Contact Information
  • Subject Librarian: Akram Khabibullaev
  • Location: Herman B Wells Library E960
  • Phone: (812) 855-9885
Additional Contacts
    • Senior Collections Reference Assistant: Todd Ramlo
    • Location: Wells E960
    • Phone: (812) 855-9885
Libraries & Subjects
last updated: 3/6/2013

Blogs (Central Eurasian Studies)

  • Asian Gypsy: All Things Mongolian
  • Bod Blog (blog of Charles Manson, Tibetan subject librarian at the Bodleian Library, Oxford)
  • Central Asia in a Historical Context (scholarly; by Professor Ron Sela)
  • Notes, thoughts and fragments of research on the history of Tibet (blog of Sam van Schaik, PhD)
  • EurasiaNet (see list of blogs at bottom)
  • Marco Polo, Genghis Khan, Ancient China and the Silk Road (blog by Hans van Roon)
  • USAID Mission Blog (Mongolia)
  • Neweurasia (includes lists of blogs by country: Kazakhstan | Kyrgyzstan | Tajikistan | Turkmenistan | Uzbekistan)
  • Roberts report on Central Asia and Kazakhstan: analysis on the political economy of greater Central Asia
  • Shadow Tibet
  • Surpised by Time (blog by scholar on intersection of Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans)
  • Thor bu – Curiosia Indo-Tibetica
  • Tibeto-Logic
  • Uzbekistan Online Forum
  • Webstan: Internet in Central Asia (inactive since 2009)
  • Xinjiang: Far West China
  • Xinjiang Review

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  • last updated: 3/6/2013