organizations and Groups 


Center for the Study of Group Processes
Multidisciplinary research group which works to support group process and research.  The online journal, Current Research on Social Psychology is also accessible from this site.


Population and Demography

Maintained by the INFO Project of John Hopkins, this free online database provides more than 300,000 citations with abstracts to books, articles, and reports regarding population, demography, family planning, fertility, AIDS, health care, public policy, and related issues.

This database provides demographic and population information for the United States, as well as individual states, cities, and counties. 

Migration Information Source  
Includes a variety of demographic and population information for both domestic and international migration. 

Office of Population Research at Princeton University 
Supports several databases regarding population and demographics in the United States.  One of particular note Population Index on the Web, offers citations and abstracts of population and demographic literature including journals, dissertations, and monographs.


Population Reference Bureau (PRB)
The PRB offers research on population trends, reproductive health, family planning, marriage/family, migration, mortality, poverty and more. 

Other information sources supported by this bureau include:
                 The Center for Public Information on Population Research
                 Inter-agency Gender Working Group
                 Population and Health InfoShare

United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN)
Provides various UN publications and data regarding worldwide population and demographics.

United States Census Bureau  
This portal includes demographic information at the national, state, and local level on a variety of topics.  Also includes access to American FactFinder and State and Country Quick Facts.



CROP: Comparative Research Programme on Poverty
Provided by the International Social Science Council in 1992, CROP is dedicated to poverty research, specifically ending and understanding of poverty. 

Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP)
'RP is a center for interdisciplinary research into the causes and consequences of poverty and social inequality in the United States. As one of three Area Poverty Research Centers sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, it has a particular interest in poverty and family welfare in the Midwest.' (website)

Joint Center for Poverty Research
Maintained by Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, and supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this site provides working papers, policy briefs, newsletters, and other research regarding poverty research.  Additionally, resources for researchers such as conference and grant information is available.

From the US Census Bureau, this site includes both current and historical data and analysis of poverty in the United States. 


Race and Ethnic Relations

Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations
Research addresses topics such as ethnicity, migration, and trafficking in the United Kindom and Western Europe.  Specific projects include Policy Papers in Ethnic Relations and Muslims in Prison.



Association of Religion Data Archives
This site provides qualitative data from multiple sources on a variety of religious topics.  Additionally, questionnaires can be formulated for researcher's use, congregational statistics, and denomination statistics.

Hartford Institute for Religion Research
The institute researches issues relating to religion such as women and religion, mega churches, religion on the web, and homosexuality and religion.  Also provides links, research, and articles on a series of organizations such as denominations, judicatories, and congregations.


Rural Sociology

International Rural Sociology Association
Promotes research, communication, and developments by sociologists toward rural sociology.

Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI)
RUPRI focuses on issues of relevance to rural sociology including health policy, welfare reform, and telecommunications.  


Social Psychology

Social Psychology Network  
Provides a variety of information on an international level regarding topics like men and women's studies, social activism, cults and social control, and personality psychology.

last updated: 4/7/2010