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last updated: 9/28/2009

Using IU-Link

Many databases do not have full-text articles available.  Instead, you find an "IU~LINK Check for Availability" button that you can click to find a full-text version of that article in another database. 

Sample Search #1:
Database:   Historical Abstracts (EBSCO)
Search Term:  "Rwanda"

Click here to view an example of this search.
Result #10:
   - This article does not have full-text available in this database.  But it does display "IU~LINK Check for Availability".

Step 1:    Click on the link.

  • When you click it, you get a new window:  the IU-Link window.
    There are three sections:
    - Citation information
    - Electronic or full-text options
    - Print or hardcopy options

Step 2:  Verify the article.

           Make sure the citation information is accurate or the links below will not take you to the correct article.

Step 3:  Choose a link to the full-text, if available.  If not, move to step #4.

  • This section has several parts of its own:
     - Coverage - shows which years you have access to.
     - Links to Content: Journal - takes you to a browsing list of that journal
     - Links to Content: Article - takes you directly to the specific article
     - Resource - indicates which databases hold a version of it, takes you to the database's homepage

  • Important:  Take note of the coverage dates.  If your article does not fit within those dates, then it probably is not available through that database.

  • Sometimes, there is a link for a resource called CrossRef.  CrossRef is just another networking tool, not a database.  You can't search it, but it will link to content somewhere else.

Step #4:  Check for a print copy.

The print (or hardcopy) section allows you to check IUCAT for a print version of the article in the library or the library storage facility.  You can also request the item through interlibrary loan (ILL).

last updated: 9/28/2009