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Liberal Arts

Career Reference Collection

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Online Resources

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  • Liberal Arts and Management Program

    Information about the Liberal Arts program at Indiana University Bloomington.

  • Liberal Arts Job Search Guide

    Eight-page PDF guide from Rice University. Outlines the myths and realities of liberal arts majors in the job market. Also includes Twenty One Top Careers for liberal arts majors, how to gain experience, and job searching strategies.

  • Making The Liberal Arts Degree Pay Off

    "Ask the Headhunter" article tells liberal arts graduates to "shake the attitude limits your options." Links to other articles, such as Liberal Arts Is Slang for Job Skills.

  • The Retail Industry: A Giant Hidden Career Opportunity

    Many retailers are looking for people with degrees in liberal arts. Recruiters want serious, career-minded people who are energetic, who take initiative, who lead, who communicate well, who relate to people well, and who work well in a fast-paced environment. This article by The Black Collegian outlines the benefits and opportunities.

  • Road to Career Success for Liberal Arts Majors

    Identify the skills you've acquired and sell your employability to big companies like Nike, Microsoft, or MTV. From JobWeb.

  • USA Jobs

    The federal government is a major employer of liberal arts graduates. Search for entry level professional, administrative, and technical government jobs.

Additional Resources

Liberal Arts majors may also wish to view the Advertising & Public Relations, Nonprofit and Social Change, and Museums web pages.

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last updated: 12/11/2010