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Archive of exhibitions held in 2010


To see exhibition lists from these shows, please click the links below.


New Books in the Fine Arts Library.  December 5, 2010-January 3, 2011.  Curated by Nicole Beatty

Mail Art. September 22, 2010-December 4, 2010. Curated by Courtney Mitchel.


New Books at the Fine Arts Library.  September 7, 2010-September 21, 2010.  Curated by Caitlin Lamb and Tony White.


Inked Pages: Tattooed Library, June 25-August 23, 2010.  Curated by Nicole Beatty.


New Books, June 3-24, 2010.  Curated by Library Staff.


Student Exhibiton of Books.  May 8-May 31.  Curated by Karen Baldner.


CLLC L310: Discovering the Artist's Book. May 1-May 7, 2010.  Curated by Yara Cluver.


Miniature Books.  April 19-30, 2010.  Curated by Althea Murphy-Price.


MFA Student's Artists Books April 4-18, 2010.  Curated by Jeff Wolin.


Strong Shoulder: Revisiting the Women's Power Suit.  March 8-26, 2010.  Curated by Siobhan Carter-David.


Graphic Design March 1-7, 2010.  Curated by James Reidhaar.


New Books in the Fine Arts Library.  February 4-12, 2010.  Curated by Mary Buechley and Nicole Beatty.


Printmaking in Venice.  January 8-January 31, 2010.  Curated by Althea Murphy-Price.

last updated: 11/13/2013