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  • Librarian: Catherine Minter
  • Location: Herman B Wells Library E960
  • Phone: (812) 855-1702
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last updated: 3/31/2010

French Contemporary Authors Approval Plan

The French Contemporary Authors Approval Plan seeks to acquire for Indiana University Libraries literary works by French authors, primarily those who are alive today. The distributor for the Plan, Aux Amateurs De Livres International, will supply every new book written by the authors found on the Contemporary Authors List, regardless of the press that publishes it. Beyond this, the Approval Plan has Non-Subject Parameters which exclude books that are reprints, popular books, textbooks, juvenile books, and serials.

Additional authors may always be added to the list - recommendations are welcome.

Effective date of Approval Plan:

Start with 1997 imprints, effective Jan. 1, 1997

Participating Bibliographer:

Catherine Minter, Librarian for French & Italian, E960, 812-855-1702 

Day-to-Day Operations:

Vera Heitink, Acquisitions/Approval Plan Specialist, Monographic Processing Services, E350, 812-855-1666


Aux Amateurs De Livres International
Paris, France

last updated: 3/31/2010