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Japanese Studies -- Selected Internet Resources

Dictionaries and Encyclopedia

三省堂 Web Dictionary
  - Web-based pop-up dictionary for Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other languages
Infoseek マルチ辞書
JAANUS Japanese Architecture and Art Net Users System
- Encyclopedia of Japanese Culture
Newspapers and Electronic Journals
Shuppan Nyusu = 出版ニュース
Journal @rchive
Yomiuri Shinbun = 読売新聞
Nikkei Net = 日本経済新聞
Mainichi Shinbun = 毎日新聞
Ryukyu Shimpo = 琉球新報
Sankei Nyusu= 産経ニュース
Shakai Shisoshi Kenkyu = 社会思想史研究 (Coverage: 1977 - 1986)
Japan Web News = 全国新聞ニュース網
Kyodo News = 共同通信 = 時事通信社
Newsweek Japan = ニューズウイーク
NHK Online = NHK ニュース
Full-text Classics

- Collection of selected Japanese literature with expired copyrights, or the authors agreed to release the copyrights.
Japanese Text Initiative (University of Virginia Library)
近代デジタルライブラリー (国立国会図書館電子図書館)
- Image database of books published in the Meiji era (1868-1921)
日本ペンクラブ電子文藝館 = The Japan P.E.N. Club Digital Library

日本外交文書, 1867-1926 = Digital Archive of the Documents on Japanese Foreign Policy

Please download the following Djvu Viewer to view the full-text:
Japanese Romanization Systems 

Judopedia's Hepburn romanization

Romanization System for Japanese Kana

Periodicals and Newspaper Indexes 
The Gordon W. Prange Collection = 占領期雑誌記事情報データベース
- The Collection comprises virtually everything published on all subjects during the Occupation Period (1945-1949): books, pamphlets, newspapers, periodicals, news agency photographs, posters, maps and related archival materials.
Nikkei Goo (日経新聞記事デ ータベース)
The Japan Times
The Union List of Japanese Serials and Newspapers (ULJSN)
Honto ネットストア


Religious Studies

宗教関連リ ンク集
- Contains keyword search functions for names and phrases related to religions in Japan.
宗教教団情報デー タベース = Religious Information Research Center Database
神道基本用語集= Basic Terms of Shinto
-Introduces famous Japanese temples and presents various information about Japanese history and culture.
Subject Guides: General
J-Guide (Stanford University)
Jim Breen's Japanese Page (Monash University)
日本の 大学の学位論文を探すサイト Premodern Japanese Texts and Translations
 - This bibliography contains primarily literary prose and poetry written in Japan before the year 1600.
National Clearinghouse for U.S. - Japan Studies
 - Contains educational resources about Japanese society, culture, educational systems, and U.S.-Japan relations.
論文情報ナビゲータ = CiNii (NII Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator)
-Provides access to more than ten million bibliographic information, some in full-texts, of journal articles and academic bulletin papers in arts, science, and medicine published by Japanese institutes, etc.
Subject Guides: Topical
大日本史料総合データベース  = The Dai Nihon Shiryo Unified Database
 - An ongoing project to index all major events mentioned in Dai Nihon shiryo between the years 887 and 1867.
東洋学文献類目検索 [第 5.2α 版]
- Contains bibliography of Asian studies between 1934 and 2000.
東洋学文献類目検索 [第 6.10 版]
- Contains bibliography of Asian studies after 1981.
国立国語研究所 = The National Institute for Japanese Language
- Maintains data on all linguistic research done on Japanese, and contains planning and research for Japanese language education.
国文学研究資料館 = National Institute of Japanese Literature
  - Digital library of classical literature and image databases of literature which were published in modern era Japan.
国立公文書館デジタルアーカイブ = National Archives of Japan Digital Archive
ことば に関する新聞記事 検索
明治前期編 法令検索
- Index to Japanese law and legislation in early Meiji period (Oct. 1867-Feb. 1886)
JPRI Japan Policy Research Institute.
  - Users can access the Institute's periodical, JPRI Critique, as well as occasional papers on politics, economy, security and defense, and regional studies related to the U.S.-Japan relations.
白書 (年次報告書)
  - Contains government white papers from 1996-2004
Bank of Japan (日本銀行)


Statistics and Directories



Gateways and Portals
Yahoo! Japan
Infoseek Japan
Google ディレクトリー

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