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  • Librarian: Marion Frank-Wilson
  • Location: Herman B Wells Library E660
  • Phone: (812) 855-1481
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last updated: 1/8/2013

More Campus Resources for African Studies

Herman B Wells Library Research Collections:


African Telephone Books


African University Handbooks and Catalogs


Human Relations Area Files

• Student Bibliographies
All bibliographies prepared for the course "A732: Introduction to the Bibliography of Sub-Saharan Africa" are recorded in an offline database. Please contact staff in Wells E660 for information as well as access to the bibliographies.


Video and Audio on Africa

Cartographic Resources
Maps and atlases for Africa are cataloged in IUCAT and shelved in the main research collections as well as on the second floor in the Government Information, Maps and Microform Services department in the Wells Library. There is a large collection of topographic sheet maps of African countries and a complete set of recent CIA maps of Africa. The collection also includes some uncataloged map resources shelved by country or region (e.g., Central Africa).

Reed Archive

A collection of the papers and research materials of Wm. Cyrus Reed, Ph.D. Dr. Reed's research focused mainly on AIDS in Africa (particularly Zimbabwe [Rhodesia] and Somalia), but the archive also contains a wide variety of other materials related to African Studies.

Other IU-Bloomington Campus Research Collections:

Archives of Traditional Music
The Archives of Traditional Music has the largest collection of African sound recordings in the US. It includes recordings and tapes of African oral data and music, the Dennis Duerden collection of French and English-speaking writers, poets, and playwrights, the Lee Nichols collection of interviews with African writers, the African film archival collection, the Archives of Languages of the World which includes tape samples of more than 30 African languages, and the BBC Somali Service Archive.


Fine Arts Library
The Fine Arts Library houses materials on African visual arts. An online database of images from the slide library is available from the Fine Arts Library home page to users on the Bloomington Campus.


Government Information
The government publications collection of nearly 1 million volumes is a partially cataloged collection. Since 1997 new receipts have been cataloged and are listed in IUCAT. IU has a good collection of African government publications and an excellent collection of international government publications dealing with Africa. Access to most of these publications is through the card catalog and other resources in the Government Information Department on the second floor of the Wells Library. Since the card catalog does not represent the complete holdings of the Government Information Department, one should always ask at the Government Information Reference Desk for items not found in the card catalog.

Lilly Library
The Lilly Library, the University's rare book collection, has examples of early African cartography, texts of exploration and travel, volumes on the slave trade, reports of colonization societies, the Boxer collection of materials on Portuguese-speaking Africa, the Ball collection of children's literature, the Noma Award for African Publishing Archive, and the papers of Nadine Gordimer.


Media & Reserve Services
The Media Services department holds audio-visual materials relating to Africa.

last updated: 1/8/2013