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Journals in ALF

Journals in ALF:

Journals published before 1995 that are indexed have been sent to the Auxilary Library Facility (ALF). This allowed the Libraries to leave the unindexed titles (which includes many African Studies journals) in the Wells Library so that they can be browsed. Many of the indexed journals that have been sent to ALF are available electronically in full-text, often going back to the journal's first issue, as for example all the JSTOR database titles. African Studies journals in JSTOR include over 50 titles, including, among others:

Africa: Journal of the International African Institute (1928-2006)
African Affairs (1944-1999)
Journal of the Royal African Society (1901-1944)
African Issues (2000-2003)
Issue: A Journal of Opinion (1971-1999)
African Languages and Cultures. Supplement (1992-1996)
African Studies Review (1970-2008)
African Studies Bulletin (1958-1969)
ASA Review of Books (1975-1980)
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (1940-2006)
Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, University of London (1917-1940)
Canadian Journal of African Studies (1967-2008)
Bulletin of African Studies in Canada (1963-1966)
History in Africa (1974-2008)
International Journal of African Historical Studies (1972-2008)
African Historical Studies (1968-1971)
Journal of African Cultural Studies (1998-2007)
African Languages and Cultures (1988-1997)
Journal of African History (1960-2006)
Journal of African Law (1957-2006)
Journal of Modern African Studies (1963-2006)
Journal of Southern African Studies (1974-2007)
Transition (1961-2012)

These and others can be accessed through the JSTOR database, or through many of the Libraries' databases on the Find Information page. For other full-text articles, follow the IU-Link button in the databases.

Materials from ALF can be requested electronically (click the link next to the item in IUCAT); on weekdays deliveries usually occur within 24 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns about journals, please contact Marion Frank-Wilson at mfrankwi [at]
last updated: 2/29/2012