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H. K. Banda Archive: Ephemera (African Studies)

Includes all non-printed, non-manuscript items, such as photographs, videos, fabrics, etc. Not organized or catalogued (brief inventory descriptions are provided below).


Box 13




Photo album - St. Michael and All Angel’s Church

Framed picture - July 5, 1989. “HKB receiving Mayor Tim Douglas of Bellingham WA (Whatcom County) Museum de-accessioned 104 objects collected in 1880s in favor of Museum of Malawi. Mayor of Museum personel presented objects in person for Malawi’s 25th anniv. of independence.” [sic]

Scrapbook of celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the Republic of Malawi (photographs with captions, programs, invitations)

Photograph album of Banda with dates

Photograph portfolios (oversized)

Accordion folder with numerous photographs


Box 14



London Line.” Film strip. Metal container. 2 copies


“Bookmark: the poet, the president and the traveling players.”

"Chirwa Wedding"

“End of Empire” (Kenya, Nyasaland)

"General Idi Amin, 1972"

“His Excellency the Life President Commischend 29 Malawi army cadet officers at the Kamuzu military college in Salama, 31-3-93”

“His Excellency the Life President held a public meeting in Zomba, 7-6-93.”

"Holiday in Malawi." Tourism film from 1964

“Local government campaign tour”

“Local government campaign tour, Mansa, Samfya”

"Malawi: the warm heart of Africa" Tourism film from the late 1990s

"Malawi artifacts - Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, Washington"  KIRO-TV (Seattle, Washington) interviews Donald Brody about repatriation of artifacts from the Whatcom Museum to the National Museum of Malawi, June 1988

Malawi – president and players”

“Mama C.T. Kadzamira attended the CCAM business seminar at Kwacha on 19th June, 1993 (Part A)”

“Mama C.T. Kadzamira attended the CCAM business seminar at Kwacha on 19th June, 1993 (Part B)”

"Mbumba traditional dances and choir performances," 1993-1994

“Mziuka-Ngaramu Choir”

“National Patriotic Coalition press conference, Kabwe (shooting incident)”

"Political rallies & traditional dancing at Bolero and Mzuzu in northern Malawi - June 1993"

"Political rallies & traditional dancing at Zomba - June, 1993"

“Through the Camera Chiradzulu speech, Machinga M.C.P. rally,” 1992




1993 Referendum to 1994 election. D.A.B. tapes of HKB, BBC, Bakili Muluzi

“H.E. before ref.”

“BBC 16 June 93”



“H.E. after refer.”

“HKB-MCP” poor quality

“Dlakuama” 12 May 1994

“Kamuzu Day 14.05.94, Muluzi acceptance, HKB concession”

“MCP rally, Makwasa,” 10 Apr 1994

Cassette Tapes:

Dr. Henry Chipembere. Cal Tech 1 Feb 1971  (7 copies)

MCP Kamuzu, 5/1994 (3 tapes)


Vinyl records:

Rifles. “Trooping the colour”

MBC Band and the Chichiri Queens. “Kokoliko ku Malawi,” 1974 (2 copies)

“Music Malawi: a report on Operation Crossroads Africa,” 1962



Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda, MCP business cards

Commemorative folder (Malawi 25)

Envelopes with postage stamps


Box 15


Cloth banner – St. Michael and All Angel’s Church

25th Anniversary commemorative ephemera:

Fly whisk

Paperweight – “Malawi 25: peace, progress and prosperity under Kamuzu 1964-1989”



Commemorative plate (Malawi 25)



Paper flags

Ribbon rosettes

Box 16


Slides of Malawi (approximately 76 slides) 

8 slides of Banda during Republic Day, 1969

Framed and engraved portrait of Banda

Framed presidential portrait 8”x10” photograph of Banda

Album of 30 sepia photographs of Nyasaland/Malawi (c. 1964)

Album of 63 photographs of Brody, Banda, Kaunda, and Malawi (mid-1990s)

CD-R digital photograph album of “Opening of the Mausoleum for Banda, November 4, 2005”

Folder of approx. 75 photographs of Banda (1960-1993)

Donald Brody photographs, 1959-1975 (some marked/annotated):

 Chinamwali ceremony (21 photographs)
 Lake, Rivers I (83 photographs)
 Lake, Rivers II (79 photographs)
 Markets (27 photographs)
 Mountains and Plateaus (114 photographs)
 People doing things (114 photographs)
 People making things (27 photographs)
 Structures and buildings (69 photographs)
 Traditional dancing (47 photographs)
 Wildlife (57 photographs)

Box 17

Folder 1

Appraisal of the second part of the H.K. Banda archive by Donald Brody, September 2007 (2 copies)

Appraisal and extra copies of the 2008 supplement to the H.K. Banda archive

Not in Folders


International Observer Credentials – two sets for Dr. and Mrs. Brody for the 1993 referendum and the 1994 General Election

Nine Malawi Congress Party (MCP) pins, 1964-1994

Malawi Olympic team pin from the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles

Malawi desk flag

Commemorative Plate – To Brody from the Consular Corps of Los Angeles, 1985

Commemorative Plate – To Brody from the Consular Corps of Washington, 1995

Wall plaque bearing the Coat of Arms of Malawi

Desk ornament of a leopard and a rising sun

City of Los Angeles proclamation expressing friendship on Malawi Independence Day, 1986

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