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Central Eurasian Cinema (Central Eurasian Studies)

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The Media Services Department (Wells Library) has a small collection of Central Eurasian films in vernacular languages (most subtitled in English). Search IUCAT for videorecordings (after log-in, choose "DVD/Video search" in right-hand menu; you may choose a language in search box near bottom of screen).
  • Two epochs of national self-determination in Central Asian cinema: the '60s and '90s (Media Services/Wells Library: a DVD collection--with a printed guide--of 10 narrative films from Central Asia produced during the Soviet and post-independence eras; English subtitles)
  • Documentary films of Central Asia (Media Services/Wells Library: a 10-disc DVD collection of 70 documentary films from Central Asia produced during the Soviet and post-independence eras; English subtitles)
  • Hungarian-language films (Media Services/Wells Library; click on the link for "Hungarian Feature Films")
  • Films in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies (Goodbody Hall 157; primarily Hungarian-language films)
  • Films in the Inner Asian & Uralic National Resource Center (Goodbody Hall 324)
  • Films in the Russian and East European Institute (REEI) (available for loan to instructors; Ballantine Hall 565)

  • KinoKultura: new Russian cinema (KiKu) (quarterly in English)
  • Slavic and East European performance: drama, theatre, film (2005-present online; requires IU log-in; also available in print in Wells Library)
  • Studies in Russian and Soviet cinema (2007-present; requires IU log-in)
  • Территория кино (in Russian; the only e-journal devoted to Central Asian cinema, edited by Gulnara Abikeyeva and produced by Kazakhfilm)


    General Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan):
  • Central Asia: redefining its cultural roots (Gönül Dönmez-Colin, 2002)
  • Central Asian Cinemas (new website for Central Asian cinematography)
  • Central Asian films (Jared Rapfogel, 2003)
  • Central Asia (2004 special issue of KinoKultura)
  • Russian and Soviet cinema: a bibliography (a selected bibliography of approximately 70 monographs and articles about Central Asian film compiled by Vladimir Padunov, University of Pittsburgh, 2005)
  • Wind from the steppes: a brief history of Central Asian cinema during the Soviet era (Olaf Möller, 2003)
  • Lone wolves at the door of history (Kent Jones, 2003)
  • New "New" Wave filmmakers welcome their audiences' discomfort: Kazakh and Kyrgyz youth films (Jane Knox-Voina, 2009)

  • Films made by the national film studio (Азербайджанфильм / Azərbaycanfilm / Azerbaijanfilm)
  • Cinema: can it be revived? (an issue of the online journal Azerbaijan International devoted to Azerbaijani cinema)

  • Estonia (news, links, and other useful information for Estonian cinema from
  • Estonian Film Foundation = Eesti Filmi Sihtasutus (includes an annotated database (in English) of nearly 500 films produced since 2000: in left-hand menu, go to Films > Released)

  • Hungary (news, links, and other useful information for Hungarian cinema from
  • FilmHu (portal in Hungarian; associated English-language website FilminHungary)
  • History of the Hungariam film from the beginning until 1945 (Gyöngyi Balogh, 2000)
  • Film Institute / National Film Archive of Hungary (Magyar Nemzeti Filmarchívum) (e-journal, Filmkultúra)
  • Magyar Filmunió
  • Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (Magyar Mozgókép Közalapítvány)

  • 2009 Roundtable on Young Kazakh Cinema (4 articles in KinoKultura, no. 27: January 2010)
  • Казахфильм (Қазақфильм / Kazakhfilm) (national film studio)
  • Films made by the national film studio
  • Kazakhstan (Gulnara Abikeyeva, 2011)
  • (commercial website for contemporary Kazakh cinema; in Russian)
  • Kinostan (Киностан) (in Kazakh)
  • The New Wave in Kazakh cinema (Ludmilla Zebrina Pruner, 1992)
  • Stars above Almaty: Kazakh cinema between 1998 and 2003 (Vladimir Padunov, 2004)
  • Three generations of Kazakh cinematographers: action--reaction--change of reality (Inna Smailova, 2008)

  • KyrgyzCinema (information about Kyrgyz cinema from the local Cinema Development Fund)
  • Киргизфильм (Кыргызфильм / Kyrgyzfilm) (national film studio; in Russian)
  • Films made by the national film studio
  • New cinema in Kyrgyzstan (Aliya Moldalieva, 2008)

  • Mongolian cinema (incomplete list of 1936-1990 films produced by Mongol Kino, the Soviet-era national film studio; website last updated 2009)
  • Movies in and on Mongolia (includes links to articles by Diane Gabrysiak, Oliver Corff, and John W. Williams, ca. 1990s)
  • Mongol Kino (general website in Mongolian)

  • Tajik cinema: a view from outside (Gulnara Abikeyeva, 2003)
  • Таджикфильм (Тоҷикфилм / Tojikfilm) (national film studio)
  • Films made by the national film studio

  • Cinema and Tibet: a brief historical overview (Jamyang Norbu, 2004)
  • The Happy Light Bioscope Theatre and other stories: a brief historical overview of cinema in Tibet, Part 1 and Part 2 (Jamyang Norbu, 2010)
  • Videos and films on Tibet: Part 1 and Part 2 (list of 200+ English-language films with synopses; from
  • Tibet on film: a list of feature films and television programmes featuring Tibet, Part 1 (1921-1984) and Part 2 (1985-2005) (Michael Organ, 2005) (annotated list of Western films)

  • Turkish cinema (Directorate General of Press & Information, Turkish Cultural Foundation)
  • History and chronology of Turkish cinema (Department of Copyright and Cinema, Ministry of Culture and Tourism; in Turkish)
  • Türk Sineması Arşivi (searchable archive of historical documents about Turkish cinema; interface in Turkish)
  • Türkiye Sinema Eseri Sahipleri Meslek Birliği (SESAM) (Turkish film producers union)

  • I cannot be fully happy...: interview with Khodzhakuli Narliyev (Gulnara Abikeyeva, 2001)
  • Films made by the national film studio

  • Uzbek cinema (from, a current website for art and culture in Uzbekistan; in Russian)
  • Uzbek rhapsody: the films of Ali Khamraev
  • Узбекфильм (Ўзбекфильм / Uzbekfilm) (national film studio)
  • UzbekKino (national agency founded in 2004)
  • Films made by the national film studio
  • UzCinema (portal)

  • Энциклопедия Отечественного Кино, СССР/СНГ (Encyclopedia of National Cinema, USSR/CIS; an excellent historical encyclopedia for Soviet and post-independence national cinema; in Russian)
  • Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC)
  • Internet Movie Database (IMDb) (see the Country Index)

  • Ellen-Fairbanks D. Bodman Collection of Middle Eastern and Islamic World Films (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) ("the largest compilation of films on the Muslim world in North America, and perhaps in the English-speaking world")

  • Almaty International Film Festival (Almatinskii Mezhdunarodnyi Kinofestival') (annual festival held since 2003)
  • Didor International Film Festival (Кинофестивали Байналхалқии Дидор) (see links to festival documents)
  • Eurasia International Film Festival (held annually in Kazakhstan)
  • Forum of National Cinematography (Форум Национальных Кинематографий) (an important, annual event that showcases films produced in the CIS and Baltic states; no dedicated website)
  • Kinoshok (Киношок) (annual film festival of CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia)
  • 2010 East Meets West Film Forum & Festival (EMWFF) (held in Mongolia)

  • Being and becoming: the cinemas of Asia (edited by Aruna Vasudev, Latika Padgaonkar, and Rashmi Doraiswamy, 2002) [RSCH: PN 1993.5 .A75 B45 2002] (contains historical summaries by country)
  • Le Cinéma d'Asie centrale sovietique (edited by Jean Radvanyi, 1991) [ALF: PN 1993.5 .R92 S62 1991]
  • Cinemas of the other: a personal journey with film-makers from the Middle East and Central Asia (Gönül Dönmez-Colin, 2006) [RSCH: PN 1998.2 .D664 2006]
  • Cinemaya: the Asian film magazine (published 1988-2004) [RSCH: PN 1993 .C585 no.1-64] (contains interviews and articles related to Central Asian cinema)
  • Companion encyclopedia of Middle Eastern and North African film (Oliver Leaman, ed., 2001) [REF: PN 1993.5 .A65 C66 2001]
  • Historical dictionary of Russian and Soviet cinema (Peter Rollberg, 2009) [REF: PN 1998.2 .R578 2009]
  • Istoriia sovetskogo kino, 1917-1967 (Khandzhara Abul-Kasymova, ed., 1969-1978) [ALF: PN 1993.5 .R9 I87 v.1-4] (the most comprehensive source for the history of Soviet cinema)
  • Two epochs of national self-determination in Central Asian cinema: the 60-s and 90-s = Dve epokhi natsional'nogo samoopredeleniia v kino TSentral'noi Azii: 60-e i 90-e gody (Gulnara Abikeyva, 2006; this booklet accompanies the set of 10 films in the "Kino TSentral'noi Azii" series) [Wells Media Services: PN 1997 .K56547 2006 Text]

  • Cinema in Turkey: a new critical history (Savas Arslan, 2011) [PN 1993.5 .T8 A77 2011]
  • Türk filmleri sözlügü (Agâh Özgüç, 1990-2003) [ALF: PN 1993.5 .T8 O27 1990 v.1-3] See also: online extracts

  • Hungarian cinema: from coffee house to multiplex (John Cunningham, 2004) [RSCH: PN 1993.5 .H8 C8 2004]
  • World cinema: Hungary (Bryan Burns, 1996) [RSCH: PN 1993.5 .H8 B87 1996]
  • last updated: 6/24/2013