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Sociology Electronic Journals

Select List of Electronic Journals in Sociology

Below is a listing of several electronic journals for sociology. For additional titles and up-to-date information, consult IUCAT or search the "Find Information" webpage.  For a list of sociology print journals, click hereIf you have problems with any of these links, go to Online Full-text Journals webpage and search for specific journal.


Acta Sociologica

American Journal of Health Studies  (1090-0500)

American Journal of Sociology  (0002-9602)

American Sociological Review  (0003-1224)

American Sociologist  (0003-1232)

Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy  (1529-7489)

Annual Review of Sex Research  (1053-2528)

Annual Review of Sociology  (0360-0572)

Archives of Sexual Behavior  (0004-0002)

Arctic Anthropology  (0004-0002)

Armed Forces and Society

British Journal of Sociology

British Journal of Sociology of Education  (0142-5692)


Canadian Journal of Sociology  (0318-6431)

Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology  (0008-4948)

Children and Society  (0951-0605)

Chinese Sociology and Anthropology  (0009-4625)

City & Community  (1535-6841)

Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems  (0010-1923)

Comparative Sociology  (1569-1322)

Comparative Studies in Society and History  (0010-4175)

Contemporary Sexuality  (1094-5725)

Contemporary Sociology-Washington  (0094-3061)

Contexts-Berkeley, CA  (1536-5042)

Continuity and Change  (0268-4160)

Critical Arts  (0256-0046)

Critical Horizons : Journal of Social & Critical Theory  (1440-9917)

Critical Sociology  (0896-9205)

Cultural Studies-London, England (0950-2386) 

Culture, Health & Sexuality  (1369-1058)

Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry  (0165-005X)

Current Sociology  (0011-3921)


Demographic Research  (None)

Demography  (0070-3370)

Deviant Behavior  (0163-9625)

Discourse (Abingdon, England) (0159-6306)

Discourse & Society  (0957-9265)

Economic Development and Cultural Change  (0013-0079)

Education and Urban Society

Electronic Journal of Sociology 

Environment and Behavior

Ethnic and Racial Studies  

Ethnography  (1466-1381)

European Journal of Social Psychology  (0046-2772)

European Societies  (1461-6696)

European Sociological Review  (0266-7215)

Family Relations  (0197-6664)

Futures-London, England  (0016-3287)


Gender & History

Gender & Society  (0891-2432)

Gerontologist  (0016-9013)

History of the Family  (1081-602X)

Human Relations  (0018-7267)

Identities-Yverdon, Switzerland  (1070-289X)

Identity-Mahwah, NJ  (1528-3488)

International Journal of Comparative Sociology  (0020-7152)

International Journal of Intercultural Relations  (0147-1767)

International Journal of Social Economics  (0306-8293)

International Journal of Sociology  (0020-7659)

International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy  (0144-333X)

International Journal of the Sociology of Language  (0165-2516)

International Journal of Tourism Research  (1099-2340)

International Migration Review  (0197-9183)

International Review for the Sociology of Sport  (1012-6902)

International Sociology  (0268-5809)


Japanese Studies  (1037-1397)

Journal of Adolescence  (0140-1971)

Journal of Applied Behavioral Science  (00021-8863)

Journal of Asian American Studies  (1097-2129)

Journal of Biosocial Science  (0021-9320)

Journal of Comparative Family Studies  (0047-2328)

Journal of Consumer Culture

Journal of Contemporary Ethnography  (0891-2416)

Journal of Cultural Diversity  (1071-5568)

Journal of Development Studies  (0022-0388)

Journal of Early Adolescence  (0272-4316)

Journal of Family History  (0363-1990)

Journal of Family Issues  (0192-513X) 

Journal of Genocide Research  (1462-3528)


Journal of Gerontology. Series B (Psych & Social Science) (1079-5014)

Journal of Health and Social Behavior  (0022-1465)

Journal of Historical Sociology  (0952-1909)

Journal of Homosexuality  (0091-8369)

Journal of Language and Social Psychology  (0261-927X)

Journal of Marriage and the Family  (0022-2445)

Journal of Mathematical Sociology  (0022-250X)

Journal of Organizational Behavior  (0894-3796)

Journal of Political & Military Sociology  (0047-2697)

Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality  (0890-7064)

Journal of Sex Research  (0022-4499)

Journal of Social and Personal Relationships (0265-4075)

Journal of Social History  (0022-4529)

Journal of Social Policy  (0047-2794) 
Journal of Social Issues  (0022-4537)

Journal of Sociology-Melbourne, Vic.  (1440-7833)

Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare  (0191-5096)

Journal of Sport and Social Issues  (0193-7235)

Journal of the History of Sexuality  (1043-4070)

Journal of Urban Affairs  (0735-2166)

Journals of Gerontology Series B (1079-5014)


Kotuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online (1177-083X)

Language & Communication  (0271-5309)

Law & Society Review  (0023-9216)

Marriage & Family Review  (0149-4929)

Milbank Quarterly  (0087-378X)


Perspectives-Prejudice Institute  (1096-5955)

Perspectives on Science  (1063-6145)

Perspectives on Sexual Health and Reproductive Health  (1538-6341)

Phylon  (0031-8906)

Population and Development Review  (0098-7921)

Population Studies (0032-4728)

Postmodern Culture

Poverty & Race  (1075-3591)

Qualitative Sociology  (0162-0436)

Race & Class  (0306-3968)

Research on Language and Social Interaction  (0835-1813)

Revue Française de Sociologie

Rural Sociology  (0036-0112)


Science  and Society (0036-8237)

Science Technology and Human Values  (0162-2439)


Sex Roles (0360-0025)

Sexualities (1363-4607)

Sexuality & Culture  (1095-5143)

Small Group Research  (1046-4964)

Social Compass  (0037-7686)

Social Development-Oxford, England  (0961-205X)

Social Forces  (0037-7732)

Social Justice Research  (0885-7466)

Social Networks  (0378-8733)

Social Policy and Society  (1474-7464)

Social Politics  (1072-4745)

Social Problems (0037-7791)

Social Psychology Quarterly  (0190-2725)

Social Research  (0037-783X)

Social Science Research  (0049-089X)

Social Studies of Science  (0306-3127)

Social Text  (0164-2472)

Socio-Economic Review  (1475-1461)

Sociologia Ruralis  (0038-0199)


Sociological Focus (2162-1128)


Sociological Forum-Randolph, NJ  (0884-8971)

Sociological Inquiry  (0038-0245)

Sociological Methodology  (0081-1750)

Sociological Methods & Research

Sociological Perspectives  (0731-1214)

Sociological Quarterly  (0038-0253)

Sociological Research  (1061-0154)

Sociological Review-Keele  (0038-0261)

Sociological Theory  (0735-2751)

Oxford, England

Sociology of Education  (0038-0407)

Sociology of Health & Illness  (0141-9889)

Sociology of Religion - All Databases(1069-4404)

Sociology of Religion - Direct/Current (1069-4404)

Studies in Family Planning  (0039-3665)

Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior  (0363-0234)

Symbolic Interaction  (0195-6086)


Teaching Sociology  (0092-055X)

Technological Forecasting & Social Change

Technology and Culture  (0040-165X)

Technology in Society  (0160-791X)

Theory and Society  (0304-2421)

Theory, Culture & Society  (0263-2764)

Transformations-Wayne, NJ  (1052-5017)

Urban Studies (Harlow)  (0042-0980)

Visual Studies (Abingdon, England)  (1472-586X)

Work and Occupations  (0730-8884)

Youth & Society  (0044-118X)


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