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E-mail Reference Query Policy Statement

Who will receive my question?

Your question will go to the reference staff at the Fine Arts Library (

Who may use this service?

This service is intended for the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Indiana University, Bloomington. If you do not fall into one of these categories, we are sorry that we can only reply to your inquiry if it concerns reference questions that can be answered using resources or collections in the Fine Arts Library.

Can alumni be given access to the library's electronic databases?

Due to licensing agreements, alumni are not permitted remote access to the electronic databases to which we subscribe, nor are we permitted to send articles from databases to anyone other than currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. Alumni are always welcome to visit the library in person and may have full access to our electronic databases on site upon receiving free access that is good for 30-days.   

Please note that all members of the Monroe County Public Library have access to a large collection of databases.

What can this service be used for?

Any question you might ask at a reference desk in the Fine Arts Library.

Where should I begin to look for information on this topic? (e.g. libraries, networked resources and on the Internet)
I have looked in all the usual places, where else might I look?
Can you supply me with (an address, a quotation source, a correct citation, a art historical fact, artist biographical fact, etc.)?

And just about anything else in support of art related research and instruction. Only the submission of lists of items (e.g. addresses) is not appropriate.

How soon can I expect a response?

We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible but please keep in mind some questions take longer to find the answer than others.  Some questions require the librarian to ask for more information.

If you find a dead link anywhere on this website, please email the Fine Arts Library, or notify a staff member at the Fine Arts Library. Thanks!

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last updated: 2/25/2010