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H. K. Banda Archive: Monographs (African Studies)

These books are organized by alphabetical order according to author or authoring body. The books in this collection belonged to Donald Brody and some were given to him by H.K. Banda. Items with an asterisk (*) next to the author include a gifting card from H.K. Banda. Items with a double asterisk (**) indicate the book was given by Banda to Brody but no gifting card was included.


Box 20

Adera, Teshoma

Nationalist leaders and African unity / prepared and edited by Teshoma Adera. Addis Ababa : Ethiopian National Patriotic Association, 1963.

Africa Committee

Africa is here : report of the North American Assembly on African Affairs held at Wittenberg College, Springfield Ohio June 16-25, 1952 / Africa Committee. New York : National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S., 1952.

Aradoum, Fassil

University of Malawi publications : a guide / compiled by Fassil Aradoum. Washington : Library of Congress, 1979. Maktaba Afrikana Series. 3 copies

Baker, Colin

Development governor : a biography of Sir Geoffrey Colby / Colin Baker. London : British Academic Press, 1994.

Baker, Colin

The evolution of local government in Malawi / by Colin Baker. Ibadan, Nigeria : University of Ife press, 1975. Institute of Administration monograph series 3. 2 copies

Baker, Colin

A fine chest of medals : the life of Jack Archer / Colin Baker. Cardiff, Wales : Mpemba Books, 2003.

Baker, Colin

Retreat from empire : Sir Robert Armitage in Africa and Cyprus / Colin Baker. London : Tauris Academic Studies, 1998.

Encl: Christmas card from Sir Robert and Lady Armitage

Baker, Colin

Revolt of the ministers : the Malawi cabinet crisis 1964-1965 / Colin Baker. London : I.B. Tauris, 2001.

Encl: Shipping invoice to D. Brody

Baker, Colin

Seeds of trouble : government policy and land rights in Nyasaland, 1946-1964 / Colin Baker. London : British Academic Press, 1993.

Baker, Colin

Sir Glyn Jones : a proconsul in Africa / Colin Baker. London : I.B. Tauris Publishers, 2000.

Encl: book review by Henry Phillips.

Baker, Colin

State of emergency : crisis in central Africa, Nyasaland 1959-1960/ Colin Baker. London : Tauris Academic Studies, 1997. International Library of African Studies, no 7.

Baker, Colin

Wild goose : the life and death of Hugh van Oppen / Colin Baker. Cardiff : Mpemba Books, 2002.

Barnekov, Timothy Kiel

An inquiry into the development of native administration in Nyasaland, 1888-1939 / Timothy Kiel Barnekov. Syracuse] : SyracuseUniversity Maxwell Graduate School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, 1967. Program of Eastern African Studies occasional paper no. 48.

Batey, Charles

African education : a study of educational policy and practice in British tropical Africa / produced on behalf of the Nuffield Foundation and the Colonial Office by Charles Batey. Oxford : University Press, 1953.

Bettison, David G.

The demographic structure of seventeen villages, Blantyre-Limbe, Nyasaland / by David G. Bettison. Lusaka : Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 1958.

Bettison, David G.

Patterns of income and expenditure : Blantyre-Limbe, Nyasaland / by D.G. Bettison and P.J. Rigby. Lusaka : Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 1961. Rhodes-Livingstone Communication no. 20.

Booth, Joseph

Africa for the African / Joseph Booth, edited by Laura Perry. Blantyre, Malawi : CLAIM Christian Literature Assoc. in Malawi, 1996. [reprint, originally published in 1897]. Kachere Text.

Brelsford, W.V.

Handbook to the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland / edited by W.V. Brelsford. London : Cassel and Company, 1960.

Brody, Paula Rae

Chitukuko cha amayi m’malawi : the story of CCAM 1985-1993 / by Paula Rae Brody. [3rd draft – August 1994].

Brooks, A.L.*

Land tenure in Malawi 1978 / [A.L. Brooks]. [Malawi] : Government of Malawi, Office of president and cabinet lands department (valuation), 1978.

Brown, Edward E.

A bibliography of Malawi / compiled by Edward E. Brown, Carol A. Fisher, John B. Webster. Syracuse, NY : Syracuse University Press, 1965. Syracuse University Eastern Africa Bibliographical Series No. 1, Malawi.

Buthelezi, Mangosuthu G.**

South Africa : my vision of the future / Mangosuthu G. Buthelezi. New York : St. Martin's Press, 1990.

Encl: card from Buthelezi to C.T.K

Butler, Jeffrey

The black homelands of South Africa : the political and economic development of Bophuthatswana and KwaZulu. / by Jeffrey Butler, Robert I. Rotberg, and John Adams. Berkely, CA : University of California Press, 1977. Perspectives on Southern Africa, 21.

Carnell, Francis

The politics of the new states : a selected annotated bibliography with special reference to the commonwealth / compiled by Francis Carnell. London : Oxford University Press, 1961.

Chakanza, J.C.

Religion in Malawi : an annotated bibliography / edited by J.C. Chakanza and Kenneth R. Ross. Blantyre, Malawi : Kachere Institute, Christian Literature Assoc. in Malawi (CLAIM), 1998. Kachere Text No. 7.

Chakanza, J.C.

Voices of preachers in protest : the ministry of two Malawian prophets, Elliot Kamwana and Wilfrid Gudu. / Blantyre, Malawi : Christian Literature Assoc. in Malawi (CLAIM), 1998. Kachere Monograph no. 7.

Chimombo, Steve

Directory of Malawian writing / compiled by Steve Chimombo. Zomba, Malawi : Ministry of Education and Culture.

Chitukuko cha amayi m'malawi

Malawi's tradition and modern cooking / by Chitukuko cha amayi m'malawi (CCAM). Lilongwe, Malawi : CCAM, 1992.

Encl: "In search of the real Malawi cookbook by Steve Chimombo," menu from Capital Hotel, "Malawian men can stir the pot" [a Nyasanet discussion]

Chiume, M.W. Kanyama

Kwacha : an autobiography / M.W. Kanyama Chiume. Nairobi : East African Publishing House, 1975.

Encl: handwritten note from author to D. Brody and photo of author and Brody

Clutton-Brock, Guy

Dawn in Nyasaland / Guy Clutton-Brock. Amsterdam : Hodder and Stoughton, 1959.

Coe, David G.

Kaunda's gaoler : memories of a district officer in Northern Rhodesia and Zambia / D.G. Coe and E.C. Greenall. London : Radcliffe Press, 2003.

Collins, Robert

Americans in Africa : a preliminary guide to American missionary archives and library manuscript collections on Africa / by Robert Collins and Peter Duignan. Stanford, CA : Hoover Institution, 1963. Hoover Institution Bibliographical Series: XII.

Box 21

Comhaire, J.

Urban conditions in Africa : select reading list on urban problems in Africa / compiled by J. Comhaire. London : Oxford University Press, 1952. Nuffield College colonial reading lists, no. 3.

Cullen, Trevor

Malawi : a turning point / Trevor Cullen. Edinburgh : Pentland Press, 1994.

Deane, Phyllis

The measurement of colonial national incomes : an experiment / by Phyllis Deane. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1948. National Institute of Economic and Social Research Occasional Papers XII.

Dequin, Horst

Agricultural development in Malawi / by Horst Dequin. Munich : IFO-institut fur wirtschaftsforschung, 1969. 2 copies

Dunn, Cyril*

Central African witness / by Cyril Dunn. London : Victor Gollancz, Ltd., 1959.

Inscription on inside cover page

Dunn, Laurence

Liners and their recognition / by Laurence Dunn. London : Adlard Coles Ltd, 1953.

Gibson, P.J.

Who's Who of Rhodesia, Mauritius, Central and East Africa : supplement to the Who's Who of southern Africa / managing editor P.J. Gibson. Johannesburg : Combined Publishers, 1965.

Fisher, Nigel**

Iain Macleod / Nigel Fisher. London : Andre Deutsch Ltd, 1973.

Signed copy

Post-it notes on inside cover annotating the book

Franklin, Harry*

Unholy wedlock : the failure of the Central African Federation / by Harry Franklin. London : George Allen and Unwin Ltd., 1963.

Encl: shipping invoice

Gollock, G.A.*

Daughters of Africa / by G.A. Gollock. London : Longmans, Green and Co., 1932.

Signed copy

Hazlewood, Arthur

The economics of under developed areas : an annotated reading list of books, articles, and official publications / compiled by Arthur Hazlewood. London : Oxford University Press, 1959. 2nd ed. 2 copies

Hetherwick, Alexander*

The gospel and the African : the Croal lectures for 1930-1931 on the impact of the gospel on a central African people / by the Rev. Alexander Hetherwick. Edinburgh : T&T Clark, 1938.

Signed copy

Hughes, Heather

Women in Southern Africa : a bibliography / compiled by Heather Hughes, Judith Shier, Louise Torr, Chantelle Wyley. Rev. ed. Durban : Durban Women's Bibliography Group, University of Natal, 1991.

Jackson, R.

An annotated bibliography of education in Malawi / R. Jackson. Zomba, Malawi : University of Malawi, 1976. University of Malawi Library Publication no. 2.

Jones, Thomas Jesse

Education in East Africa : a study of the east, central and south Africa by the second African Education commission... / report prepared by Thomas Jesse Jones. London : Arden Press, [1924?]

Kambalame, John*

Our African way of life : essays presented under the prize scheme of the International African Institute for the period 1943-1944 / by John Kambalame, E.P. Chidzalo, J.W.M. Chadangalara, translated and edited with preface by Cullen Young and Hastings Banda. London : United Society for Christian Literature, Lutterworth Press, 1946.

Kamwambe, Ngubola

Post-morten of 1994 elections in Malawi / Ngubola Kamwambe. Limbe, Malawi : Montfort Press, [1994?].

Kamwambe, Ngubola

The tragedy of Malawians : legacy of one party rule / G.T. Ngubola Kamwambe. Lusaka Zambia : Mojo Press, 1993.

Kratochvil, Laura

African women : a select bibliography / Laura Kratochvil and Shauna Shaw. Cambridge : African Studies Centre, 1974.

Linton, Andrea

The Peace Corps Malawi cookbook / Andrea Linton. Malawi : Friends of Malawi, 1995.

Lewin, Evans

Best books on the British empire : a bibliographica guide for students / by Evans Lewin. London : Royal Empire Society, 1945. 2nd ed. Royal empire society bibliographies no. 12.

Lwanda, John Lloyd Chipembere

Kamuzu Banda of Malawi : a study in promise, power and paralysis, Malawi under Dr. Banda 1961 to 1993 / by John Lloyd Lwanda. Glasgow, Scotland : Dudu Nsomba Pub., 1993.

Lwanda, John Lloyd Chipembere

Promises, power, politics and poverty : democratic transition in Malawi (1961-1999) / by John Lloyd Chipembere Lwanda. Glasgow, Scotland : Dudu Nsomba Pub., 1996.

Lwanda, John Lloyd Chipembere

The second harvest / by John Lloyd Chipembere Lwanda. Glasgow, Scotland : Dudu Nsomba Pub., 1994.

Made, S.M.

100 years of Chichewa in writing 1875-1975 : a select bibliography / S.M. Made, compiler, M.V.B. Mangoche Mbewe, translator, R. Jackson, editor. Zomba, Malawi : University of Malawi, 1976. University of Malawi Library Publication no, 4, 1976.

Mair, Lucy

The Nyasaland elections of 1961 / by Lucy Mair. London : Athlone Press, 1962. Commonwealth papers no. 7

Manda, Mtafu Almiton Zeleza.

The state and the labour movement in Malawi / by Mtafu Almiton Zeleza Manda. Glasgow, Scotland : Dudu Nsomba Pub., 2000.

Mare, Gerhard

An appetite for power : Buthelezi's Inkatha and South Africa / Gerhard Mare and Georgina Hamilton. Johannesburg : Ravan Press, 1987.

Mayer, Philip

Reading list on rural conditions and betterment in the British colonies / by Philip Mayer. London : Oxford University Press, 1947. Nuffield College colonial reading lists, no. 4.

Meek, C.K.

Colonial law : a bibliography with special reference to native African systems of law and land tenure / by C.K. Meek. London : Oxford University Press, 1948. Nuffield College colonial reading lists, no. 5.

Melland, Frank*

African dilemma / by Frank Melland and Cullen Young. London : United Society for Christian Literature, 1937.

Mkamanga, Emily

Suffering in silence : Malawi women's 30 year dance with Dr Banda / by Emily Mkamanga. Glasgow, Scotland : Dudu Nsomba Pub., 2000.

Mkandawire, Austin C.

Living my destiny : a medical and historical narrative / by Austin C Mkandwawire. Glasgow, Scotland : Dudu Nsomba Pub., 1998.

Box 22

Mnyanda, B.J.

In search of truth : a commentary on certain aspects of Southern Rhodesia's native policy / by B.J. Mnyanda. Bombay : Hind Kitabs Ltd, 1954.

Mulford, David C.

The Northern Rhodesia general election 1962 / David C. Mulford. London : Oxford University Press, 1964.

Mwanakatwe, John W.

End of the Kaunda era / John M. Mwanakatwe. Lusaka, Zambia : Multimedia Pub., 1994.

Nyirenda, A.A.

Further economic and social studies, Blantyre-Limbe, Nyasaland / by A.A. Nyirenda, H.D. Ngwane, D.G. Bettison. Lusaka : Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 1959.

Nzunda, Matembo S.

Church, law and political transition in Malawi 1992-1994 / edited by Matembo S. Nzunda and Kenneth R. Ross. Gweru, Zimbabwe : Mambo Press, 1995. Kachere Series no. 1.

O'Maille, Padraig

Living dangerously : a memoir of political change in Malawi / Padraig O'Maille. Glasgow, Scotland : Dudu Nsomba Pub., 1999.

Pachai, Bridglal

Land and politics in Malawi, 1875-1975 / by Bridglal Pachai. Kingston, Ontario : Limestone Press, 1978. Modern Africa no. 2.

Pachai, Bridglal*

Malawi : the history of the nation / B. Pachai. London : Longman Group, 1973.

Signed copy

Encl: article written by Pachai

Perham, Margery

Africans and British rule / by Margery Perham. London : Oxford University Press, 1941. African Welfare series.

Perham, Margery

Colonial government : annotated reading list on British colonial government with some general and comparative material upon foreign empires etc. / by Margery Perham. London : Oxford University Press, 1950. Nuffield College colonial reading lists, no. 1. 2 copies

Phillips, Henry

From obscurity to bright dawn : how Nyasaland became Malawi, an insider's account / Henry Phillips. London : Radcliffe Press, 1998.

Encl: correspondence from Phillips to D. Brody; obituary of Sir Henry Phillips from; photo of Phillips, Lady Phillipa, Baroness Macleod of Borve and HRH PRB; book reviews from Great Epic Books (by Donal Brody) and Radcliffe Press

Signed copy

Phiri, Kings M.

Democratization in Malawi : a stocktaking / edited by Kings M. Phiri and Kenneth R. Ross. Blantyre, Malawi : CLAIM Christian Literature Assoc. in Malawi, 1998. Kachere Book.

Plumbe, Wilfed J.

Cry of the fish eagle : experiences in Malawi from initiation to deportation with an interlude in Morocco / by Wilfred J Plumbe. Glasgow, Scotland : Dudu Nsomba Pub., 1997.

Read, Margaret

Children of their fathers : growing up among the Ngoni of Malawi / Margaret Read. New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, c1968. Case studies in education and culture

Rhodes-Livingstone Institute for Social Research.

Conference of the history of the central African peoples : papers presented at the seventeenth conference of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute for Social Research held at the Oppenheimer College of Social Service and the College of Further Education May 28th-June 1st 1963 / Rhodes-Livingstone Institute for Social Research. Lusaka : Rhodes-Livingstone Institute for Social Research, 1963.

Ross, Kenneth R.

Gospel ferment in Malawi : theological essays / Kenneth R. Ross, foreward by Ambrose Moyo. Gweru, Zimbabwe : Mambo Press, 1995. Kachere Books no. 2.

Roy, N.K.

Project report on establishment of village industries in Malawi / by N.K. Roy. Bombay : Khadi and Village Industries Commission, 1990.

Sampson, Anthony*

Common sense about Africa / by Anthony Sampson. London : Victor Gollancz Ltd., 1960.

Encl: letter from author to D. Brody

Sampson, Richard

With sword and chain in Lusaka : a Londoner's life in Zambia 1948-1972 / Richard Sampson. Victoria, B.C. : Trafford Pub., 2002.

Encl: letter from author to D. Brody

Signed copy

Shaxson, Annabel

The Malawi cookbook / by Annabel Shaxson, Pat Dickson, June Walker. Zomba, Malawi : Blantyre Printing and Pub., 1979. Rev ed.

Shepherd, Robert

Iain Macleod / Robert Shepherd. London : Hutchinson, 1994.

Short, Philip*

Banda / Philip Short. London : Allen Lane the Penguin Press, 1972.

Encl: Nyasanet posting

Skota, T.D. Mweli *

The African yearly register: being an illustrated national biographical dictionary (Who's Who) of black folks in Africa / edited and compiled by T.D. Mweli Skota, contributions by the leading native ministers, professors, teachers, and doctors. Johannesburg : R L Esson and Co.

Smit R., Linette

Solomon Islands trade directory / Linette Smit R. Honiara, Solomon Islands : BJS Agencies Ltd., 2002. 27th ed.

Stonehouse, John*

Prohibited immigrant / John Stonehouse. London : Bodley Head, 1960.

Signed copy

Tanser, George Henry

The British central African territories: Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia, Nyasaland / by G.H. Tanser. Cape Town, SA : Juta and Co., [1953?]

Temkin, Ben**

Gatsha Buthelezi: Zulu statesman, a biography / by Ben Temkin. Cape Town, New York : Purnell, 1976.

Encl: card from Buthelezi to Banda

United Touring

United Touring's Africa Safaritrails : 1993 travel planner / designed and produced by Darwell Holland Design Consultants. Ware, UK : United Touring, 1993.

Webster, John B.

A supplement to a bibliography on Malawi / by John B. Webster, Paulus Mohome. Syracuse, NY : Syracuse University Maxwell Graduate School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, 1969. Program of Eastern African Studies occasional bibliography no. 13.

Encl: Nyasanet postings with bibliographic sources

Wyon, Olive*

The dawn wind: a picture of changing conditions among women in Africa and the east / by Olive Wyon. London : Student Christian Movement Press, 1931.

Young, Cullen*

African ways and wisdom: a contribution towards understanding / by T. Cullen Young. London : United Society for Christian Literature, 1937.

Signed copy

Young, Cullen

Contemporary ancestors : a beginner's anthropology for district officers and missionaries in Africa / by Cullen Young, with a foreword by H.S. Keigwin. London : R.T.S. Lutterworth Press.

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