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last updated: 7/30/2013

Government Information: State and Local Documents

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Indiana State Bird-Cardinal Outline of the State of Indiana Indiana State Flag Indiana State Seal Indiana State Flower-Peony Indiana State Stone-Limestone

About the Collection

Government Information, Maps and Microform Services (East Tower 2 or ET2) is home to an extensive collection of historic and current Indiana State documents. The materials included in this collection are primarily published by the state government, Indiana Territory, or government agencies. The collection also includes materials that were published by independent Indiana organizations such as the Indiana Historical Society or the League of Women Voters, to name a few.

In addition to documents pertaining to the state as a whole, the Indiana Collection consists of publications on counties and cities. Municipal and county publications include financial reports, annual budgets, workforce statistics, and more.

Currently, the Indiana Collection is still being developed. The collection is located behind the LC Reference section in the ET2. If you experience difficulties finding a document that should be in the collection, please ask ET2 staff for assistance.

The following guide lists important electronic resources related to the State of Indiana. A separate guide has been compiled for important print sources for researching Indiana State documents.

Key Sites | Indiana State Government | Legal and Regulatory | Statistics | Historic | Maps and Geography | Local | Natural Resources/Environment | Business

Key Sites

Indiana State Government

Executive Branch


Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch

Legal and Regulatory


Historic Indiana Documents

Maps and Geography



Monroe County and Bloomington Resources

Natural Resources/ Environmental Research


last updated: 7/30/2013