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  • Librarian: Marion Frank-Wilson
  • Location: Herman B Wells Library E660
  • Phone: (812) 855-1481
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Ephemera (African Studies)

This collection is located behind the elevators on the 6th floor of the Research Collections in the Wells Library. A variety of newsletters, indexes, library acquisitions lists and pamphlets are included. Most of the serials represent the only copy in the library. These materials may be checked out during office hours from the Office of the Librarian for African Studies, Wells Library E660.

General Subjects:
Cinema and Film

Serials and Institutions: 

Africa Insider
Africa Notes
(Institute for African Development, Cornell University)
African News (University of London, Centre of African Studies Newsletter)
Boston University -African Studies Center
The BUN (Buea University Newsletter)
Centre for Development Research-Copenhagen-Researching Development Newsletter
Development Index (Department of International Development (DFID), UK)

Development Index (Overseas Development Administration, UK)

Indiana University
   -African Students Association Newsletter
   -African Studies Outreach: a Newsletter for Teachers
   -African Studies Program Newsletter 
   -International Programs Newsletter

MANSA Newsletter (Mande Studies Association)
Michigan State University African Studies Center -Tuesday Bulletin 

Mwenge (Peramiho)
Northwestern University Program of African Studies - PAS News and Events
News from Nordiska Afrikainstitutet
News from Zambia
South Sudanese Lens
Spotlight on Zimbabwe
Sudan Human Rights Voice (London)
Tamale Institute of Cross Cultural Studies

UCT News Magazine(University of Cape Town)
United States Institute of Peace
University of Illinois
   -Center for African Studies -Habari
University of Malawi
University of Natal
   -NU Airmail
   -NU Partners
Unizik News

   -SD Abstracts
   -SD African Voices
   -SD Developments

Special Items:
AFORD bumper sticker.
Botswana Congress Party Sticker.
COD Flag.
Nigerian Woman Save Democracy flyer.
Nouakchott, Mauritania Map
SWAPO Party Information Mobilization and Voters Education flyers, sticker, and flag.

last updated: 4/29/2010