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A732: Schedule of Class Meetings

Spring Semester 2013 - Schedule of Classes

Unless otherwise noted, the class will meet in Wells Library, Room E252.

Please note: The information below is only the schedule of classes. For complete syllabus information (including course requirements, etc.) please visit:

Additional Readings

Week 1: African Studies in the U.S.

January 8: Introduction to the course – discussion of syllabus, sign up for article discussion, tour of Wells Library African Studies Collection (6th floor, East Tower).

Reading assignment for January 10: Pearl Robinson,"Area Studies in Search of Africa,"in David Szanton (ed.),The Politics of Knowledge: Area Studies and the Disciplines(University of California Press, 2004). – available online

January 10: Discussion of Robinson, introduction to African Studies Collection website.

CLASS MEETS in Wells Library E174.

Week 2: African Studies in the U.S. and Publishing/Scholarship

January 15: Watch film, Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness (California Newsreel, 2009).

Reading assignment for January 17: Zell, Hans M. Print vs. Online, and the ‘digital revolution’ in Africa. 2012. – available online

January 17: Discussion of film and articles, introduction to IUCAT.

Week 3: How to do Research

January 22: African Studies web resources, introduction to course projects.

Reading assignment for January 24: Walsh, G. (2004). “Can we get there from here?” Negotiating the washouts, cave-ins, dead ends, and other hazards on the road to research on Africa. The Reference Librarian, 42(87-88), 5-96. – available via library website.

January 24: Discussion of Walsh, introduction to Library of Congress.

Week 4: Online Resources, File Management

January 29: Online databases, evaluation of web resources.

DUE: course project topic.

January 31:  Introduction to Bibliographic Software: Zotero and Endnote, with Chanitra Bishop.

In class exercise.

Week 5: File Management, Online Resources

February 5: Online databases continued, selected recent electronic initiatives.

February 7: File Management, Access to current research, introduction to maps and government documents collection.

CLASS MEETS in Wells Library 043.

Reading assignment for February 12: Kagan, chapter 22.

Week 6

February 12: Fine Arts Library, with Emilee Mathews.

CLASS MEETS in Fine Arts Library.

Reading assignment for February 14: Kagan, chapter 1.

February 14: Compiling and evaluating bibliographies, funding opportunities.

DUE: Initial outline to course project with bibliography sub-categories.

Week 7

February 19: Lilly Library, with Isabel H. Planton.

CLASS MEETS in entrance hall to Lilly Library.

Reading assignment for February 21: Kagan, chapters 2, 20.

February 21: Periodical indexes and dissertations, Bibliographies (national, trade, country), General reference materials.

Week 8

February 26: Bibliography Workshop.

Reading assignment for February 28: Kagan, chapter 9.

February 28: Anthropology, Human Relations Area Files (HRAF).

Week 9: Discipline Specific Resources

March 5: Field notes, Oral tradition/Oral history.

DUE: 10 annotated sources for course project.

Reading assignment for March 7: Kagan, chapters 3, 14.

March 7: History, Biographical Sources.

CLASS MEETS in Wells Library IDAH conference room (near elevators and circulation desk, east tower).

Reading assignment for March 19: Harle, Jonathan. "Digital Resources for Research: A Review of Access and Use in African Universities," The Association of Commonwealth Universities, 2009. Available online:

Week of March 11-15: Spring Break, No Class

Week 10: Discipline Specific Resources Continued

March 19: Open Access and Publishing in Journals, with Samuel Obeng.

Reading assignment for March 21: Kagan, chapters 18, 21.

March 21: Music, Religious Studies.

Week 11: Discipline Specific Resources Continued

March 26: Education.

Reading assignment for March 28: Kagan, chapter 15.

March 28: Linguistics.

DUE: another 10 annotated sources due for course project.

Reading assignment for April 2: Kagan, chapters 5, 19.

Week 12: Discipline Specific Resources Continued

April 2: Government Publications, with Mike Courtney.

April 4: Political Science.

CLASS MEETS in Wells Library 043

Reading assignment for April 9: Kagan, chapters 6, 7, 10.

Week 13: Discipline Specific Resources Continued

April 9: Human Rights, Development Studies.

Reading assignment for April 11: White, R. A. (2011). Why social media are (relatively!) insignificant in Africa. Media Development58(1), 33-37. – available via library website.

Hans Peter Hahn and Ludovic Kibora. The Domestication of the Mobile Phone: Oral Society and the New ICT in Burkina Faso. Journal of Modern African Studies, 46, 1 (2008), pp. 87–109. – available via library website.

Kagan, chapter 8.

April 11: Communication, media, newspapers, social media; sign up for class presentation slots.

Reading assignment for April 16: Kagan, Chapter 17.

Week 14: Open Access/Publishing

April 16: Literature, Film, Theater.

Reading assignments for April 18: David Henige, “The Half Life of an African Archive” in Julian W. Witherell (ed.), Africana Resources and Collections: A Festschrift in Honor of Hans Panofsky (Metuchen, NJ., London: The Scarecrow Press, 1989), 198-212. – available on Ereserves.


Tough, Alistair G. “Archives in Sub-Saharan Africa Half a Century After Independence.” Archival Science 9 (2009): 187-201.  – available via library website.

Kagan, chapter 4.

April 18: Primary sources, archives.

Week 15: Presentations

April 23: class presentations

April 25: class presentations

DUE: course projects.

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