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Researching the European Union Online

Official EU sites
Related websites

Official EU sites

Europa: The European Union Online
Official portal to the European Union's institutions, policy programs, and news releases.

The EU's three main institutions:
European Parliament (EP)
Website of the parliamentary body of the European Union, representing the citizens of the EU.
Council of the European Union
Website of the main legislative institution of the EU, representing the individual member states.
European Commission
Website of the executive body of the EU, representing the Union independent of the member states.

...more Official pages:
EU institutions and other bodies
Introduction and links to the institutions of the EU.
European Commission: Maps of the European Union
Provides interactive regional and country maps of EU member states and candidate countries.
Europa: Audiovisual Service
Offers video, photo, and sound coverage of the European Union, including speeches, press releases, and other important events.
EUR-Lex: The access to European Union Law
Official EU law portal, providing access to official journals, treaties, legislation, case-law, parliamentary questions, and documents of public interest.
Delegation of the European Commission to the USA
Primary source for the latest developments of the Commission and the EU, providing up to the minute news releases and speeches, access to the EU Newsletter & Europe Magazine, with discussions of policy implications, the transatlantic alliance, and many useful links.

Related websites

The Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS)
Website providing information on all EU-supported R&D activities, including programs, projects, results, publications and partners
Europa: Your Europe
Website providing information and advice on the rights and opportunities of citizens and business in the EU.
Congressional Research Service (CRS)
Reports regarding the European Union.
Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI)
Research Institute focusing on the EU
EUFPC European Foreign Policy Council
Interdisciplinary Think-tank and Network.
Democracy in Europe
Anti European integration website
EU History site
Leiden University website providing access to historical documents,timelines, bibliographies, and electronic resources on the history of the EU.
European NAvigator
Multimedia knowledge base containing more than 9000 documents on the historical and institutional evolution of Europe from 1945 to the present.


European Central Bank
OECD's EU country page
OECD's Economic Survey of the EU
European Investment Bank


BBC News: Inside Europe  Guide to the changing face of the EU.
Guardian Unlimited Special Report: European Union  Guide and ongoing news.  Independent media portal dedicated to EU affairs.
cafÉ babel  European current affaires online magazine, published in six languages.  Blog with daily news about the European Court of Justice.
EU News  European Union News.
European Law Monitor  Monitors and tracks EU proposals.
European Voice  Independent Weekly Newspaper on EU Affairs.
EU ObserverNews website focusing on the EU.  EU Turkey News Network.
EuroNews  Multilingual public TV news channel.

last updated: 3/8/2010