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Children's Literature Collection (Education)

The 21,000 volume I.U. Children's Literature Collection is a selective group of children's and young adult literature housed in the Education Library. The collection supports the curriculum of children's literature classes in the School of Education, School of Library and Information Science, and the English Department. It is available to and is used by students, staff, faculty and Indiana residents.


Picture, chapter, poetry and non-fiction books are included in the collections. Most of the books have been evaluated and have received awards (i.e. Caldecott and Newbery Awards) or have achieved status on a published list of recommended books including the "ALA Notable Children's Books," "ALA Best Books for Young Adults."


Two genre strengths are the fairytale collection (approximately 700 volumes) and biographies of historical and popular figures (approximately 900 volumes).


Most of the books in the collection are in the English language and published in the United States. Current purchasing is limited to new books published in English.


The Children's Literature fund subscribes to eight periodical titles for children. Books and periodicals are the only formats purchased by the Children's fund.


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last updated: 2/20/2010