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Microfilm and Microfiche for African Studies

The IU Libraries hold a variety of valuable African Studies materials, including primary and secondary sources, on microfiche and microfilm. The guide below is a selected list of those materials and includes government documents, African titles, missionary papers, rare books, etc. The guide is not comprehensive and is designed to show the depth and breadth of the holdings here at Indiana University Libraries. All of the titles listed below, and many more, can be found in IUCAT.

The guide is organized alphabetically and the call number, when applicable, is at the end of the entry. The items are held in the Government Information department on the second floor of the East Tower of the Wells Library. For more detailed information, please look up individual titles in IUCAT. If you have questions or need assistance in locating other titles related to Africa, please feel free to contact the African Studies Librarian.

  • Africa, 1941-1961. Edited by Paul Kesaris. Washington, D.C.: University Publications of America, [1980]. (Microfilm: 11 reels and guide) DT30 .A353 1980
    Note: Part of the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) / State Department Intelligence Research Reports.

  • American Colonization Society. The records of the American Colonization Society. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress Photoduplication Service. (Microform: 330 reels) E448 .A54 1971a

  • American periodical series, 1800-1850. (Microfilm: 1962 reels) AP80
    Note: Contains some African Studies related titles. To see a listing of individual titles go to IUCAT, click on Advanced Keyword Search; enter American Periodical Series in series and Africa in subject.

  • Bowdich, T. Edward. An account of the discoveries of the Portuguese in the interior of Angola and Mozambique: from original manuscripts (1824). (Microfilm: 1 reel) DT3

  • African missions, education, and the road to independence: the Sudan United Missions in Nigeria, the Cameroons, Chad, Sudan and other African territories. (Microfilm: 70 reels) BV3500 .A7137 2005 pt.1-pt.5
    Note: A five-part set that contains various publications from the Sudan United Missions. The set includes manuscript papers from the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World, New College, University of Edinburgh, 1898-1960; The Lightbearer; newsletters; publications; and annual reports.

  • Africa through Western eyes. (Microfilm: 35 reels and guide).
    Note: A four-part set that contains notes, diaries, photographs, travel accounts, and maps.
    Parts 1-2: Original manuscripts from the Royal Commonwealth Society Library at Cambridge University Library. DT32.5 .A375 1999
    Part 3: Papers of Cameron, Cruikshank, Livingstone, Moffat, Park and Stanley from the National Library of Scotland. DT32.5 .A375 2004
    Part 4: Papers of Sir John Kirk from the National Library of Scotland. DT32.5 .A3754 2006

  • African times, 1862-1902. (Microfilm: 8 reels) AN56

  • Annuaire statistique de l’Afrique equatoriale française (1936-1955). (Microfiche: 11 fiches) a6224072

  • Annuaire statistique de l’Afrique occidentale française (1949-1957). (Microfilm: 1 reel) HA19

  • Anti-slavery propaganda in the Oberlin College Library (1835-1863). (Microfiche: 7231 fiches and guide) E449 .A59 1998

  • Business and financial papers, 1780-1939. Series one: International trade. (Microfilm: 53 reels) HF352 .B875
    Note: Includes a variety of newspaper titles, several of them relating to Africa: African times and Orient review, The African review of mining, Finance and commerce, The Africa review, The African colonizer, African review, and The South African star.

  • Cavassi, Giovanni Antonio. Istorica descrizione de’ tre’ regni Congo, Matamba et Angola sitvati nell’ Etiopia inferiore occidentale e delle missioni apostoliche esercitateui da religiosi Capuccini, 1687. (Microfiche: 26 fiches) DT12

  • Church Missionary Society Archive. (Microfilm: 21 reels and Guide) BV2500 .A3 C58 1996
    Note: The library holds Section 4, Part 7 which covers African missions in Sudanfrom 1905 to 1949. The complete set is held by the Center for Research Libraries and can be obtained through Inter-Library Loan.

  • Colonial Discourses. Series one: Women, travel and empire, 1660-1914. (Microfilm: 25 reels and Guide) G460 .C64 1999
    Note: Contains travel writing by women and accounts of women’s experiences inIndia, Africa, Australasia, and Canada.

  • Congo Mission Archives: the papers of Bishop Ridsdale (1916-2000), missionary to the Eastern Congo, from the Henry Martyn Centre, Cambridge. (Microfilm: 6 reels) BV3625 .C6 R53 2006

  • Council for World Mission Archives, 1941-1950. Africafiles (Microfiche: 513 fiches and Guide) BV3500 .C757 1998
    Note: Comprises board and committee minutes, with correspondence and reports relating to LMS missions in Southern and Central Africa.

  • Démocraties. Dakar, Senegal. (Microfilm: 1 reel) DT470 .D46 no. 1-11 1992-1993

  • Documents on education development on microfiche. Sub-Saharan Africa. (Microfiche: 944 fiches) LA1501.D635
    Note: Collection based on the 2nd edition of the Bibliography of policy related education documents compiled by Barbara Clayton. For an index to the documents, see this PDF guide.

  • Early English books, 1641-1700. (Microfilm)
    Note: Includes some African Studies related titles. To see a listing of individual titles go to IUCAT, click on Advanced Keyword Search; enter Early English Books in series and Africa in subject.

  • Ethiopica. (Microfiche: 1432 fiches and Index) DT313 .E842 1993
    Note: 183 works of important early literature about Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa, and Somalia. It is arranged according to subject categories covering Travels, History, Various Subjects, Literature, Journals, Linguistics, Manuscript Catalogues, and Bibliographies.

  • Exploration and colonization of Africa (1794-1844). (Microfilm: 14 reels and Guide) DT32.3 .E966 1979
    Note: Covering files 2 and 392 from the British Colonial Office, the collection contains letters about British and French colonization of Africa written by Europeans, Africans and officials in other countries. It also includes journals and memoranda by Europeans on African cultures and treaties between European and African powers.

  • German Baroque literature. (Microfilm)
    Note: Includes some African Studies related titles. To see a listing of individual titles go to IUCAT, click on Advanced Keyword Search; enter German Baroque Literature in series and Africa in keyword.

  • History of women. (Microfilm) HQ45
    Note: Includes some African Studies related titles. To see a listing of individual titles go to IUCAT, click on Advanced Keyword Search; enter History of Women in series and Africa in keyword.

  • International population census publications. Region, Africa.
    Note: Includes population statistics from Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde Islands, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoro Islands, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Réunion, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Spanish Sahara, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Search IUCAT for individual titles and call numbers.

  • Jones, Charles H. Livingstone’s and Stanley’s travels in Africa: also the adventures of Mungo Parke, Clapperton, DuChaillu, Baker and other famous explorers in the land of the palm and the gorilla, 1881. (Microfilm: 1 reel) DT100

  • Kayser, Gabriel. Bibliographie d’ouvrages ayant trait à l’Afrique en general dans ses rapports avec l’exploration & la civilization de des contrées, depuis le commencement de l’imprimerie jusqu’à nos jours; precede d’un indicateur (1887). (Microfiche: 4 fiches) Z46

  • Liberation movements in lusophone Africa: serials from the collection of Immanuel Wallerstein.
    Note: Includes approximately 33 different serial publications in French, English, and Portuguese. To see a listing of individual titles go to IUCAT, click on Advanced Keyword Search and enter the above title in series.

  • Library catalogue, the fourth supplement 1978-1984. (Microfiche: 363 fiches) Z921 .L8 U623
    Note: Otherwise known as the SOAS catalogue, this catalogue lists the holdings of the School of Oriental and African Studies Library. The first three supplements are held in bound volumes in the Wells Library.

  • Life of Robert Gray, Bishop of Cape Townand Metropolitan ofAfrica. (Microfilm: 1 reel) BV37

  • Malian Arabic manuscripts: filmed selections relating to Mali, including some in French, 19th century. (Microfilm: 15 reels) DT521 .Y3

  • Manuscripta, microfilms of rare and out-of-print books. (Microfilm)
    Note: Includes some African Studies related titles. To see a listing of individual titles go to IUCAT, click on Advanced Keyword Search; enter Manuscripta in series and Africa in subject.

  • Missionary files: Methodist Episcopal Church missionary correspondence, 1846-1912’. (Microfilm: 7 reels and Guide) BV2550 .M578
    Note: Primarily includes incoming correspondence from missionaries in the field. The records serve as a rich resource for the study of the social, cultural, political and economic conditions. The files are arranged geographically and then alphabetically by name within that area or conference.

  • Oxford movement: Halifaxand Church sub-collections. (Microfilm: 70 reels) BX5095 .O9
    Note: Includes some African Studies related titles. To see a listing of individual titles go to IUCAT, click on Advanced Keyword Search; enter Oxford Movement in series and Africa in subject.

  • Porte, Albert. The Albert Porte papers. Bedford, N.Y.: African Imprint Services, 1974. (Microfilm: 10 reels and 1 pamphlet). DT83

  • State Library (South Africa). Microfiche reprint series. (Microfiche: 28 fiches)
    Note: Contains five microfilmed works describing people, landscapes, and settlements of Southern Africa during the early 1900s. To see a listing of individual titles go to IUCAT, click on Advanced Keyword Search; enter "Microfiche reprint series. State Library (South Africa)" in series.

  • Swahili manuscripts from the School of Oriental and African Studies. (Microfilm: 45 reels) PL8704 .A2 S93 2004
    Note: Swahili manuscripts from seven collections at the School of Oriental and African Studies. The manuscripts date from the 1790s to the 1970s.

  • Swaziland official publications, 1973-1975. (Microfiche: 165 fiches) J720 .S93 1979

  • Theses and Dissertations in African Studies
    Note: Indiana Universityhas a large collection of Master’s theses and PhD dissertations on microfiche from all over the world. For a complete listing, go to IUCAT, click on Advanced Search, and enter microform and thesis as keywords and Africa as a subject.

  • Travel descriptions from South Africa, 1711-1938. (Microfiche: 344 fiches) DT1730 .T73
    Note: The collection contains 74 titles housed in the Amsterdam library of the “Netherlands-South African Society” (NZAV). Included are travel descriptions, ethnographies, and missionary histories, as well as other rare books on Southern Africa. For a full list of titles search IUCAT or go to

  • Women’s work in India and Africa. (Microfilm: 243 reels) HQ1154 .H57
    Note: The collection is a sub-series of the larger History of women periodicals series.

  • Yoruba collection of William and Berta Bascom. (Microfiche: 702 fiches) DT515.45 .Y67
    Note: 470 titles from 1841 to 1973 amassed by anthropologist William Bascom. Included are works on the Yoruba language, novels, literary criticism, poetry, hymnals, works on religion and biblical and devotional works. For a listing of individual titles, go to IUCAT.

    Compiled by Kate M. Schroeder

  • last updated: 2/29/2012