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American Religious Experience

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  • Discovering Latino Religion : A Comprehensive Social Science Bibliography. Stevens-Arroyo, Antonio M.(Z7757 .U5 D57 1995, Research Collection: Stacks)


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  • Women in American Religious History : an Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Sources. Bass, Dorothy C. (Z7963.R45 B37 1986 Research Collection: Stacks)


  • Academic Search (EBSCO) 
    Provides fulltext coverage of magazine, newspaper, and scholarly journals for almost every academic discipline.


  • ATLA Religion Databases
    Citations to books, journal articles, and book reviews in all scholarly fields of religion, biblical studies, world religions, church history, religious perspectives on social issues.


    Provides searchable full-text of historical runs of important scholarly journals in the humanities, arts, sciences, ecology, and business.


  • American Periodicals Series Online
    Based on a very comprehensive microfilm collection of American magazines and journals, 1740-1900. Contains searchable full text of all extant issues of over 1000 titles, ranging from children's magazines to professional journals. Can be cross-searched with historical newspaper archives.


  • Annals of American History
    Annals of American History includes over 2,000 primary sources documents, 500 images, 200 video clips and 25 audio clips on the history, society, and everyday life of the United States from 1493 to modern times.


  • Web of Knowledge
    Most important journal literature, with abstracts for the more recent articles; features citation searching from a known reference to find newer literature.


  • America: History and Life
    Covers the history of the United States and Canada from pre-history to the present, indexing more than 2000 journals published worldwide, dissertations and reviews.


  • Historical Abstracts
    Historical Abstracts covers modern world history (excluding the United States and Canada which are covered in America: History and Life) from 1450 to the present.


  • AltPressIndex
    Index for journal, newspaper, and magazine articles from over 300 international alternative, radical, and left periodicals.


  • 19th Century Historical United States Newspapers
    Digital archive of nearly 250 American historical newspapers from the 19th century.


  • LexisNexis Academic
    Online access to over 5,800 publications, including coverage of news and current events, government, business, medical, and legal topics.

    For more options, see IUB Libraries Databases by Subject


    Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

  • American Indian Religious Traditions : An Encyclopedia. O'Brien, Suzanne J. Crawford and Dennis F. Kelly. (E98.R3 C755 2005 v.1-2  Reference Services)


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    Biographical Sources


  • Dictionary of American Religious Biography. Bowden, Henry Warner. 2nd ed. (BL72 .B68 1993 Reference Services)


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