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  • Librarian: Chanitra Bishop
  • Location: Herman B Wells Library W121
  • Phone: (812) 855-8386
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    • Librarian: Emily Okada
    • Location: Herman B Wells Library W121
    • Phone: (812) 855-1643
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Career Reference Collection

Click on a book title to locate its IUCAT record (IUCAT is the library's online catalog).

  • Creative Careers in Music

    Focusing on the music industry, this book gives detailed descriptions of careers (songwriter, studio musician, etc.) and the recording and publishing business, including advice on how to succeed.

  • Great Jobs for Music Majors

    Professional advice on career paths in music, from performing to teaching to business. Includes advice on networking, interviewing, and creating a resume.

  • Resumes for Performing Arts Careers

    How to create a professional resume and cover letter for careers in music, dance, and theater. Includes examples.

Online Resources

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last updated: 12/11/2010