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Career Reference Collection

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  • Great Jobs for Biology Majors

    Part One gives job search advice, including a self-assessment and resume, cover letter, and interviewing tips. Part Two gives an in-depth description of differing career paths, with training and educational requirements, employment outlooks, and suggestions for possible employers.

  • Opportunities in Biological Science Careers

    Answers the questions: "Why become a biologist?" and "Where will you work and what will you do?"

  • What Can You Do With a Major in Biology?

    Describes career possibilities and the job search process and presents case studies from several different fields.

Online Resources

To simultaneously search the websites listed below, Search the Biology Page with the search box at the bottom of the page.

  • What Can I Do With a Major in...? Biology

    Hosted by the Academic and Career Information Center at Kansas State University, gives links to associations/professional organizations, information centers, and career opportunities in biology.

  • American Physiological Society:Careers

    Provides an overview of careers in physiology as well as the APS Career Mentoring Program and job opportunities.


    Post your resume and sign up for job notification e-mails for positions in biology. Free registration.

  • Bio Career Center

    Search employment listings or look at articles about interview tactics, salary negotiation, or building a resume portfolio.  Focus on biotechnology and pharmaceutical jobs.

  • Careers in Biology

    Hosted by Emporia State University, provides links to online career guides for fields in cell, field, molecular, and organismal biology. Also, gives links to employment websites.

  • Careers in Plant Pathology

    From the American Phytopathological Societ, describes careers in plant pathology and provides links to career sites and job openings.

  • Indiana University Department of Biology

    Information for entering Indiana University Bloomington's Biology program.

  • Science Careers: Biology Jobs

    Job search service through Science magazine. Includes job listings, employer profiles, and job alerts.

Additional Resources

Biology majors may also wish to view the Animal Science, Education, and Science web pages.

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