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Title VI: President W.V.S. Tubman Papers

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The Personal Papers of
William V. S. Tubman, Liberia’s Longest Serving President

William V.S. Tubman Papers, 1904-1992, bulk 1944-1971.

William V. S. Tubman (1895-1971) became the nineteenth president of Liberia in 1944 and served until his death in 1971. As Liberia’s longest serving president, Tubman’s presidency was marked by great changes in the economy, politics and social environment of Liberia. As head of state of the only independent West African state, President Tubman enjoyed high international stature during the decolonization era and was intimately involved with the formation and early years of the Organization of African Unity and with West African diplomacy.

Summary: Personal and governmental correspondence; records of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative offices and their respective departments; diplomatic correspondence; records from the Executive Mansion; resolutions from the True Whig Party; financial statements and invoices; government reports; Tubman Farm records; biographical information on the Tubman family; records from fraternal orders; records from women’s, youth, and other civic organizations; medical records and correspondence; records and correspondence of religious organizations; some news clippings and photographs; souvenir programs; drafts and copies of speeches; invitations. These papers are primarily in English.

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Cite as: The William V.S. Tubman Papers. [Microfilm]. Bloomington, IN: Liberian Collections Project, Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music, 2008.

1. Tubman, William V.S., 1895-1971 2. Liberia History (1944-1971) 3. Liberia History (1847-1944) 4. Liberia Politics and government 1944-1971 5.Liberia. Dept. of Agriculture 6. Liberia. Dept. of Education 7. Liberia. Dept. of Internal Affairs 8. Liberia. Dept. of Justice 9. Liberia. Dept. of State 10. Liberia. Embassy (U.S.) 11. Liberia. Legislature. 12. Liberia. Supreme Court. 13. Liberia. Treasury Dept. 14. Monrovia (Liberia) 15. Bong County (Liberia) 16. Grand Bassa County (Liberia) 17. Grand Cape Mount County (Liberia) 18. Grand Gedeh County (Liberia) 19. Lofa County (Liberia) 20. Maryland County (Liberia) 21. Montserrado County (Liberia) 22. Nimba County (Liberia) 23. Sino County (Liberia) 24. Palmas, Cape (Liberia) 25. Booker Washington Institute. Liberia 26. Cuttington College and Divinity School 27. University of Liberia 28. Firestone Plantations Company 29. True Whig Party 30. United Methodist Church in Liberia 31. United Nations 32. Freemasons 33. Barclay, Arthur, 1854-1938 34. Barclay, Edwin James, 1882-1955 35. Barrolle, Jimmy 36. Chesson, Joseph 37. Tubman, Alexander (brother) 38. Tubman, William E. (son) 39. Liberia Economic conditions 40. Liberia. Social conditions 41. Speeches, addresses, etc. Liberian [proposed]


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