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Education Collection

Broad coverage of education is offered in a collection of over 86,000 volumes to support the research and teaching of faculty and students in the School of Education. Primary focuses are in support of programs in Counseling & Educational Psychology, Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Instructional Systems Technology, and Language Education. The education collection is strong in the following areas: history of education, teaching, elementary and secondary education, school finance, school administration and organization, education of women, education of the gifted and handicapped, and American educational institutions.

Current periodical subscriptions number approximately 400. Special materials include the complete ERIC Document Collection on microfiche, American Primers on microfiche, the Textbook Adoption Collection, and doctoral dissertations for the School of Education. Follow the links in the menu to the left for more information about these and other collections in education.


These collections, searchable in IUCAT, are supplemented by those in the Wells Library and several other campus libraries as well as by electronic resources on the Libraries' Web site.


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last updated: 2/20/2010